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FamilyTime app reviews 2019: How it works for iOS and Android

Getting Started with FamilyTime

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1. FamilyTime Basics

1.1. What is FamilyTime?

FamilyTime app is parental control software that makes the whole family united when it comes down to its safety and well-being. It delivers the following information to caregivers: exact location and digital activities.

It is especially effective when ex-partners have to co-parent, or grown-up kids want to look after their elderly parents.

The parental control market is very large. There are lots of players there. But according to the FamilyTime app review, this one is a reliable application with a community of devoted users.
The opinion influencers like PCmag notices that FamilyTime is good at monitoring kids’ whereabouts on Android and iOS phones. However, it’s a mobile parental software and doesn’t provide web-filtering features, which is crucial in the realities of kids’ Internet overuse.

FamilyTime’s intentions on the market are beneficial for families. It strives to prevent online dangers and protect kids online. However, kids might use PC or Mac, and parents will have to find another app.

Speaking of FamilyTime’s pricing, it’s quite expensive, considering that it’s only mobile-oriented software.

1.2.Does FamilyTime run on all mobile phones?

FamilyTime works perfectly on Android phones, tablets, and iPhones, iPads, iPod Touch.
Here’s the list of mobile operating systems that FamilyTime cannot provide its services:Blackberry used to be popular mostly in the U.S. In 2017, it didn’t even join the Top Ten charts of handset sales. So this noticeable decrease explains why software developers do not aim at this operating system.

Hewlett-Packard’s web OS evolved into Pre, Pixi, and Veer smartphones, TouchPad tablet, etc. It’s quite narrow and cumbersome so not so many tech developers wanted to be integrated into it.

Even though Nokia joined the list of top 3 the most used devices among Apple and Samsung in the UK, you cannot use its devices with FamilyTime.

Back in 2017, Microsoft halted Windows Phone 8.1 support. This meant that the time of Windows Phone was over. However, about 80% of Windows-powered phones are running Windows Phone 7, Windows Phone 8, or Windows Phone 8.1. These mobiles are officially without Windows support.

To sum up, FamilyTime is used for the most widely spread operating systems, which are Android and iOS.

1.3.Will FamilyTime show up on my child’s phone?

FamilyTime is not a malicious software with hidden intentions. It’s not hidden from your kid’s eyes. It will be visible on the phone. If you add new people, they will see it as well.

For your information, if you see an app presented at Google Play and Apple Store, you can be sure this app is legal. These stores have a set of strict requirements to meet if the developers want to introduce their product to their customers. Apple Store, as well as Google Play, takes care of their reputation that’s why they do not include apps that are murky and unethical.

1.4.What does FamilyTime enable me to monitor?

Caregivers have access to calls, contacts, browser history and your significant one’s current location. As a representative of parental controls with monitoring features, you can do the following:

  • Look through all the places your child has been to for a specified period. Get specific stamps such as time, address to make sure they are ok
  • Check where family members are with Family Map
  • Find out what apps are installed on the device
  • Check the whole browsing history
  • Find people from the phone book
  • Find out interests by viewing bookmarks
  • View text messages

Monitoring might be so insightful. Parents while being so busy and overload might not know that their kids are into dangerous games, activities, challenges or cyberbully somebody. So it’s highly significant to supervise your kid’s online activity.

1.5.Is FamilyTime free?

The developer claims the app to be free. But it has limitations regarding features and functionalities. If you want to enjoy all monitoring opportunities, you should purchase the Premium package.

Why shouldn’t you look for free parental controls? Monitoring is a cumbersome process for developers which requires data processing, storage, and transfer. It means when being provided in all its aspects, it can’t be free. Therefore, the data from free parental controls are not sufficient and always limited.

Nowadays, it’s possible to find flexible pricing policies, a diversity of subscriptions, loyalty systems, specials, etc.

Besides, paid apps provide a full spectrum of support or assistance.

2.Downloading FamilyTime

2.1.Where can I download FamilyTime for Android devices?

To get started using FamilyTime on your Android device, you need to download it from Google Play. Google Play is an ultimate provider of apps for Android devices.

Once placed at this store, it’s officially maintained, periodically updated and upgraded. So you’ll have peace of mind when dealing with Google Play.

2.2.Where can I download FamilyTime for iOS devices?

