Are Teens Disappointed in iPhones?

On the scale of awesomeness, teenagers usually place adults on the unawesome side. No wonder teens hate dressing as their high school teacher. The same logic is in place when it comes to the choice of smartphones. Since teens see iPhones used by adults around them, they are viewing these devices as something uncool. They prefer the latest, coolest mobile phone that reflects the style of their generation.

To make things worse for Apple, the parent trend to give their children their old iPhone model (often confidentially running iPhone monitoring mSpy application) when they buy a new one persists, making teenager want devices from other brands. While not all parents can buy a new iPhone for their teens, smartphones offered by Samsung and Android are more affordable, which increases the likelihood that parents will be willing to buy a new one for their children instead of handing them a new iPhone.  Besides, there was a lot of negative publicity around the launch of iPhone 5 – this model was harshly criticized for the lack of innovation. Teens adore originality; they won’t opt for something conservative and standard.

From the viewpoint of today’s teenagers, massive popularity has reduced iPhone’s awesomeness. It’s becoming obvious that teens are not going to embrace Apple. This brand has easily won the hearts of Generation X and older people, but it is failing to make today’s youth fall in love with iPhones.

Apple’s Competitors Are Not Wasting Their Time

The signs that Apple has lost its appeal among teens have been steadily accumulating over the past couple of months. There are several factors that explain such findings. As Apple products have seen some technological problems, its rivals haven’t wasted their time and came up with innovative and awesome devices at more attractive price points.

Samsung, in particular, has been too aggressive during the past few months, trying to picture Apple as targeted for old generation.

In the meantime, RIM is trying to get the cutting edge in the youth space, and has allied with several youth-targeted companies (eg. Extreme International), to launch Blackberry-specific apps and programs.


Still, marketing experts who have studied the teens’ preferences claim it’s not the competitors who account for the Apple’s failure to win the heart of youth. They mostly agree on the following: everything moves in cycles and Apple is no exception which means it can’t rest on its laurels. It needs to implement innovation to maintain its leadership. If Apple turns to innovation, they’ll make teens come back.


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