Future of Apple’s Stocks

The tech giant AAPL, or Apple, an American based manufacturer of products like the iPod and the iPhone, had been seen running through tough times since late 2012. Ever since its stock reached its peak at $702.10 in the September of 2012, Apple has seen itself running into some hiccups along the way that had a good number of people worried as to its future.
These hurdles seemed to be starting to fall under Apple’s relentless hard work and it reached a stock value of $390.53 last year, which only went further up in 2014.
And the company has now successfully paved its way through the various problems related to its production facilities in China, and the release of botched Apple Maps along with the lack of any news related to the introduction of any new products by hitting the $600 mark recently. This is the first time Apple has reached that milestone since that September of 2012. The company has reached a value of $517.66 billion on the public markets.
If we analyze Apple in terms of market capitalization, it still comes out to be the largest company in the world with a valuation of $73 billion more than that of Exxon Mobile.
The research director at Gartner’s consumer technology, Brian Blaue, along with many other analysts wonders whether this increase in Apple’s stock prices will lead to a new product release, like the iWatch. He finds the rise in the shareholders’ enthusiasm ever since the stock increase in stock prices a little curious which leads to the idea that Apple might be getting ready to introduce a new piece of technology like the revolutionary iPhone.
Blaue firmly believes that Apple is planning something big. The only thing left to answer is when this ‘new big thing’ will be released.
The increase in Apple’s stock has led many analysts to form the opinion that Apple should try to build on this momentum to gain their reputation as the biggest tech giant in the world back once again. A Constellation Research analyst, R. “Ray” Wang is of the same opinion. He says that Apple has already reached that place in the market based on its profits and market share.


All of these may just be rumors, but Apple has a reputation to surprise. We don’t know what the future holds for the Cupertino-based company, but many think it to be one that will take the company back to its glorious heights. All of these rumors will be laid to rest at the next Worldwide Developers’ Conference by Apple when we can finally be sure of what Apple has in store for us. The stock owners, till then, can reap the benefits of being part of the AAPL family without a worry.

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