FamilyTime is available on App Store and can be used on iOS devices. App Store is a good partner when it comes down to the apps’ provider.

Also, if the app is included by Apple Store, this speaks volume. There’s so-called Apple cleanup. It is designed to help rid the marketplace of dubious and spam apps. This affected lots of companies.

But if the company survived to this date, it means it passed the review of the App Store team. To sum up, if it’s possible to download the app from Apple Store and Google Play, this app is trustworthy.

3. Installing FamilyTime

3.1.Do Android devices need to be rooted to use FamilyTime?

Rooting means getting around Google Play guidelines. FamilyTime does not subdue its customers to this sneaky actions. Therefore, no rooting required to use the software.

What is rooting? It is like jailbreaking for iOS devices. It’s modifying the device’s filesystem which is usually impossible due to Android’s protection. It permits Android fans to penetrate into its subsystem and change it or making modifications.

A person who’s performing rooting has an unlimited aссess to any folder or file and can lead any operation on an Android device. In other words, there are no restrictions imposed by Google when the device is rooted.

Here’s a short list of operations a user can perform:

  • Manage more apps with a broad set of privileges; manually accept or withdraw an app you don’t want to have on Android.
  • Set up an unauthorized firmware with no restrictions from Android OS.
  • Give access for data recovery software to the internal storage of the device.
  • Increase the device performance; set up more loyal visual parameters; manage the device in general

3.2.Do iPhones need to be Jailbroken to use FamilyTime?

Apple disapproves of the jailbreak. What is it? Any iOS device has a file system which is set up by Apple and protected by it accordingly. By jailbreaking a device, a person is hacking it in order to have unlimited access to the system. Thus, afterward, a user can modify the phone in a way they were not able before.

So, what devices do people usually jailbreak? These are iPods, iPods Touch, iPads, iPhones.
The reasons why people jailbreak the iOS devices are the following:

  • Set up a customized application that otherwise couldn’t be installed on the device. Apple Store bans some apps but meantime, they can be installed after the phone’s jailbreaking.
  • Get free apps aka stolen apps approved by jailbroken app store
    Install custom skins, icons, taskbar, clock, widgets, settings, etc. on the phone ( which was previously impossible)
  • Remove apps, unwanted programs that previously were not subdued to deleting.
  • FamilyTime parental control app doesn’t require jailbreaking.

3.3.How to install FamilyTime on my child’s mobile device?

You can set up FamilyTime on your child’s mobile device by accessing your FamilyTime Dashboard. From there, you can download the software. Right after downloading, you’ll get the activation code to the email address which is associated with your account. Why do you need this code?

You need it to enter on your child’s device to get enabled and start monitoring.

4.Getting Started with FamilyTime

4.1.How do I get started with the app?

E-safety experts say that before getting started with the app, you should talk to your kid. It’s sort of your kid’s introduction to the world where you will look after them in a “digital way”. Also, they advise to address to a family therapist in order the make the whole process smooth and healthy. Here are a few tips on how you can do it:

  • Learn all the features of the app and try to expose them as benefits or advantages for kids
  • Show problems it can solve
  • Tell success stories, examples
  • Ask if they have particular desires for you to respect
  • Discuss the options; let it be a cooperation rather than strict rules imposing

It’s very easy to start using this app. By following the process described above, you can simply download the app from the FamilyTime Dashboard. After your downloading the app, you have to activate the account with the login credentials sent to you.

For instance, you can join new members to your FamilyTime Dashboard.

4.2.How do I connect my family on my account?

Having a few teens in the house? Want to add new members? Or, your mom suddenly wanted to keep tabs on her grandchildren? Whatever the situation is, you can always add new members or significant ones to your FamilyTime Dashboard. As far as you add new people aka contacts to your FamilyTime Dashboard, you’ll get emails with an activation code.

When you set up an app and enable the activation code, these new people are added to your account.

4.3.Can I add more than one child to my FamilyTime Dashboard?

As it was previously stated, you can add as many people as you want to monitor. Thus, your FamilyTime Dashboard “accepts” as many children as you want. However, every single profile will have a different subscription. You’ll need to pay for every child separately. If you’re a co-parent, every new parent’s profile is added for free.

