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Hack Samsung cell phones

How to get access anonymously to a Samsung Phone?

Nowadays, you don’t have to be tech savvy and pro at hacking Android devices like Samsung S7 or J5. All you need is to find the detailed instructions every hacking program developer provides.

Before delving into the hacking process, you need to understand what the device is. Thus, Samsung Galaxy S7 with Android OS was released in March 2016. Most users are still convinced that besides being an old phone, it is the best version of Android even in 2018. However, if you do care about the latest versions of Android with its features like a portrait mode and the display dimension, go for another newest Samsung phone.

Speaking of Samsung features, you’ll find a geo-tagging, a touch focus, and asynchronous 4K video and 9MP image recording. Kids love the face or smile detection there as well as the panorama feature. Thus, every multimedia file produced by the Samsung phone will be available if somebody hacks it.

Why would I hack a Samsung phone password?

For example, if your kid uses Samsung Galaxy 7 for going online and dwells there for hours, you need to know their online activity.

The internet is a vast source of information: some beneficial, some malevolent and others just plain indecent. When this infinite library of information is abused or falls into the wrong hands it can become dangerous for your children.

This is why you need to be vigilant about the many dangers the internet poses, such as cyberbullying, online predators, sexting, personal information leak, adult content, etc.
Let’s overview each of them.

Cyberbullying is a simple bullying online. Kids leave offensive comments under posts, photos, spread rumors online, text and even call to insult. Also, it’s about teasing, playing pranks, comparing to animals, etc. They do it via social media, particular sites like or anonymous messaging apps.

If you ask how to hack a phone password on Samsung, after reading the following reasons, you’ll see that it makes sense when it comes down to kids’ life and welfare.

There are 75 000 registered online predators only in the USA. Although the FBI tracks them as well, they hide under fake profiles and befriends kids. Later they lure kids to face-to-face meetings.
Sexting is sharing a sexually explicit material via the Internet. The sender and the recipient might be accused of a sex crime. Their parents might be put in jail. The USA and the UK governments already pass bills on putting sexters’ parents into prison.

Kids are likely to share the personal information without discerning who’s bad or good. This happens via chat messengers with a live location function and social media. So parents need to control this strictly.

We’ve already covered why hacking any Samsung mobile phones models might be helpful in terms of e-safety of kids. There are also multiple Android apps that allow hacking Samsung devices. For example, the mSpy monitoring App. mSpy is a hacking tool allowing to get quickly the access to any device. It is also recommended as an effective parental control.

If you want to protect your kid online and always know what they are doing online, use a parental control software. Its primary function is to inform parents about their child’s online activity and then manage it wisely.

How to hack a samsung phone lock code with mSpy

mSpy parental control app is a leader in the monitoring market since it provides multiple opportunities to parents:

Manage kids’ online activity

Parents can view websites and social media their child visits. The whole Internet browsing with websites’ bookmarks is visible. If you disapprove of some sites, you can block them as well. Besides, there is the keywords alerts feature. A parent can set up a specific word or phrase and get notified if a child types it on their device. It is very helpful when such words are like “make out”, “sex”, “fuck” appear. Also, there are specific words that translate that your kid participates in a dangerous game like the Blue Whale Challenge or in pranks like roasting ( kids ask to tease them intentionally). These words might be “roastme”, “Bluewhale_recruit_me”, etc.

Monitor chat messengers like Facebook one, WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Line, etc.
Viewing those messengers can prevent cyberbullying, sexting as well. Also, parents can identify the bully since the app allows to view contacts from a phone book and block them.

Manage apps’ usage

The screen addiction is parents’ headache. According to Common Sense Media, kids spend 9 hours a day on gadgets. The mSpy parental control allows parents to view all the installed apps on the child’s device and block them as well.

View calls and text messages

If your child’s behavior becomes abnormal when somebody’s calling or texting them, it’s the right time to view who’s calling and what they are writing. It is very helpful when you need to identify the problem your child faces.

Track your child’s current GPS location

Every year 800 000 children disappear in the USA. Be always aware of where your kid is and where they. You can view their route history for a particular period of time. Get notifications about their whereabouts with time stamps.

Put geo-fences

Set up virtual fences for your kid. Map out on the map which places are safe (school, grandma) and which are dangerous. When your kid enters or leaves them, you’ll be notified immediately.

View all multimedia files

Shared multimedia content speaks volumes about a kid. Find out what photos or videos your child shares. View even deleted ones. The feature is particularly helpful to prevent sexting.

If you need even more incentive, watch mSpy actual use in the experiment lead with a few American families. It assumes all the benefits of using mSpy as well as educate on potential dangers every kid can face online.

How to get access anonymously to a Samsung Phone?

How to hack remotely a Samsung phone with mSpy?

To do it, you need first install it on a target device. There are actually 5 steps to do it.

  1. Go to mSpy app official site and pick the package the most suitable for your case.
  2. Pick the payment method and accomplish the payment.
  3. Find out in your email box the welcome letter from mSpy with login and password to your account.
  4. Follow the installation process described in the letter.
  5. Turn to a troubleshooting support staff (they know how to deal with Samsung phone problems)

Also, make sure the target device is compatible with the software. Find out if features mentioned on the site are available for your particular package and a phone model.

If you want to hack into a Samsung phone with a password, you’ll need an Android device manager enabled on your Samsung phone. Here are a few simple steps to follow:

  1. Go to android find from other device.
  2. Log in into your Google account synchronized with your locked phone.
  3. Choose the phone to unlock in ADM dashboard.
  4. Pick “Lock”.
  5. Put a password and pick “Lock” again.
  6. Get a confirmation; you’ll be asked to click “Ring”, “Lock”, and “Erase”.
  7. Find the password field on your phone and enter an a new one.
  8. On your phone, go lock screen settings and disable temporary credentials.

If you ask how to hack Samsung smartphones with mSpy app, you just need the physical access to the target device. The whole process is well described above. In a nutshell, you can use both ways: hacking with Android Device Manager or using the mSpy app.

Do people usually hack Samsung devices illegally?

To hack a Samsung mobile with a password or any other way without the target person’s knowing this is illegal. mSpy encourages its customers to use it only with the prior consent of the monitored people. It is well described in its legal document.

To sum up, make sure you anticipated the legal and ethical basis for any sort of hacking. But using technology for children’s safety is a must.

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