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A parental guide to online safety

A parental guide to online safety

Parents and kids alike really need guidelines for online safety in this digital era.The Internet is a very wonderful, amazing and great place for kids to play, learn and connect to friends and families. The online world has transformed the way we live. We shop, pay bills, have meetings, make friends online etc. just with a click.  However, as simple as it seems it presents new dangers.

Why online safety is needed

There are hackers who ‘fish’ for personal information, online predators who pretend they are teenagers and take advantage of kids through online games chat rooms or social media messaging apps. Chats rooms give the means for instant communication around the world providing a great medium for pedophiles and online predators with anonymous means to recruit, groom and take advantage of their victims.

Besides, hackers use different methods to get information from Internet users. One of those ways is using spyware. What this does is, it monitors or ‘spy’ on your device by gathering information from the websites you or your kid visits. Advance forms even scan your computer hard drive for debit or credit card details.

In addition to that, is what is called Malware – malicious software. These are online viruses that enter your system, corrupt your files and programs and later halt your computer. These viruses spread by sending themselves to all addresses in your address book.

So how do you get this Spyware or Malware?

  • You get them by downloading software from unchecked or unverified websites online,
  • opening email attachments from senders you do not know,
  • Visiting shady websites
  • Infected USB drives

Guidelines for online safety for Parents

Make sure your firewall is enabled on your computer anytime you or your kid go online. That comes with most operating software. That is the first line of defense.

Be sensitive to your emails. Have strong passwords for your emails and do not open file attachment from senders (spam) you do not know. Even if they offer you lucrative deals. It’s a ploy! Online thieves use this method to get access to your bank and personal details, and that should go for your kids too.

Social media networking to kids is like a new toy. Just as you educate your kids on physical environment safety, you should do the same for them with the Internet. Educate them on how to use the Internet properly. Not clicking on every link available on their computers or phones and they should report any suspicious thing they see. Let your kids be aware of the dangers of being online and the risk of chatting in chat rooms not recommended by you.

Also if the computer used is shared in the house, it is advisable to place it in a common open place where you as a parent can constantly monitor it.

In addition to educating your kids on being online, monitoring them will also help you protect them online. You could use the mSpy parental control app to monitor your kid’s devices. It has over 25 features you could benefit from and it works on both computer and smartphones.

Finally be careful when connecting to open unsecured Wi-Fi networks. Most of them are weak and hackers and predators may use that to get into your system.


The Internet is a great place to be, but it can be very disastrous to anyone. From identity theft to blackmailing. Adults and kids alike are in danger of its threats. The Internet used wisely with the above safety guidelines will be secure to use.

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