Do you like cinematography? What about your favorite movie genre? Is it about spies? If yes, read this article; if no, read it all the same. We’re sure you’ll fall in love with them. Everybody does.

With the decades of James Bond and Jason Bourne movies, TV serials on the detectives Hercule Poirot, Miss Marple and Sherlock Holmes, as well as countless video games and books, spying has embedded itself deep into our popular culture. Let’s drop into their Hall of Glory.

Great Adventurers’ Personas

They are so numerous one could hardly count them all. Their categories embrace both existing in real life with the actual prototypes (Mata Hari; Virginia Hall; Josephine Baker) and purely imaginative ones, having literature origin (Hercules Poirot; Miss Marple; Sherlock Holmes; Arsene Lupin; Commissar Maigret; Fantomas) or purely cinematic roots (Ethan Hunt from Mission Impossible series; Mr. & Mrs. Smith; Columbo), men and women (Nikita; Hanna; Evelyn Salt), kids and adults, serious and mock ones (Austin Powers; Johnny English), entire secret agencies and maverick agents, not to speak of other agents belonging to different nations. What category is more efficient? Or, rather, more effective, if to speak about screen images?

Besides an exceptional occupation, exciting details of their private life thrill and attract ordinary people as well. What women/men do they prefer to date? What do they like to eat/drink? How do they spend their free time, if having any? Their favorite brand of…etc etc etc? We like to feel closer to celebrities of all kinds, to be privy to their life, to try their boots on, as it were. Even Bond’s spike boots. You can become an actual spy; it’s easy now, with the wide choice of once top-secret tech “toys” and gadgets available in the shops for ordinary Jacks and Joes.


Spying Procedures: Before and Now

There is the plethora of modern technology-inspired spying means, as well as classical, though a bit outdated, non-technological methods. Which one is more effective in the battle against crime and counterespionage – time-honored experience-validated simple tools or sophisticated gadgets?

Traditional measures, available for humble detectives and low-rank spies, include lying in ambush in any weather, watching a suspect being under cover, following by auto on foot, using a simple camera and a microphone, and employing ordinary weapons like guns or knives.


Advanced means presuppose computers, weirdly modified autos and other minor high-end gadgets developed specifically for the spy stars, like James Bond. Their weapon is a class unto itself. Every tech savvy kid spent countless sleepless nights dreaming about the copycat of James Bond’s pen gun or a shooting cigarette.


Nowadays, these hardware means are fortified by software ones – advanced programs and applications that can do wonder. They are the sophisticated stuff performing miracles better than Harry Potter. There is an umbrella term coined for them – spyware – the term that evokes both primeval fears and hopes of deliverance simultaneously.

It Could Have Been Used by the Real Spies…

There is one app in the market of spyware, which creates the impression of belonging to the equipment of an actual spy from classical Hollywood movies. It’s called mSpy. It is enabled to do all the operations a real-life spy can, and even more. Besides, it requires no rest, food or salary. It has become one of the today’s greatest parents control programs. Learn how to use this program like a real pro.

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