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Honest FlexiSPY Review 2019 app spying software

Honest Review Of FlexiSPY Parental Control Software

What is FlexiSPY?

FlexiSPY is one of the effective parental control solutions for all caring parents. The software employs many monitoring features. Once installed on the target device, FlexiSPY can record all activity logs and transmit them to personal Control Panel.

With FlexiSPY you will get complete access to the device of your kid. The software runs on smartphones, tablets and personal computers. How does the FlexiSPY app work?

FlexiSPY doesn’t differ much from the rest of parental control services. Though, there are some minor differences user should know.

  • To start using FlexiSPY, purchase the subscription. FlexiSPY offers two subscription plans. The premium plan covers social networks messages spy and other useful features. The price starts at $68 for a one-month Premium subscription.
    Extreme package contains all Premium features and some additional options. The Extreme plan allows controlling microphone and camera. Spoofing tools are also included in the Extreme subscription.
  • Users should download and install the application on the phone. Note that you should get root on target device firstly. If your kid owns iPhone, you have to jailbreak the device to allow FlexiSPY to run smoothly.
  • The app works in the stealth mode. The target device owner won’t be able to detect the software and find any related files.
    FlexiSPY records logs remotely. Any activity performed on the smartphone will be monitored and displayed in your Control Panel. Here you can check for new logs.
  • To monitor the logs, you have to log in to your account. Here you can check your license key and the expiration date of your subscription plan. In the left bar, you can see the activity types. To review logs, click on the data type you are interested in.

Note that you can’t download FlexiSPY from Google Play or App store. The official app is only available on the FlexiSPY site.

Why use FlexiSPY?

FlexiSPY is widely used by the majority of parents nowadays. The need to use parental controls like FlexiSPY is directly connected with digital parenting.

With the extensive choice of mobile games and applications, kids get interested in technology from the very young age. But it is not always a good sign. Although the Internet provides many opportunities to learn something new and develop oneself, it also brings risks for kids. Thus, it’s every parent’s task to protect kid from the harmful effect of technologies.

Effective digital parenting is a skill. You can learn how to recognize fake online friends and teach your kid to be careful when texting with strangers. With modern parental controls like FlexiSPY, you can prevent real danger.

Another reason to use FlexiSPY software is to monitor your employees. If you are in charge of a large company or corporation, you know it’s not easy to control everything and everyone.

With monitoring app, you will be able to maintain sustainable development of your company. FlexiSPY will help you establish discipline in the workplace. Moreover, you will be able to prevent company data leaks.

You can also use FlexiSPY to control the personal device remotely. Check any activity and track the location of your smartphone with FlexiSPY.

How do I install FlexiSPY?

To install FlexiSPY on the target smartphone, you should first purchase a subscription plan. When the payment is submitted, you will receive a confirmation letter. In the letter, you will find your login credentials and file with installation guidelines.

Don’t delete the confirmation letter. You won’t be able to login into your account (online portal) without your login and password.

Installation of the app cannot be performed remotely. You require physical access to the phone to get started.

  • If the target device is running iOS, you need to jailbreak it. Most of the features won’t work correctly on a non-jailbroken phone.
  • If it is Android you want to spy on, rooting is optional. With root, you will be able to use all range of spying features. If the device is unrooted, you can use all essential features of FlexiSPY.

Note that rooting is not an easy process. If you decide to root the smartphone, note that you may face some security risks. It’s better to have your device rooted by technicians.

Install the application following guidelines. After the installation, you will need to set the app. You can also hide the FlexiSPY icon from the user. Delete it from the dashboard and user of the device won’t be able to detect spying software.

How many devices can I install FlexiSPY on to?

One FlexiSPY license is valid for one device. That means if you want to spy on two devices, you will have to buy two licenses.

You change the target device anytime. If you want to stop monitoring one device and start spying on another, you can deactivate the license on one device and activate it on another. You can move the license unlimited number of times. Make sure the device you want to license too is compatible with the FlexiSPY software.

FlexiSPY supports Android OS 4.0.3 – 8.1. To install the software on Android smartphone, you will need to obtain physical access. The device can be either rooted or not. Root access is required to spy on messages exchanged on social media and record VOIP call logs.

Extreme plan offers some other features that require root. These are live listening, surroundings recording, and application activity.

Dual SIM smartphones don’t support all FlexiSPY features. Mind this fact, before purchasing the software.

As for the Apple phones, FlexiSPY runs on all versions of iOS up to 11.1.2. If you are going to monitor your kid’ iPhone, there is one thing you need to remember. The FlexiSPY software stop working when the device is turned off.

Such malfunctioning occurs due to jailbreak. When the phone is restarted, jailbreak reverts configuration to the previous non-jailbroken condition. Thus, you need to jailbreak device again. To restart the app, restore configuration on an iPhone. Follow the jailbreaking instructions provided on the FlexiSPY official site.

How to move the software from one smartphone to another? Many FlexiSPY users delete the software from target devices to deactivate it. If you remove the app without deactivating it firstly on the target cell phone, you won’t be able to activate the license on another device.

To deactivate the license, go to ‘Help’ section from your FlexiSPY account. Here click ‘Reference Manuals’ and choose ‘Deactivation and Uninstallation.’

Remote SMS command also can deactivate the software. SMS command is the SMS you send from your device to the one you spy on. Your deactivation code is <*#14142>. Type it in the message field replacing ‘License Key’ with your actual key.

After deactivation, you will have to uninstall the software. Uninstallation can be performed remotely. To uninstall from your FlexiSPY account, go to ‘Help’ and select ‘Device Settings.’ Then click ‘Device Controls’ and choose ‘Uninstall.’

If you prefer using SMS commands, you can send one, which will trigger the uninstallation of the app. Copy this <*200> into message field, replacing ‘License Key’ with personal software license key.