From FamilyTime reviews, you can find lots of stories where families have one than one teen. And using this app was really a way out. How so? Read this one from Alice (New Jersey).
My older kid is 13. And the youngest one is 9. Have to admit nobody in our family feels this gap because the youngest kid hangs out with the oldest and her friends, and sometimes is more sort of “eclectic”. We’ve decided to start using parental controls due to these notorious cases with the web and grooming staff. I got scared. My husband wanted me to have peace of mind. So he bought software. We downloaded it on my phone.

I check my teen daughter from time to time. But we also added the youngest one. Have to confess, this one happened to be more active and even intense in her online life. I saw her dispute with a classmate. They used to fight via WhatsApp. We had to step in. For now, all is good but this really thing works.

4.4.Where can I monitor my family from?

In order to monitor your family, you need to have access to the Dashboard. Whatever the place is, it’s important to have access to it. Obviously, the Internet is required.

When you access your FamilyTime account, you can start supervising your kids or significant ones as well as all the data from the dashboard.

Here’s another story from Angela (Barcelona).

I took a trip to Poland and grabbed my phone to check on my kids from time to time. I left my husband at home so he could do the same at a place. I didn’t know whether I would have any connection in Poland.

I’m glad I was wrong cause in every cafe I had a web connection. So I could look after my two kids from there. For the whole trip, I haven’t any troubles with data updating and delivering. The app worked even better than in Spain. In a nutshell, I love the app.

5.FamilyTime Accounts and Billing

5.1.What is FamilyTime Dashboard?

From the dashboard, you can connect and visualize data you receive about the monitored device. It provides useful insights. You can analyze the data about different aspects of your kid’s life. In other words, it can be called a tableau.

Moreover, you get the freshest data and automatic updates about the way your kid uses the Internet and the device.

Particularly for FamilyTime, it is designed only for parents. From this place, they can look through kids’ contacts, calls, online history, location particulars.

A parent can have access to the Dashboard from any device. There’s no need to download the app but just have a web-enabled device. A parent can access it from somebody’s PC, tablet or phone. They need to log into their account.

5.2.What is the difference between FamilyTime Dashboard and FamilyTime app?

The different is about target users. The FamilyTime Dashboard is designed only for parents. From there, they can track kids’ call logs, contacts details, web history, location particulars. It doesn’t gather any information from the device where it is set up.

As we previously mentioned, you can access it from any device connected to the Internet. You cannot do anything with it but view the data you need.

The app itself is created for kids. The software gathers data (call logs, contacts, location, etc.) from the child’s phone and delivers it to the FamilyTime Dashboard.

5.3.Can I access my FamilyTime account via PC?

As we previously mentioned, you can have access to the Dashboard from any device that can be connected to the Internet. This is what makes the app an amazing monitoring tool.

Thus, you may go abroad or somewhere else without your own device and still have access to the Dashboard.

Do not mess up with monitoring the way a PC is used. The software cannot monitor PC and Mac. This is a mobile-oriented solution so if your kids are using computers, monitoring them is impossible with FamilyTime.

5.4.How do I activate my account?

When creating your FamilyTime account, the system asks you to provide an email and a name. When you get back to your email after indicating it to us, you’ll find the details of the account.

The latter leads you to the Dashboard from where you can start monitoring your kid.

If you experience some troubles with activating your account, feel free to address to the customer support staff.

Here’s the story of Anna from Norway. She had her account somehow hacked. She asked the support staff if it was possible to change an account for using FamilyTime. Luckily, it is always possible to change an account and have access to the Dashboard.

5.5.How do I reset or change my account password?

After registration, you’ll get an auto-generated password. You can have another one when you log in for the first time. You just need to click on the application drawer on your dashboard and from the menu pick Account.

If you have issues with this, feel free to turn to the customer support staff.

6.FamilyTime Premium

6.1.What is FamilyTime Premium and what’s the difference?

Free versions have limited features for customers. But they can introduce the app to a potential user and provide an idea about how to use it and what benefits hide behind monitoring.
Meantime, Premium package always expands the user’s experience and provides much more opportunities. Besides, the customer gets around-the-clock support.

For example, the difference is evident with the mSpy app. A basic package has ten features, and a premium one contains about 24 monitoring features. Herewith, the price is more beneficial for premium package users.

6.2.What does FamilyTime Premium cost?

If you want to purchase the Premium package, the price starts with $1.15 per every single child you add to your FamilyTime Dashboard.

