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Google search: is it safe for children?

Google search: is it safe for children?

Your kids spend a lot of time searching information online? If they do you need to be aware of things that exist on the other side of the Internet.

Not only there are hackers, viruses, spams, but also cyberbullying, sexual predators, intrusion in privacy, pornography, scammers, swindlers and many other evildoers, waiting to pounce on youngsters in a modern digital world.

According to the ABC news, the couple who kidnapped and sexually abused a teenager from Massachusetts has turned attention to the chat rooms, where a boy met this couple.

Besides, a recent poll of young kids from 10 to 17 has shown that one in five receiving sexual pictures, comments and proposals from sexually driven people, who ask to meet them in real life.

The other crucial point is cyberbullying. It is simply any form of bullying taking place online or by digital communication. This can include conversations via text messages, instant messengers, social media, email and other apps.  According to National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) the latest cyberbullying statistics is the following:

  • There were over 24,000 Childline counselling sessions with children about bullying in 2016/17.
  • Over halfof lesbian, gay and bisexual young people have experienced homophobic bullying at school.
  • More than 16,000 young peopleare absent from school due to bullying.

The Cyberbullying Statistics 2014

  • 25 per cent of teens report that they have experienced repeated bullying via their cell phone, or on the Internet.
  • 52 per cent of young people report being cyber bullied.
  • 11 per cent of adolescents and teens report that embarrassing or damaging photographs have been taken of them without their knowledge or consent.
  • Of the young people who reported cyberbullying incidents against them, a third reported that their bullies used online threats.
  • 10 per cent of all middle school and high school students have been on the receiving end of hate terms.
  • 55 per cent of all teens that use social media have witnessed outright bullying online.
  • 95 per cent of teens that who witnessed bullying on social media report that others, like them, have ignored the behavior.
  • More than half of young people surveyed say that they never confide in their parents when cyberbullying happens to them.
  • Only one out of every six parents of adolescents and teens are even aware of the scope and intensity of cyberbullying today.

What`s more, there are many ads and pop-up windows which invite to try a forbidden fruit and distract from their primary goal using Google. Actually, the Internet is filled with rubbish and harmful stuff. It is a big garbage dump, where you can find everything both helpful and dangerous.

Probably you`ve heard some stories from your colleagues or friends when they caught their kids watching pornography, cruel videos or trying to buy something online without their permission? Sure you did.

“This will not happen to my kids, they are smart enough not to follow pop-ups and opening malicious websites”, you think. But this is the biggest misbelief. Your kids can be smart enough, but at the same time they are curious. Do you remember that fruit often tastes sweeter when it is forbidden? Do you know that the best way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it? The worst thing is that kids don`t have analytical thinking to sort information and understand if is relevant or not. They take all information at face value and it is a key problem.

So, how to keep an eye on kids when parents are not around? How to protect children from all dangers they face online? How to be sure than nothing will distract them from doing their homework assignment and preparing for their classes? There are three ways to solve the problem of Google searching.

1. Friendly and honest talk

First of all, being a parent you need to make a deal with your child about the Internet time consuming at home and school. But you should also lay down some rules. Plan how much time your kids can spend doing their homework assignment, school projects, fun, entertainment and chatting with their friends. You need to know what films, videos, music clips they watch. Look through Google and YouTube search history, don’t forget about cookies. Don`t be ashamed to know what sites your kid visits. You are not spying you just control what information is absorbed by your child. What`s more, it will help you to understand your kid better.  Subscribe to the same YouTube channel and follow what is going on in the world of technologies and then discuss it with your child. Become a friend not enemy. Unfortunately, this variant is not reliable. Kids can be as cunning as a fox and delate a part of their search history or even all of it and cookies.

2. Wise and modern action

The safest way to know what your kid is doing online is using parental control apps like mSpy. The most important thing that they allow parents not just be aware of their kids` online activity, but also control further movements on their devices. With the help of such apps parents can openly monitor the online activity (social media, sites) of their own children and, if needed, block some browsing features as well as harmful content and spam. As the result they will help parents to guardian their children in the stormy area of the Internet.

Parents can be completely sure that their kids hide nothing from them and that they have no reason to worry about cyberbullying, dangerous content, pop-up windows, hazardous ads and so on when they are surfing online.

3. A standpoint of celebrities

A huge range of celebrities, from sport stars and actors, to pop stars and dance groups support safe Internet.

Kim Kardashian West’s attack in Paris has already inspired other stars to take a new look at their security details.

Kesha claims people not to be silent. To her point of view, nobody should suffer from online harassment. She looks forward to working with Hack Harassment and their partners to raise awareness of the seriousness of this problem.

Melania Trump, America’s first lady plans to lead a campaign against cyberbullying.

A Member of royal family Prince William came out against cyberbullying phenomenon. Having 2 kids, he worries about their future and what impact technologies will have on them.

Talking about adults who experienced cyberbullying is not that pity as talking about kids. Adults are able to stand up for themselves, but kids are helpless and vulnerable. That`s why only adults can protect them.

So, as you understand Google search is not safe for kids at all, but it can become safe with the help of parental apps like mSpy. Parents need to be in charge of children online activity, do their best to minimize all risks on the Internet, protect and care of their lovely kids. But you need to remember that kids are not prisoners, so your task is to control and reduce risks, not press and prohibit only. Don`t forget you are a friend, not enemy.


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