Future of Tapping: Mind-Reading Devices

History of tapping is as old as the hills.

The next really big thing in eavesdropping is mind reading. Though some people think it’s still way off in the future, advances are being made every year. Here is one instance. By analyzing MRI images of the brain with an elegant mathematical model, it is possible to reconstruct thoughts more accurately than ever before. In this way, researchers from Radboud University Nijmegen have succeeded in determining which letter a test subject was looking at. A minor step forward, but nevertheless, it’s the movement ahead in the development of functional mind-reading devices!

Is Eavesdropping a Human Brain Actually Possible?

Researchers have managed to collect the first solid evidence that the pattern of brain activity seen in someone performing a mathematical exercise under experimentally controlled conditions are very similar to that observed when the person engages in quantitative thought in the course of daily life. The researchers monitored electrical activity in a certain region of the brain. It is known to be engaged in attention focusing and hand motion. Previous studies showed that some nerve-cell clusters in this area are also involved in numerosity, the mathematical equivalent of literacy. It turned out that electrical activity in a particular group of nerve cells in that brain region peaked when volunteers were performing calculations. It was possible to find out, simply by consulting the electronic record, whether a volunteer was engaged in quantitative thought. Thus, these facts can lead researchers to find a way to “eavesdrop” on the brain in everyday life.


Testing Fields

To get tangible results with mind-reading devices and to move from theories to practice, scientists need the proper testing fields; here the problem begins. One cannot get an access to a living human brain at an easy rate. Thus, a team at the Institute of Molecular Biotechnology of the Austrian Academy of Sciences has succeeded in growing miniature human brains. The team, led by Dr. Jürgen Knoblich, started by analyzing human stem cells that has the capacity to change into any other type of cell found in the body. The complicated procedure took up a couple of months. It is now hoped that such lab-grown brains could be used as models for understanding brain disorders, testing of treatments and other types of experiments. No need for brains extracted from living organisms anymore!

Present-Day State of Affairs in Tapping

All these findings could one day lead to the appearance of “mind-reading” devices or applications that could potentially help not only those who are mute to communicate via passive thinking, but many other people as well. It will definitely happen in spite of pessimistic sentiments that these devices and applications are a long way off.

For the moment being, in the absence of the above mentioned gadgets, we have the single possibility to employ specialized software for tapping, not people’s brains, but merely cell phones. mSpy is one of such “phone-reading” applications that can tell you what is happening with the target phone. You can easily read the target phone’s key logging, SMS, IMs, locations, and etc. It is for certain that this wonderful app has numerous advanced functions that let you know everything about the phone actions as if you are inside the mind of its user. With mSpy you can stay ensure that your kid is safe and protected

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