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The girl dropped her boyfriend after using mSpy App Premium Package with No-Jailbreak solution

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Hi, I’m Kourtney from Alabama. Love the app for revealing me so many things about my partner and his strivings on dating sites. They said it’s kinda parental control. I need it for my purposes. I’m using Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus. My partner’s device is iPhone. Thanks God, it’s no-jailbreak ‘cause I hate all this tech stuff setups.

My experience with mSpy was good from the user’s point of view, but horrible in terms of relationships. Later I broke up with my boyfriend because I basically viewed all texts, imessages, chatting. I am even aware of his new friends whom he sexted.

I picked the Premium Package because of a full set of monitoring opportunities. Tried all of them. Here’s the thing; when guys meet somebody on a dating site, they bring this communication to other apps. And so I saw so many photos and short vids I would never see without the program.

Speaking of GPS location, I found out he lied about the place. Many other things were revealing.

I love their support. In overall, the program works as they claim. Sometimes had troubles with updates, but in general it takes not too much time to fix it.
I would recommend to girls. Watch out, ladies!

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