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Geo Position In Apps And Messengers: What Are The Risks?

Geo Position In Apps And Messengers: What Are The Risks?

You probably have already heard about GPS tracking. Used in bracelets of cell phones they are very much of interest for every modern parent. Should you use GPS tracking cell phone or a buy a bracelet. Read on to find out more.

Have you had a moment when your kid is being 5-10 minutes late from a playdate? Have you called them and they won’t pick up the phone? These are probably one the most most fearful thoughts for any parent.

GPS tracking of your kid’s location is king when it comes to their safety. That’s why parents use all kinds of tools to make sure their kid is where they are supposed to be at the moment. There are lots of GPS tracking devices for kids. However, the most efficient are proved to be parental controls because they additionally include not just features for GPS location tracking but also those which ensure safety online. It’s a common practice nowadays when a kid meets somebody online and then wants to meet that person offline.

Before discovering how parental controls can help track your kid’s GPS location, let’s talk about how abusers can track your kid via apps or messengers and how to prevent that.

GPS tracking by cell phone became easier

In 2017 Snapchat released its famous Snap Map. A new feature promised more entertainment for kids. The app literally shows the exact address of every user including your child, hence anyone can not only see where you live but find your child when they are on their own. Snap Map allows sharing locations while live streaming.  A kid might select a group of people to share location with or use a Ghost Mode. Unfortunately, you’re never 100% sure who those people are. Besides, it’s always easy to track the most visited places and get some clues about places a kid is likely to visit. How is that possible?

Children like catching the most exciting moments of their life. So they snap almost everything they do and apply to “Our Story”. Then anybody can click on the Map and see what was going on at that particular moment. There’s a thing called “special locations” (museums, e.g.) and anybody can view stories related to them. Also, Snapchat uses the speed of travel, location, phone mode to let people know what you’re doing. Another information resource about your kid’s activity is Actionmojis. Moreover, if you turn on the Snapchat camera home screen, people can see the street you’re on and its whereabouts. GPS location tracking is on a silver platter, isn’t it?

WhatsApp live location is the messenger’s update allowing a user to turn on live GPS location tracking for 1, 2 and 5 minutes. You may select a person to share location with and the latter finds out your exact location in the app.

Also, Facebook users can know your approximate distance from friends and present neighborhood shared.

iMessage is another messenger providing “Share my location” feature. People can share for an hour or endlessly.

Parental controls’ GPS location tracker feature is a way out of this

In other words, how can parental controls help you? First of all, you need to discuss with your kid who might be among those “select people” or “select recipients”. Also, you need to discuss how abusers can get to know the exact location if apps and messengers’ GPS trackers are enabled.

(Please, find out more tips on online safety)

The most efficient way to protect your kid from GPS tracking hunters is to set up a mSpy parental control. Whether it’s Android or iPhone, you can always take advantage of all the benefits parental controls offer.

You can get:

–    Real time tracking which means you can check on your kid anytime remotely

–    The route history if you need to know some attendances, visits your kid does over a specific period of time

–    Geo-fencing allows to set virtual fences (around home or school) and be notified every time they are breached

In a nutshell, you can be aware of where your kid is and what they are doing while you’re not physically around. Parental controls’ additional features allow you to be sure that some stranger from Facebook is not going to meet your kid in person and will not call for no reason.

In ensuring kids’ safety there are 2 mutually complementary factors: monitoring online activity and tracking GPS location. They are all integrated in parental controls which makes them the most effective way to protect your kid in present-day realities.

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