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Foster parents review mSpy App Mobile Family Kit for their Samsung galaxy tab e

Hi, I’m Bill from Wisconsin. 3 years ago we adopted 2 kids from other countries (don’t want to make it public). Since their adaptation period into the American society was quite hard, we decided to use parental control. It was a smart decision ‘cause one of them got literally lost. He took the wrong bus. Obviously he called but we got the notification with the exact address. So the app was very helpful at that time.

Now we’re using mSpy Family Kit. Great fit for our family. My wife uses Samsung galaxy tab e and our 2 kids have iPhones. Works great for the tablet’s display. visibility is perfect, especially when it comes down to a virtual map and geo-fences.

Here’s what we’re doing with the app:

  • monitor messengers, calls, and text messages ;

My wife was worried how other kids at school would meet ours. She didn’t want them to be bullied or hurt somehow. So monitoring from the very beginning was a must.

  • check on them remotely;

That’s definitely a must.

  • look through apps and block them;

Since their English is not perfect, they might install inappropriate apps like Sarahah. Besides, kids spend too much time on screens and that’s not a good idea for the first year in a new country.

We’ve actually discovered lots of benefits. We’d absolutely recommend the app to caregivers, foster parents whose kids are going through an adaptation period in a new country.

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