As your parents or grandparents grow old, they will need more looking after, however, they will still want to maintain their dignity and independence. It is all too easy to intern them in an old people’s home, so that they can be looked after by trained professionals, however, this is not always the best option.

Maintaining your independence is important to most of us, and this is especially true amongst the elderly and infirm, so it is important that you let them have as much freedom as you possibly can. When you let them have their independence, you are giving them a feeling of self-worth that they are not just there as a burden, but that they can still contribute in some way within society.


One way in which you can give them their independence, yet still keep an eye on them is to install a cell phone app that allows you to keep tabs on what they are doing and where they are going. Cell phone spy software is becoming more and more popular among parents who want to see just what their offspring are doing when using their phones. However, it is not just parents who are using this relatively new piece of software, the middle-aged children of elderly parents are turning the tables, and they are making use of this technology in order to make sure that their parents are safe when away from the home.

Cell phone spy software is fairly straightforward to use, you simply need to get hold of the phone that you wish to download the software onto, download the app and then hand the phone back.

One word of caution is that this type of program will only work successfully on a smart phone, so if your elderly relative has a basic phone that allows them to call and text only, then it is not going to work. Once you have downloaded the software onto the smart phone, all you need to do in order to gain access to all of the data stored on the phone is to log-in to the company website and sign into your account.


Once logged-in to your account, you will have immediate access to much of the data stored on your elderly relative’s smart phone. The kind of data that you can access includes text messages, call logs, web pages visited and the browsing history. As you are more likely to be concerned with the location of your elderly relative, you will be most interested in the feature that allows you to track their position using their cell phone. Because most smart phones have GPS built-in, you will be able to use the spy software to track the position of the phone in real time via the GPS signal it gives off.

So, you will be able to keep tabs on your elderly relative and be safe in the knowledge that they are not in any difficulty.

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