However, if you want to add the parent’s profile, you can do it for free.

What do they promise with this price per month?

You can have an unlimited number of parent devices and add five child ones. When having any kind of troubles, your support request is a priority. The team provides a 3-day free trial and later all premium features. With the premium, you can restrict screen time, block apps, set up geo-fences, and get reports up to 3 months.

6.3.Where can I get FamilyTime Premium?

Usually, when creating an account with FamilyTime, you can have a free 3-day trial. In order to have the Premium option, you will need to upgrade every child profile to Premium.

6.4.Are my credit card details safe with FamilyTime?

The developer claims that all the data provided by you is secured. They say they use safe payment gateways for any interaction between the company and the customer. However, nowadays, there’s something you have to pay attention to. When picking a parental control app, make sure it complies with the GDPR law.

It actually defines the way the personal data is stored, processed, shared, etc. GDPR is an abbreviation for the General Data Protection Regulation which went into effect on May 25, 2018. The European lawmakers created it in order to secure personal data people provide to businesses. Its purpose is to:

  • Maintain privacy as a fundamental human right
  • Make companies that operate with personal data accountable for the way they store, share, manage the data
  • Provide individuals the right to control how their personal data processed and used
  • Credit card details belong to the term “personal data”. According to this law, personal data is “any information relating to an identified or identifiable person”. This means that names, identification numbers, emails, financial data, addresses, contact information, digital data like IP address, browsing history, cookies, geolocation, any other numeric attributes that identify you as a person ( in some particular cases).

So when picking a parental control app, make sure it meets the GDPR law’s requirements. Otherwise, software developers who do not provide such compliance pay fines and that’s a signal to not to use the app.

6.5.Can I upgrade to FamilyTime Premium while my free trial hasn’t yet expired?

You can upgrade your free trial to Premium before it expires. After 1-day use, you’ll understand how much the app is beneficial for you as a parent and caregiver. So it’’s obvious you won’t want to waste time and will proceed to use the full spectrum of monitoring features before the expiry date.

If you have troubles with this transition, feel free to contact the customer support.

6.6. How do I upgrade my service to FamilyTime Premium?

FamilyTime allows you to add as many children as you want. However, to upgrade every child profile, you need to do it independently. Find Settings button and pick Upgrade to Premium from the menu.

6.7.Can I cancel my FamilyTime Premium subscription before it expires?

The team is always sorry when a dear customer wants to leave a vast FamilyTime family. You can do it anytime. But before deleting your account and removing the app, turn to the Support Experts for troubleshooting.

7.FamilyTime Features and Functionality

7.1.Does FamilyTime work on Android and iOS devices?

Definitely. It runs on both – Android and iOS devices. If the app doesn’t require jailbreaking or rooting, this means it is compatible with any iOS or Android device.

What kind of Android devices can FamilyTime be used for? Here’s a short list of the latest Android versions which are compatible with FamilyTime: Sony Xperia XZ2, Samsung Galaxy S9 (+), Samsung Galaxy Note8, Google Pixel 2, LG V30, Android One Moto X4, Sony Xperia XZ1, HTC U11, Samsung Galaxy S8, LG G6, etc.

Speaking of FamilyTime for iOS, you can use it on iPad, iPod, iPod Touch, iPhone. iOS is the second most used mobile operating system after Android.

7.2.Do all features work on Android and iOS devices?

It’s a common knowledge that the very nature of Android and iOS varies. Thus, the number of features available for both is different. Here’s what you can do on Android devices:

  • Check on kids remotely, find out their exact whereabouts at a particular moment
  • Put geo-fences, which is a powerful tool to follow kids’ movements

Manage kids’ screen time by blocking apps, games and locking a phone

  • View text messages
  • Monitor call logs
  • View contact details
  • Monitor how a child uses apps installed on the phone
  • Get the child use the Panic Button
  • Get the child tap the Pickmeup Button
  • Receive check-in and Check-out alerts

Why might these features be helpful for you?

Kids love using devices at a time when they are supposed to focus on school, bedtime, or home routines. And in order to avoid the fight, parents can simply manage the device use.
The app helps prevent or identify if your kid is involved in bullying, whether as a victim or an abuser.

Parents are always concerned about their kids’ exact location, especially when they go back home after school, go to the recreation center, hang out with friends. Knowing where your kid is at this particular moment is very important for any parent. So, the app provides the freshest information about the child’s precise location.

