It’s here again. Halloween! The celebration when we dress up like wizards, mummies, clowns and action heroes. As you might already know Halloween is the eve of All Saint day celebrated on the 31st October of every year since the last century. Yes, it’s been here for a while. A long while.

Lest you forget, have you already bought your children costumes? What about the candies to share? Are you the pumpkin type? The carvings and the patterns are so beautiful and amazing when done well.

However Halloween being a great day for kids to express their inner little monsters, going to parties organized by friends and schools, trick or treating comes with its dangers as well.  There are real threats out there, sex offenders and kidnappings – ABC reported on a story where a 14-year-old, mentally challenged girl was kidnapped and raped while trick or treating, also in the U.K., a rapist was sentenced to 12 years after abducting and raping a boy at knife point who was trick or treating, as reported by the Daily Mail.

Most kids wander off to places they are not supposed to be. Getting drunk and indulging in things that might be very dangerous.Will you like to know the exact place your children will be that night? As a concerned parent, you can never be too careful.

mSpy parental control app has features that will help you make Halloween a safe and fun day for your family. With GPS and Geo-fencing features you will see your kids’ precise location real-time during Halloween and any other day.  Moreover, all packages are available with 15% off from 25th till 1st of November.

You need to know the routes they take, the houses they knock on. You may say you will go with them, but at some point, it takes the fun out of the experience and oh yes the police will be around patrolling. It’s never too much to have a parental app installed on their phone to give you an added security and safety measure that will make you feel calmer. Knowing the location of your kids at every point in time, you will be able to set a location parameter where you will be notified if your kids enter or leave that zone.

This makes you proactive in case anything is unplanned. mSpy will give you a piece of mind so you can relax at home or work and monitor your kids directly from your phone.

The last but not the least, choose the costumes carefully, have reflected markers on them, they should not be too big and kids should be taught how to cross street safely making eye contact with drivers.

Have a happy, safer Halloween with mSpy parental app!

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