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HelloSPY Review 2019: Find Out What’s Hidden On Your Kid’s Device

HelloSPY Review: Find Out What’s Hidden On Your Kid’s Device

What is HelloSPY?

HelloSPY is a monitoring software designed to keep you updated on the activity of your child/spouse/employee. HelloSPY covers helpful spying features to grasp the variety of processes performed on modern mobile devices.

The software is created for easy use. It doesn’t require any special skills to get started. HelloSPY is a tool of extreme necessity for parents who are always concerned about online activity of their kids.

How does it work? The working algorithm is comprehensible. HelloSPY is installed on the mobile phone you intend to monitor. Make sure you can have physical access to the device to install the HelloSPY application. Unfortunately, it can’t be installed remotely.

The next step will be customization of the software. You will need to enable the spying features. This can be easily done from your Control Panel. Once the software is ready, it will start scanning the target device for online activity.

The Control Panel is your online portal, where the software will store all the recorded activity for you to check. Log in to your HelloSPY account to examine the logs.

Note that the cell phone you spy on has to be connected to the Internet all the time. If not, the HelloSPY software won’t be able to transfer the recorded activity to your panel.

HelloSPY Features Overview

HelloSPY has enough of features to guarantee overall activity monitoring. Look through the list of HelloSPY features and discover whether each of them can be helpful.

Track Phone LocationPhone location spy is the essential tool for every parent. Do you know where your kid wanders after school? Once you install parental control on the device of your child, you will be able to find your kid’s location directly from your home or workplace.

HelloSPY covers the comprehensive map of your area to show the current location of your child.

Why is phone location spy useful? Many parents are terrified of their kid being kidnapped. And many of them still don’t believe something horrible like abduction can ever happen with their kid. But the truth is, children are, and no one can prevent it.

Knowing the location of your kid at any time of the day, you can ensure their safety. Parental controls, like HelloSPY and mSpy, monitor every movement your child makes. Even if the child is abducted, the apps will still be working showing you what part of the town your kid is in now.

Read Phone SMS Remotely – HelloSPY gives insight into SMS obtained and received on the target device. It allows you to read the messages and see the time and date when they were received or sent. HelloSPY stores all the messages on the servers, so even if the user deletes a message, you still will be able to read it.

Why are phone SMS insights important? With the spread of social media, communication between people becomes faster and easier. But some of the users still text via SMS. The thing is, no one can see your profile and find any information about you from an SMS. Not surprisingly, young kids are often contacted by strangers and predators. They send SMS pretending to be kid’s friends and classmates.

With the help of parental controls, you can detect predators quickly. Check SMS on your child’s phone and call the phone number of the person who sends the text message. So, you will find out who texts your kid.

Read Phone Contacts – Do you know whose number your kid stores on their mobile phone? Parental control apps allow you to find out phone numbers of your kid’s friends. HelloSPY provides insights into contacts list of your child and all the additional information, each contact contains.

Why can Contacts list information be useful for you? It is crucial for every parent to have phone number of their child’s friends. Whenever something happens, and the kid goes missing, the first thing every parent needs to do is to call every person close to their child. Keeping phone numbers of your kid’s friends in your contacts phone book will help you deal with emergencies.

See Call History – HelloSPY provides enough of details on every incoming and outgoing call performed on the target device. You can see the phone number of the person who called and get info on the date and time as well as the duration of the call. The application works hiddenly, so the user won’t notice their call history is tracked.

What information can you derive from the call history? Parental controls track call history including phone numbers of the people who contact your child. You can find out when the call was performed. Also, you can check the missed calls.

Use Spy Call Recorder – The HelloSPY software records the calls performed and allows you to overhear the conversations between two people. The application monitors the device 24/7 and starts recording the call in real time. You can listen to recorded calls from your Panel.

Is it ok to overhear someone’s conversations? Maybe some parents don’t want to intrude their kid’s privacy, but sometimes it is necessary. Finding out who calls your child and what they talk about can reveal many important details. Are the people who your child communicates with safe? Make sure your child lives in a safe and positive environment. Better check their phone calls now then regret about it later.

HelloSPY Plans & Pricing

The cheapest HelloSPY subscription will cost you $19.99 for a month. There are also packages for three months, six months and one-year use.

Note that you need to jailbreak your kid’s iPhone to install HelloSPY. The HelloSPY software won’t run on the non-jailbroken device.

If you are a lifetime iOS user, you may know that Apple tries to make jailbreak impossible. With the latest iOS software version, the company increased the security of their devices. They encourage hackers to look for vulnerabilities of the system offering up to $1 million for revealing them.

Moreover, if a user tries and jailbreaks their iPhone, there is a great risk of security vulnerabilities. That’s why jailbreaking is almost dead at the moment. This makes users consider the choice of parental control, which requires a jailbreak.

There are options for those who don’t want to break their iPhones. The mSpy app is the optional parental control solution, which covers no-jailbreak subscription package. It does contain many useful features for remote monitoring of your kid’s device.

Does HelloSPY protect user’s private data?

When it comes to data protection, every user wants to know their personal information is never exposed to third parties. HelloSPY guarantee they encrypt all the activity logs recorded. Although, they don’t mention they follow GDPR delivering their monitoring services.

What is GDPR? The abbreviation stands for the General Data Protection Regulation. It is the regulation of privacy and personal data export for all individuals within the EU.

The regulation includes precise requirements referring to personal information processing. The GDPR requires all the businesses, which deal with personal data of individuals, to employ an effective data protection procedure and avoid displaying data without prior consent, explicit consent.

Every company or business has to follow GDPR regulation. Entrusting your data to the service that doesn’t comply with GDPR terms, you are exposing personal information to danger.

Is the HelloSPY software 100% undetectable?

HelloSPY representatives claim there is no way you can detect the software on the device. The icon of the app installed on the device won’t be displayed on the target mobile phone. The HelloSPY app doesn’t drain the battery much.

There are no SMS commands, which one can use to set the app remotely. So it can be tricky for user to find the spyware on their device. But it also makes it difficult to manage the HelloSPY application remotely.

What social media can you monitor with HelloSPY?

Initially, social media wasn’t created for the kids. It is usually the kid who can’t manage the temptation and stress that come with social media. Many parents try to teach their kids being responsible for personal information sharing. Still, most of the children aren’t grown up enough to see the content exposed on Instagram or elsewhere.

Social media urge teens to struggle for being the most popular. They befriend hundreds of people, yet there are barely ten of them who are real friends with your child. Being online for 9 hours a day became a norm and some kids even afraid to miss a thing being offline for 30 minutes.

It’s hard for the modern children to balance social media and real life. When they are at their best age to learn new essential things, they tend to waste their time scrolling the newsfeed. That’s why parents have to teach their kids to use social media wisely.

Parental controls may be more important to you than you think they are. They can reveal what material your kid is exposed to and what content they exchange with their friends in messengers. HelloSPY allows you to:

Hack WhatsApp – HelloSPY exposes WhatsApp conversation in your Control Panel. The software collects information on every message received and sent and also reveals the content of the message. The WhatsApp chats are uploaded to your Panel so you can read them remotely.

Track Viber Chats – Viber is a convenient messaging platform, which is widely popular among kids. HelloSPY gives access to Viber chats of your kids. The target Android device has to be rooted in order to let HelloSPY display all the Viber chats.

Track Facebook MessagesFacebook is, by all means, the most popular social network. Your kid, your employee, and your partner have Facebook accounts. Parental controls such as HelloSPY and mSpy provide insights into Facebook messages of the target user.

HelloSpy App REQUIRES Android RATING:

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