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Hidden dangers of Snapchat: what parents should know

Hidden dangers of Snapchat: what parents should know

Modern kids pick up the latest technology lightning fast. It means that they can use apps and visit websites that are not always appropriate for their age. 

First of all, every parent should know how to remove dangerous apps from their kid`s phone.

 Here is short instruction on how to uninstall apps on Android:

  • Download mSpy app on the target cell phone (your child`s phone)
  • Go to the Client panel (on the parent`s phone)
  • Open the section Installed apps
  • Choose what apps you consider hazardous > press Uninstall.

Now let’s discuss what kind of apps should be monitored or worse blocked.

In this article we will take a close look at Snapchat, one of the most popular chatting apps among teens. The worst thing is that parents may not even realize how serious the problem of online safety is. Snapchat has become an enormously popular app, but at the same time it is one of the apps considered to be hazardous for kids.

What the Snapchat is?

It is an app that allows users to send texts, photos and videos. The most attractive part of Snapchat is that “snaps” (photos, videos, text) are available for viewing for a short period of time. When a recipient opens a “snap” it disappears from the phone after certain period of time. It is possible to set a “snap” time from 1 to 10 seconds.

At first sight it may seem harmless, but this makes this app one of the main platforms for sending sexually explicit content (sexting). Snapchat is dangerous for teens, because it is almost impossible for parents to monitor their kids` activity within the application. It is not a surprise that young girls want to impress their boyfriends by sending them nude photos and not thinking that they are easily copied as screenshots.

How it works?

Firstly, you download the app from the Play Market or App Store. Then you need to register an account and set a password. The app will get an access to the contact list on your phone. You will be able to load your friends to the application and invite friends within your contacts as well. After this procedure you will get an opportunity to take a photo, edit it, add capture and other effects. Then you choose a friend send it to and set a timer from 1 to 10 seconds. The receiver has fixed period of time to view a picture before it disappears.

Why it is dangerous? Here is the list of reasons why Snapchat is not safe for your kid.

1. Everything posted online is in plain view

It is not true that everything you post online is private. There is a high risk that everything you post with any app or website will become public. Last October, hackers got an access to “deleted” photos from Snapchat that had been stored on servers. It is a brilliant proof that nothing disappears from the Internet without a leaving trail. What`s more, it is very simple to make a screenshot of the photo before it disappears.

  1. Safety concerns

Snapchat doesn`t save pictures, videos and messages to view them later. However, if the photo disappears in several seconds, it doesn`t mean that receiver can`t make a screenshot when it is on the screen.

According to Snapchat rules, when a receiver takes a screenshot of the photo, the sender is informed about it. Unfortunately, it will not help to protect the photo from being shared with other people in future. Additionally, a receiver can take a photo of the screen with digital camera or another phone and a sender will never know about it.

  1. Sexting

Snapchat can also be used by teens for “sexting” due to the low risks to be tracked. Some kids feel that Snapchat is a safe place because all the content quickly disappears. In other circumstances, they would never send an image if it could be captured or their activity could be monitored. But as we already said, a disappeared “snap” doesn`t give an absolute certainty that it wasn`t captured. Besides, over the last few years, several teenagers got into serious legal trouble for capturing and spreading photos sent to them by under-age girls. If you allow your kids to use this app you need to have a conversation about possible risks and further consequences.

  1. Cyberbullying

This app can be used for cyberbullying as well. Youngsters feel more comfortable sending negative messages to their victims via the Snapchat app, because everything disappears “without leaving a trail”. Due to the quick deleting feature, it is difficult for parents to capture harassing images and messages. That`s why it is impossible to intervene in the cases of cyberbullying without a parental app like mSpy.

  1. Snap map danger

Recently, Snapchat has added a new feature, called “snap map”. This feature allows users to see the location of their friends. Users can hide their location by choosing “ghost mode”. The other way to block this feature is to change location permissions in the phone settings and remove location permissions in Snapchat settings. You need to have a conversation with your kids and explain why it is dangerous to share their location online.

What is the solution?

Fortunately, with the help of mSpy monitoring app, you will be able to control the flow of Snapchat`s media data (photos, videos and drawings) on your kid`s device. You can monitor the date and time when media files were sent, view all the content and video duration. The recipient can view received files only 10 seconds before they being deleted, but with the mSpy parental app you can view the content any time in the Control panel.

Without doubts, Snapchat is a fun app if your children make smart use of it. Assure yourself that your kids send appropriate photos and respectful messages to each other in Snapchat and don`t communicate with strangers. Make sure that they understand that everything they send online doesn`t disappear and if something is once on the Internet it will stay there forever.

It is important to remember that parents can easily be taken off guard, not having a paper trail and an opportunity to monitor this app. Also teens who are not able to control their own activity can be harmed by the use of the Snapchat application. The best solution is to employ the mSpy parental app to know if your child is sending or receiving inappropriate photos or videos.

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