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Why hacking a Samsung Galaxy S8 might be helpful for parents?

Why hacking a Samsung Galaxy S8 might be helpful for parents?

The Samsung Galaxy S8 created a lot of buzz in the tech press. Young people love it for Bixby. This is a sort of a virtual assistant helping with all the Samsung phone problem related issues. For example, a user can ask Bixby to send a photo without leaving the Gallery app.

It reads your behavior’s inclinations with this particular app and helps you alter tasks and complete them quickly.

Let’s talk about a camera. The opportunity to produce detailed pictures is marvelous: users take simultaneously 3 pictures, pick the best and use the program to adjust it. The photos become bright. This feature is actually evolving with the Galaxy Edge Plus. We’ll many new updates because the Korean manufacturer does the best to make up for previous setbacks.

The AI service Bixby adds an additional feature to this newest Samsung phone: when taking a photo of a subject or a place, Bixby will tell you about it. Thus, a snap will tell you a necessary information if you provide a photo.

There are lots of other mojos a Samsung Galaxy S8 has. But the most frequent question people ask on the web:

How to Hack a Samsung Galaxy S8 and start viewing the multimedia files

How to Hack a Samsung Galaxy S8 and start viewing the multimedia files?

Among many ways, the most reliable one to hack a Galaxy S8 is to use the mSpy app

The multimedia files are a sharing material and subject to abusers’ interests. As it was with Amanda Todd and an online predator. The latter captured her half-nude photos and intimidated her. As a result, she committed a suicide. Thus, to hack a Samsung Galaxy S8 or any other device is a must for parents. Here’s why.

mSpy can track who you text but according to its terms and conditions, it may only be used by parents to track who their children are texting. If you feel that you are being tracked contact mSpy right away and they will delete their account.

The app is designed to assist parents in monitoring their children’s online activity. Since it’s difficult to juggle a family, personal and professional life, mSpy makes it easier for parents by notifying them of suspicious activity. That way parents can focus on work and spending time with their families.

There are so many threats out there. Every parent tells their child to never talk to strangers they meet on the street, but they should never talk to strangers they meet online either. Today’s criminals are more advanced. They know all the ins and outs of cyberspace and they know that children are more trusting nowadays. With the rise of chatrooms and social media, people meet strangers all the time, but it’s not safe for kids. We’ll prove where the dangers lay.

A famous video blogger Coby Persin in a partnership with mSpy monitoring app held a new social experiment. The idea of the experiment is to show the danger of the Snapchat app for tweens. For a week Coby Persin befriends 3 kids, aged 12-14 and persuades them to have a personal meeting. Without doubts, this video is a must-watch for every parent.

This social experiment has shown how naïve kids are. They don`t understand what consequences the offline meeting with a stranger can have.

  • A 12-year-old boy grabs a bottle of wine from home to meet strangers from the Snapchat app;
  • 13-year-old girl invites a stranger to her place when her dad is not home;
  • the other girl of 14 years go to the house of an unknown person and is waiting for him in a bedroom.

The mSpy monitoring app helped him and parents to monitor kids` Snapchat app.
This social experiment covers only one danger kids may face online. For sure, there are much more. For example: cyberbullying, sexting, intrusion in privacy, adult content, the Internet deception and others. Are you sure your kids are safe online? Therefore, there’s an obvious reason to hack a Samsung Galaxy S8 Gold.

Is there any other way to hack a Samsung Galaxy S8 phone, except the mSpy app

Is there any other way to hack a Samsung Galaxy S8 phone, except the mSpy app?

You can hack a Galaxy S8 dual sim with the mSpy app as well as with smart lock features

You can hack a Samsung Galaxy S8 by using its lock features. There’s a feature “Smart Lock” in case you’re in a safe place. A Samsung phone “determines” that it is in your hands and does not ask a PIN or password to access it. You can find it in the Settings, within Lock screen and security menu. It gives a few ways to access the phone: On-body detection, Trusted places, Trusted devices, and Trusted voice.

On-body detection is one of the Samsung Galaxy S8 plus specs that allow to hack it easily.

For example, to hack a Galaxy S8 Note, you’ll need to turn on “On-body detection”. The phone stays unlocked during the whole period of keeping it. However, it is not able to identify whether it’s been recently given to somebody else. But you don’t have to unlock it every time you take it from the pocket.

You don’t have to hack your Samsung Galaxy S8 phone if you enable “Trusted places”.

These could be your work place, home, mom’s place or BF’s one. Also, keep in mind that the GPS location feature must be turned on.

There’s no need to hack the Galaxy S8 if you turn on “Trusted devices”.

Just press on “Add trusted device” and pick any Bluetooth wire. So the device will be unlocked till it’s connected to it.

A voice recognition is one of the new features of a Samsung Galaxy S8 that helps hack easily the device.

Actually, it involves a Google Assistant. You need to turn on “Trusted voice” in the Smart Lock menu. There are the instructions there to tailor your device to your voice. After that, you can unlock the screen by pronouncing “Ok, Google”. You’ll open the lock screen and get to the Google Assistant page.

This Samsung Galaxy S8 edge case shows that Samsung is trying so hard to make up for its last setbacks with mobile phone models. Thus, the latest version of Android proves it. There are features that need to be improved. But in overall, Samsung Galaxy S8 deals make sense for Samsung devoted fans.

How to hack a Samsung Android phone with the mSpy app?

It’s very easy to hack the Galaxy S8 Gold with the monitoring app like mSpy.

By following these simple steps, you can get access to the device:

  1. Go to the site and buy the subscription.
  2. Indicate the email address to get the welcome letter from mSpy.
  3. Follow the instructions provided in the welcome letter.
  4. Install the app on the devices.
  5. Start using.

In the realities of e-safety threats, hacking is not always performed illegally

There were the huge precedents of the information leak, data breaches, viruses penetration that threatened people’s sanity and life all over the world. In the light of these dangers, monitoring beforehand makes sense.

Before taking any preventive measure regarding hacking, the mSpy highly recommends learning the current legislation on spying, monitoring, hacking, etc. of the residence country. The mSpy position is well covered on its official site. It’s important to mention that it doesn’t conflict with any law mentioned above.

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