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From the TheOneSpy review 2019: why should parents select apps that have nothing in common with spying?

why should parents select apps that have nothing in common with spying?

“Seven hours per day on screens!”, the doctors urge from the American Heart Association. This is the time teens aged 8 to 18 spend staring at gadgets. Experts ring alarm bells: “Parents, you should limit kids’ screen time to 2 hours to improve their health”. The device overuse raises the risk of obesity and heart issues as well as affects the sight at a very early age.

Is it possible to regulate kids’ device use? In order to avoid conflicts in a family, worldwide parents turn to monitoring apps as assistive tools to manage screen time. Let’s find out from the TheOneSpy review, how this kind of apps works.

What is TheOneSpy and how does it work?

It is a monitoring application designed to help people spy on others. So, the monitoring person installs it on a target device and view any activity from the portal provided by TheOneSpy.

To get started with it, a customer needs to purchase the product and have a registered account within the TheOneSpy system. Also, before using it, it’s necessary to make sure a target device is compatible with the usability requirements and has a constant access to the Internet.

Although TheOneSpy doesn’t officially present itself as a spy app, it works as such. On its official site, they say that spying means installing a program without a human part. In due turn, the TheOneSpy team argues that the app needs a physical access and, thus, that makes it monitoring not spying.

It’s not a good idea to fool customers because, to tell the truth, it is spyware since it’s not about a physical access, but the other person’s awareness and permission to be monitored. So, when picking a tracking app, make sure its team does not play tricks with customers. Thus, it begs the question “Is it legal to use TheOneSpy?”.

In general, spying is a forbidden practice since it violates the privacy of other people. The latter is guaranteed by the Constitution of almost every country and state. Meantime, monitoring is allowed and even approved by the law in the USA and most European countries. It’s also well regulated and spreads over a labor sphere. Thus, based on the American Management Association’s annual survey, 78% of businesses supervise employees at their workplace. Execs and managers are enabled to check how workers use the Internet, phone, and email. It’s noteworthy that 92% of companies practicing monitoring represent the financial field. These are brokerages, real estate, banks, insurance. Nevertheless, there’s one crucial point – business owners and big bosses are obliged to inform about the fact of monitoring. Some of them even sign an agreement with an employee.

To sum up, if a target person doesn’t know about them being monitored, it’s spying. An exception might be an underage kid who’s being supervised on his or her behalf.

What if I use TheOneSpy for employee monitoring?

When you go on its official site, you’ll find “Multiple Spying features…”. First, you have to decide whether you’re going to spy or monitor. That way, you make up your mind whether you’re compromising the work ethics and morals or just brutally achieving your goals at the expense of others.

If you’re going to monitor, make sure everybody is aware at their work desk. According to the law, it’s allowed to monitor only the stuff that belongs to a firm, such as work computers, phones, laptops, emails. Personal belongings are untouchable.

With TheOneSpy, you can view text messages, call logs and track the phone’s GPS location. In overall, any data from the phone might be available to an employer. Also, it’s possible to run a camera and a microphone distantly.

The app allows to monitor Windows and Mac Computers. Since these are commonly used to equip a workplace, there won’t be any problem to check how exactly employees use them.

The purpose of such intervention into employees’ activities is to prevent the data leak. Recently, the whole business world has seen multiple cyber attacks which had threatened the way the personal data was kept and secured. So, except fortifying their security systems, corporations strive to control the human factor inside.

TheOneSpy actually provides much more. But that might be considered as going beyond the things allowed by the law.

What features does TheOneSpy contain?

For the FBI agents, it might be interesting to listen to calls in real time as well as view a streaming camera and the phone’s screen itself. If it’s about missing kids, then it can be helpful. But in the hands of wrong people, it can bring about damage.

Developers also suggest spying on the microphone and photos. Moreover, it’s possible to record voices around the device. Another spy feature is accessing the list of contacts. That way, you can reach out to any person from a phone book. Perhaps, suspicious romantic partners will be grateful for that. When investigating who’s he cheating with, tracking all those people’s calls might be a way out.

