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How to get into someone’s Facebook?

parental control team explains how abusers get into someones facebook

Facebook is the most popular social media platform among teens along with Instagram and Snapchat. And it’s a great field for online predators as well. They are used to hunting kids online and their tricks evolve. Therefore, for them to get into someone’s Facebook or to view Facebook inbox messages is a piece of cake. There are also Facebook account hackers AKA pedophiles.

mSpy dwells on potential outcomes of an unauthorized access into your child’s Facebook and how to prevent them.

The BBC has recently conducted an investigation and found 22 profiles of men who had been officially accused of child grooming. Despite the Facebook Policy that bans sex offenders’ accounts, 6 of them were still active for 3 weeks even after the BBC reporting to Facebook. Facebook staff claimed they were waiting for the confirmation from the police. However, those 3 weeks seem enough for drawing in children. In other words, this social platform’s Private Policy doesn’t always work.

So how to view someone’s Facebook inbox messages? There are sites (mSpy will not name them on purpose) that literally offer to read any profile’s messages to get the information. You just put that person’s profile link into the submission form and wait for results.

It looks scary because usually kids do not filter what they write in messages, especially if it’s a good friend, a relative. So any personal information can be potentially available to a stranger.

Also, parents should know that there are multiple ways of how to get someone’s Facebook password without changing it. Online predators take advantage of it, for sure. Why? Because when you know a certain information about a kid or a family, it is much easier to build trust and then to meet in person.

(mSpy is always happy to hear the feedback from its customers moreover when such feedback can help other parents. Here is the story of the dad from Oklahoma. He’s currently using mSpy parental control app. His son was about to meet up with a guy who turned out to be 45 years old.)

mSpy: Why did you decide to check your kid’s Facebook account?

User: My son is literally obsessed with Facebook and Instagram ‘cause he posts everything we do as a family. I was ok with that you know it’s teens’ thing right now and I just want to be supportive. So I decided to read comments below.

mSpy: What were the comments?

User: I saw many personal questions and comments from a guy who looked like my son’s mate. Also, it looked like my son’s friend knew him quite well. I mean, too much personal comments from that guy like “Again grandma… Boring…”

mSpy: Why do you think it’s suspicious?

User: too much attention, you know… Too much… from a guy next door. Seemed abnormal.

So I monitored my kid’s Facebook messenger, Viber and Telegram. I was shocked to find out that they’d been talking for a while and he knew my son was into skateboarding.

mSpy: Did you talk to your son?

User: Sure. First, I asked my kid if he knew that guy. He said no, talked couple times on Facebook and in Telegram. (Why should he give him his number?) They agreed to meet up in a skate park.

And so I followed this guy’s profile with the help of mSpy parental control app. Turned out my son Facebook teen friend was 45 years old. Thanks god I found it early enough.

mSpy: How did you sort things out after finding out who actually was that person?

User: It was hard to explain why my son shouldn’t meet up with guys from Facebook and why he shouldn’t share personal information. Kids can’t even imagine that somebody can hurt them, abuse or worse. It’s always difficult to explain that the world is not safe and all people are not good. So we just agreed that he wouldn’t do that because strangers could hurt him and his family. Of course, I keep mSpy just in case to make sure he is safe, plus I can see his GPS location at any moment.

When a personal information is available it is easier to recruit kids into secret death groups like the Blue Whale Challenge one.

The Blue Whale Game is an online game, which recruits kids. They assign 50 insane tasks like jumping from high construction bars and the last one is to commit a suicide.

In a nutshell, Blue Whale agents learn everything about the kid. If children want to quit, they threaten to hurt the family, etc. Where do they find the personal information? Obviously, on social media and, more often, on Facebook.

Online predators AKA hackers may use different apps. They call it “a software method”. With an app, they get easily someone’s Facebook password without even changing it. They don’t need it at all.

Nowadays, it is super easy to get into someone’s Facebook account and drain any kind of information. That’s why parents need to ring alarm bells because their kids are not enough safe.

First, parents should communicate the idea that sharing any personal information can hurt the whole family. Cite the example like “They can know the address and come when we’re out and rob us” or “they can use personal information to break the bank account”. Make it smooth, not horrifying, but still real because these outcomes literally happen.

Secondly, knowing what your kid is doing online is a must. They might not be able to identify the hidden abuser but a parent can. Explicit grooming, flirting, drawing might be not obvious to a kid, but not for a parent.

Even if your kid fell for it, you still can monitor their online activity, texting, calls to step in in time. This is where mSpy comes in handy. Moreover, with keywords alerts feature you can identify if they are sexting with somebody. The GPS location tracker might be helpful if the meeting happens and you need its exact address to come to the rescue. The app provides a sort of complex approach to prevent your kid from contacting with online predators even if the wittiest ones get into your child’ Facebook.

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