Kids are used to losing phones. Usually, they might store the information that can undermine the family’s safety. So, the feature of locking the phone is very helpful.

Here’s what you can do with iOS devices:

  • Monitor installed apps and block them
  • Block apps specifically for night hours
  • Get all the benefits of the GPS location tracking and geo-fences
  • Heck where your kids are on the FamilyMap
  • View contacts
  • Benefit from content filters allowing you to restrict access to films, TV programs, iBooks, iTunes Store
  • Get the kid use the TeenSafe Drive feature
  • Get the child use the Pickmeup button
  • Use check-in and check-out alerts

Since previously many features have been already covered, let’s find out why Content filters and TeenSafe Drive are so helpful for parents.

It’s not a secret that giant information providers like Netflix, YouTube, Chrome have inbuilt parental controls. They do realize that content if not controlled can be unhealthy for kids. So, imposing filters is a must. Thus, FamilyTime allows controlling different types of content.
With TeenSafe Drive, you define the speed limits and get notified when a child exceeds them.

7.3.What does FamilyTime enable me to monitor?

FamilyTime provides an incredible set of monitoring features. Whatever your situation is: you’re a single parent, co-parent, foster parent, you can find your benefit from using the app.
Let’s catergorize them into family support, family control, family whereabouts, family buzz, and family circle.

The family support includes apps blocking, imposing screen time limits, using the Panic Button, wise time managing via TimeBank and FunTime, monitoring contacts details.

Family whereabouts will tell you everything about the way your kid moves. The location log delivers all the places visited by your kid. The FamilyMap shows where every single member is on the virtual map. It pinpoints their exact location. The geo-fences are powerful when you want to spot no-go areas and make your kid not go there. In case, they cross them, you’re immediately notified.

The family control is about supervising the device use: call logs, apps usage, text messages, contacts, web history, and bookmarks. If you want to know everything about your kid’s communication online, these features are indispensable.

The family buzz is about the information the app sends you. So, here’s what you get:

  • Immediate app blocker alerts: if your kid is trying to get around your restrictrictions and wants to start using the app, you’ll be informed
  • Pick Me Up alerts: children let you know when they want you to pick them up
  • Contacts watchlist alerts: if you put some contacts into a watchlist, you’ll be notified when a kid gets in touch with people from it
  • SOS alerts: kids simply let you know they’re in trouble
  • Check-in and check-out alerts: you are constantly updated with your kids’ current location, especially about specific places you indicated previously.

The family circle allows staying the whole day in touch with family members. The developers claim to release any soon the family calendar and family talk feature to plan events together and be in touch all day long.

7.4.Does FamilyTime drain battery on the device it is installed on?

The developer asserts that the app is created in a way it doesn’t take too much energy of the device it’s installed on.

However, it if happens, check the following:

  • Find out which apps take your phone’s energy. You can go to Settings – Device – Battery or Settings – Power – Battery Use. You’ll see the whole list of apps that consume the energy and for how much. Think of uninstalling some of them. If you have Android 7, you can verify the amount of power your phone devours when not being used via looking at “Mobile standby.”
  • Apps you don’t use, but they consume energy. From a single menu, find the relevant app and delete it. Besides, sometimes there are ads associated with the app. All of them eats up the phone’s power.
  • Unnecessary widgets on the home screen. They drain energy because of their syncing with associated apps, networks, sites or power-consuming animations. Hold them or delete.
  • Turned-on notifications may take energy. Some apps ask for permission to send notifications for reasons that might be not important to you.
  • The GPS location tracker as an app might be power-sucking. Do not mess up with the feature, which is light for the battery.
  • Live animated wallpapers can cause the battery draining.

There are many specific reasons why batteries die. But do not take it due to the FamilyTime app functioning on your phone.

7.5.How frequently does the app collect data from the device it’s installed on?

Officially, the FamilyTime team affirms that the app uploads new information from te child’s device every 20 minutes. This pace allows less battery consuming.

However, from FamilyTime reviews, customers can find out that any system experience tech inconveniences. The data transfer depends on if the child’s device is connected to the Internet.

7.6.Can my child uninstall FamilyTime from his/her phone or tablet?