What about monitoring reminders and appointments scheduled in Calendar? They can speak volume. For an employer, it can be insightful into time management and KPI, for parents – the very clue of their kid’s development, and for romantic partners – whether they should keep investing in relationships.

Social media is a huge part of human life. They devour people’s time insanely, constitute massive channels for abuse, and serve as platforms for communication. The latter can actually translate everything about a person. Thus, TheOneSpy monitors instant messengers, such as WhatsApp, Line, Viber, Skype, Facebook, and Snapchat.

For the record, nowadays most businesses use these messengers to be closer to customers. The Nielsen research found out that messaging is the second most used by brands form of interacting with customers. They incorporate chatbots to increase the customers’ engagement and brand awareness. For example, Clarks Desert Boot, a shoe company, uses WhatsApp for a brand storytelling. In the light of the communication with customers, viewing iMessages can make sense. However, the data leak still seems doubtful.

Do features differ regarding iOS or Android?

Usually, monitoring features are not so different. Here’s what you can do with Android devices.

You can play a spy with TheOneSpy for Android ones! It literally turns into the spy equipment allowing to “intercept, record, and listen to live phone calls and spy on text messages”. It even promises to convert a smartphone into a remote recording one.

For iPhones, it’s almost the same. They even do not require jailbreaking. Any activity on the device is timely delivered to the TheOneSpy portal. So, log in and have a look!

Can I use TheOneSpy as tablets monitoring software?

You definitely can view any activity on a tablet. Besides the features available for smartphones, it’s possible to view the browsing history. The way people use the Internet might be incredibly revealing. Bookmarks can tell about interests, hobbies, distractions, and entertainment. When noticed at work, they can be subject to complaints and warnings. Till now, there were no precedents of such Internet misuse at a workplace. But knowing it affects the person’s reputation in general.

Tracking the phone’s GPS location at some particular moment is ridiculous. It’s obvious, employees do not put work devices on the desk and keep them there all the time. Thus, it’s okay if they put them in the pocket and go to the bathroom or even go home. Perhaps, they will need it in the evening when communicating with a dear customer. But if it’s stolen, then it’s not about monitoring anymore but a criminal issue.

Let’s sum up with TheOneSpy. It is a multifunctional spyware that delivers any data about the other person. Users are ordinary people who once decided to fish for some interesting stuff. Unfortunately, the collected information can be abused. The app itself makes users compromise the law and ethics.

Should I look for appropriate alternatives?

You should absolutely explore multiple options and even give it a try to choose the most convenient app. Meanwhile, you won’t be disappointed with the mSpy app, which is not just worth substituting TheOneSpy but being used boldly by parents and business superiors.

When regarding the market of monitoring apps, one should pay attention to the following things:

  • The site itself. If you see it’s murky, stuffed with keywords and unclear, you’ll feel confused when using the app. This is the case of TheOneSpy.
    On the contrary, the mSpy app is transparent with customers and does not fool the site’s visitors.
  • The pricing policy’s flexibility. mSpy provides nine payment options and has a clear refund policy. When viewing the TheOneSpy ones, you’re about to get lost – too much of everything.
  • Strong data security system. After multiple cyber attacks bombarded similar apps’ developers, it’s a must for every service provider. mSpy complies with the GDPR guidelines, and that makes it a reliable app.
  • The set of monitoring features. TheOneSpy is well stuffed with them, but lots of them irrelevant. The question is “Does it function really well since it’s a cumbersome process to store such data”? Instead, pick the app that meets your most specific needs and does not overload with unimportant things which cannot be technically maintained.
  • The customer care. Both mSpy and TheOneSpy have a live chat, the FAQ section, and the request submission. However, mSpy provides mAssistance which accompanies from the very installation until the start.

At present, when it comes down to using a specific app, the priority should fall on a reliable one. It shouldn’t play with a customer or confuse them, but to serve in the best possible way. In this case scenario, mSpy is win-win.

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