Hangouts Monitoring? Possible!

Wow! From now on all Android mSpy users can take full advantage of Google Hangouts monitoring. Intriguing, right?

Hangouts is a really popular Google’s app, which helps us keep in touch. Today every person who has a Gmail account can access Hangouts. Needless to add, this app is so popular that it comes preloaded with Android phones. mSpy helps you stay in the know with all Google Hangouts, a popular communication platform, has to offer: IMs, video chat, SMS and VOIP functions.  To make things more intriguing, there is a scrolling history of the communications of the monitored person and all Hangouts contacts.

Look through everything your kids or employees do with their devices by means of mSpy.

Use mSpy to:

  • Flip through photos
  • View maps
  • Look through emoji
  • Get access to the user’s contact list, their names, and photos
  • See stickers
  • Monitor GIFs.

P.S: This feature is currently supported only on rooted Android devices. iOS compatibility is coming. Test drive this cool feature!

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