The app is not a hidden app. It’s officially approved by Apple Store and Google Play. Thus, you can uninstall or delete FamilyTime as any usual app.

Nevertheless, the team recommends before making any crucial step toward using it, have a talk and discussion about the software and its purpose.

Kids should know what the app is about and why you want to use it. When they know “why”, they will agree with your good intentions.

You can uninstall FamilyTime by using managed Google Play:

  • Click the icon of Google Play Store
  • In My apps, click Menu
  • Click an installed app and Uninstall

However, if you can’t find Uninstall but Uninstall updates, that means you cannot do it for instance.

Here’s how you can delete it from the Android launcher:

  • Find the apps drawer
  • Spot the app you want to remove
  • Click it and move it to the Uninstall button

However, if you can’t find Uninstall but Uninstall updates, that means you cannot do it for instance.

To delete your app on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, here are simple steps:

  • Tap the app till it starts wiggling
  • In its upper-corner, click X
  • Click Delete

If you touch too much, you can open Quick Actions menu or 3D Touch. Quit them and repeat the actions described below.

8.FamilyTime Privacy and Refunds

8.1.Using FamilyTime, is my data and my family’s location and phone data safe and protected?

The team affirms that any data ever given by customers to FamilyTime Team is %100 secured. They use reliable servers. The team recommends reading the Privacy Policy.

However, those claims are not sufficient nowadays. On May 2018 a new law regulating the data storage and processing was released. It’s called GDPR or the General Data Protection Regulation. Thus, a potential user should look up to its guidelines when picking the right parental control which will deal with their personal data.

It was suggested in 2012 and is supposed to make any company who faced the data breach report about it within 72 hours – whether it’s a cyber attack, human fault, etc.

If a company doesn’t comply with it, it is obliged to pay fines from 10 million euros to billions. The amount depends on the harshness of the data leak.

The law strives to protect the European citizens’ data and grant them more control over the way their data is used by third parties.

Make sure the app you picked complies with this law. If it does, you can be sure that your data will be safe.

8.2.Will FamilyTime pull data from parent’s device?

Absolutely not. FamilyTime does not retrieve and gather the data that belongs to the parent’s device. If you have set up the Dashboard on your phone, no information will be taken or recorded from your phone.

8.3.What if I buy FamilyTime but don’t like the service?

For you to try the app, the team has anticipated a free trial. This time is enough for making a decision whether to use it or not. You can give it a try to make sure it meets your needs for monitoring.

The developer realizes that first you need to have an experience with the app, examine the features, compatibility, etc.

If you buy the service and understands it’s not a good fit for you, then it’s a refund case. Here’s what you need to know about refunding.

Canceling itself is available at any time. But there are no refunds for any unused period on a subscription, any fees for any part of the service, content or data related to your account. If you delete the account, however, your subscription will be valid till the paid period expires. To have the whole picture of how the refund process works, feel free to read the Refund Policy or contact Support Experts.

It’s perfectly legal to use FamilyTime. The app supports the ethical side of the monitoring. That’s why it encourages to inform kids about it. If your kid is 13 or under, you’ll need to fill out and provide the Parental Consent Form affirming that you are aware of the fact that the data will be stored on your child’s device.

However, the app is not used for monitoring children who gained the majority.

To get more information about it, you can read Disclaimer.

The app’s positioning is parental control. There are parental controls which are used for monitoring employees at workplaces. This is also allowed by the European and American legislation. It’s called “Laws on monitoring employees”. Any property that belongs to the companies, firms, etc., can be monitored: cell phones, PCs, Macs, iPads. However, the employee gets the prior notice about the fact of monitoring at a workplace.

Meanwhile, monitoring software developers describe the legal side of monitoring in their policies.

8.5.I have more questions, who do I ask?

Any issue can be solved by addressing to Customer Support Experts or by email

Make sure you read FAQ before addressing the question. Also, you can have a Live Chat for troubleshooting. Also, there’s a Troubleshooting section with a wide range of questions that can arise when getting starting or using the app. It is more specific and can provide concrete tips. For example, FamilyTime on Huawei Devices or Xiaomi troubleshooting.

