Get longer battery life with mSpy!

Functional improvements of mSpy application (for both iOS and Android platforms) offer users about 10 hours of battery life in addition.

It’s autumn already; children are back to school. They spend less time outdoors, but parents still want to be sure that children are on the safe side. Using monitoring applications has already become a well-established tradition. Yet, only a few of these apps give the full range of security opportunities accompanied by treating the battery with care. Even if there is a monitoring app installed, what if the battery is drained and the child’s cell is suddenly off? It actually means that the child will be deprived of parents’ care and protection until they get to the nearest recharging point.

Monitoring apps influence battery life significantly, as they need a lot of energy to collect info from a device and send it via the Internet to the monitoring dashboard. In general, this process means that such apps check the device, say, every minute to find changes and be ready to report. Unlike most of its rivals, mSpy has drastically improved its performance to reduce energy consumption considerably. mSpy app reacts only to changes applied to a target mobile device. It means no more checks every single minute. Say, a teenager is at school or having night rest with their cell off; in this case, mSpy will stand in standby mode and won’t drain the battery. Yet, as soon as there are any changes applied to the mobile device or inputs reported, mSpy app user will immediately see them on the control dashboard.
Now with the improvements introduced, mSpy customers receive additional 11% of battery charge daily or 10 more hours of battery life (in case of one 1-minute call and one message per hour)*.
These improvements make mSpy not only the most efficient monitoring application as for the range of its features, but one of the most battery-friendly software products on the market.
*According to the test performed by the mSpy team of experts (iPhone 4, v6.1 with jailbreak &
Samsung Duos, Android 4.1.2, rooted, tested).

mSpy specializes in customized and user-friendly mobile & computer monitoring solutions, by utilizing the latest advancements in tracking technologies. mSpy goal is to deliver software that suits users’ familial and corporate needs best and brings guaranteed results at an affordable price.

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