Why is mSpy better then familytime

9. Why is mSpy better?

mSpy is one of the leading parental control apps with 1 million users worldwide. Here’s why mSpy is the best parental control app:

  • It is a solid player on the market, especially when it comes down to the data security.
  • It complies with the GDPR law.
  • All the data are encrypted which means nobody, even people maintaining the service can’t have access to the customers’ data.
  • The full package of monitoring features
  • Assets like keywords alerts and monitoring of a big range of messengers
  • mAssistance (full assistance from the installation to the start)
  • Flexible pricing
  • Variety of subscriptions
  • Free trial of the Premium package
  • round-the-clock customer support in multiple languages
  • No jailbreaking and rooting
  • Colossal awareness work on media and social media to enlighten people on the topics that can potentially harm their families.
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March 14, 2019 12:38 pm

My wife and I did not know what to do with our work and what you do With kids who don’t ever listen to you on first place to stop using their smartphones and to do more important stuff until i downloaded this application as TheFammilyTime suggested by my sister

March 15, 2019 5:32 am

As soon as started using the app, I knew I made the right decision. I love how the app makes it all so simple. I am no expert at technology but its very easy to use and screen time locks are the other apps! using this for my kids and its working fine.

March 15, 2019 6:00 am

I switched to this application after using many apps and somehow its working fine and i am very satisfied.

March 15, 2019 6:15 am

Thoroughly enjoying using this amazing app. Have already recommended 3 colleagues and they love it too

March 26, 2019 4:13 am

DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THE FREE TRIAL…this is a scam. They will charge you and not refund any money, and the app is useless….absolutely fraudulent. I guarantee the positive reviews here are posted by the company to bait you.

March 26, 2019 4:14 am
Reply to  MartyL

It’s true, it happened to me too…buyer beware, do not believe a positive word on here.

Ginifer Wallace
Ginifer Wallace
November 4, 2019 12:30 pm
Reply to  MartyL

This happened to me too. I signed up for the free trial and when I couldn’t get it to download on my daughter’s phone I requested a refund. I was told that they checked their records and that I signed up for an upgraded version and that they will not refund. I did not upgrade and I never was able to even get the app to open on our phones. Terrible customer service and a total scam.

John Smith
John Smith
March 29, 2019 11:06 am

There is a huge difference between you and FamilyTime, mSpy is a spy app and FamilyTime is a parental control app. Spying on anyone is illegal .

Hugo L
Hugo L
May 24, 2019 7:31 pm

I’ve been an almost 2 year paying customer for two Android Phones. At first glance does do the job, but we had so much trouble and in the end every three months the kids found a way to circumvent it, the rages and disappointment about it. So don’t get tricked into this. Kids below 12 years old should not have access to any phone, and older ones will find ways to trick you. After another painful discovery a few months ago I switched one phone for my old iPhone 5S and enabled Screen Time on it, and since then… Read more »

Luca Sidoli
Luca Sidoli
May 31, 2019 10:01 am

This app is completely useless, because it’s too easy to uninstall. It took 2 days to my daughter to learn how to uninstall it; she is 13 and she is no russian hacker. What’s the point of a parental control app that gets uninstalled so easily? Support really answers 24/7 but the quality of the support is really poor and they never solved my issues. I canceled my premium subscription and asked for a refund, which they granted me, but I never saw a penny. In the last 3 months I have been writing to them every 2 or 3… Read more »

September 9, 2019 8:37 pm

This app is a big fraud. Please don’t join as it is actually nothing and they just take your money even you cancelled it. I am trying for my refund for last one year. Very disappointed.

Vladimir Shulman
Vladimir Shulman
October 9, 2019 6:35 am

It’s a scam! The app does NOT work as advertised. Some of the features work, some aren’t. The trick is they are quick to get your money, and they do not refund as promised. I have asked for a refund 2 hours after getting the app (well within trial period), and after more than a week, I still didn’t get my money back.

Kristina Noe
Kristina Noe
December 23, 2019 9:37 pm

This is a scam company based in Pakistan. They bait and switch to get you to sign up for free trial and then charge you anyway. They refuse to issue refund and the app does not work

February 13, 2020 4:29 am

This app is a complete scam!!!! Dont waste your money. They falsely advertise that you can track website usage and they cannot support it. Dont give them your money. I literally have screenshots of their advertisement of what the product includes and of their support team telling me they actually dont offer it. I cancelled minutes after purchase and they wont refund my money. Cancel is not a supported search for help. What a joke! I subscribed to Norton and they DO support everything they say

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