Only when the software is completely removed from the target device, you can install and activate it on another device.

Where can you find your license key? The license key is your activation key. Without license key, you won’t be able to activate the software and start using it. So where to find the key?

  • Check your email for the key. After you purchase the subscription plan, you will find confirmation email in your inbox. In the letter, you will see your login credentials and license key.
  • Log in to your account to find the key. Your online portal contains all the important information and recorded logs. Go to account menu to check license key. If the key is inactive, you can now easily activate it on the target device. Active status means the app, activation is complete, and the app is running on the target device.

Is FlexiSPY visible?

FlexiSPY lets users decide whether to keep the app icon on the dashboard or hide. Running in a stealth mode the software stays invisible.

Hiding the FlexiSPY software is easy. Go to the settings of the app and turn on foreground mode. What are the reasons for hiding the app?

  • If you don’t inform your kid about your intentions to spy on his/her device, you obviously don’t want to get caught. Your kid won’t find out the spying software runs on the mobile phone.
  • If you leave the icon on the dashboard, user can delete it. Either accidentally or intentionally, person you spy on may remove the icon and interfere the work of spying app. To prevent this, hide the icon.

After the Android phone is rooted, user can notice SU icon on the dashboard of the device. Hide it from the user to eliminate risks.

Installing the FlexiSPY software on your personal device is legal. If you want to use FlexiSPY to monitor someone else’s phone, you have to obtain permission from the owner of the phone to do that.

User has to be aware his/her activities are monitored. As you may know, in some countries it is prohibited to install the spying software without the approval of the device’s owner. FlexiSPY doesn’t endorse illegal use of the software. Using the FlexiSPY software, you acknowledge that:

  1. You are going to use the FlexiSPY software legally. If you have some hesitations regarding legal usage of the application, you can contact your lawyer to help you understand the legal aspects of spying software use.
  2. You are the owner of the device you intend to monitor. If the device is owned by another person, be it your child or boyfriend, you should inform them about your intentions and get permission.
  3. You entrust private information to FlexiSPY ltd. FlexiSPY won’t distribute or reveal your data to anyone. In case, court claims your personal data can assist in solving crime your information may be released.

In the majority of countries, law doesn’t prohibit parent to monitor devices of their kids. Employers can also check the activity of their employees legally. But, the employer has to own the devices, which are monitored. Though, it is not legal to install the FlexiSPY software on the device, which belongs to someone else.

Will you automatically charge my card at the end of my subscription?

FlexiSPY doesn’t renew your subscription automatically. The application stops working when your plan is over. You can renew the subscription manually from your online portal.

Renewal is the prolongation of your current subscription. If you primarily went for three months of FlexiSPY use, you can renew adding another three months.

To renew your current subscription plan, go to your account. Find ‘Renewal’ button and follow step-by-step instructions.

How to upgrade? If you intend to change your current plan to more advanced, you need to upgrade your subscription. You can upgrade to Extreme plan from Premium. Or you can go for 12 months subscription instead of 3 months.

Upgrading, you will replace your primary subscription with the new plan. You can’t revoke your upgrade. The new subscription expiration date is calculated from the date of upgrade.

How to add multiple licenses to same FlexiSPY account? If you already installed FlexiSPY on one device, you can add another smartphone you spy on.

Purchasing a FlexiSPY plan, you will get your original login and your license. But you can also make a purchase being logged in the system. Thus, buying a plan inside your dashboard, you will add another license to your account.

To add multiple licenses to own account, log in to previously created account. Account name or number will be displayed near the FlexiSPY logo. Click ‘Buy More.’ From the list of options, choose the product you’d like to add and submit the payment.

License will be added to your account. You can switch between two, three or more license to check the activity of each user.

You can buy and add an unlimited number of licenses. Adding PC or Mac desktop license to a mobile phone plan, you will get an overview of online activity of the particular user.

What plan should I go for? FlexiSPY offers two subscription plans, which covers different spying features.

The premium plan contains all basic spying features of the FlexiSPY software.

  • Social networks spy. FlexiSPY gives you to access almost to Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Instagram, KIK and many other popular social networks/messengers. You can stay informed what your kid posts online.
    With Premium plan, you can check private messages, and group chats, review photos, and videos exchanged on social media.
  • Call logs. FlexiSPY allows parents to review full call history along and check contact lists of their kids. Call duration and other details will also be displayed.
    FlexiSPY captures call logs to provide you with extensive information on who calls your kid and how many times a day.
  • Browser Bookmarks. FlexiSPY software captures list of sites saved by your kid as bookmarks. You will also receive details on the last visit.
    Browser History will be recorded and send to your online portal as well. Check the history regularly to protect your kid from inappropriate content.
  • Applications. Premium plan provides the complete overview of the applications installed on the target device. Every activity your kid performs with the app will be recorded. You can check how many times your daughter or son opens Snapchat app and what apps they install or delete.

Extreme plan covers a slightly bigger set of spying options. It includes all the Premium plan features, but also offers some exclusive options.

  • Phone calls recordings. FlexiSPY software records incoming and outgoing calls performed on the target device. You can set the app to record calls from specific numbers only. The app downloads all the recordings into your dashboard so that you can listen anytime you want to. Phone call recordings aren’t compatible with all devices. Contact FlexiSPY support staff to consult and find out whether your device supports the feature.
  • Microphone control. FlexiSPY grants access to the microphone of the target device. This feature may be incredibly useful. Use your phone to call target device, and the app will answer hiddenly. You will be able to listen to what is going on around your kid.
    It’s better to listen to surroundings when the target device is not in use. If not, the user may notice the software in action.
  • Spoof SMS. The Extreme plan allows you to send an SMS to any number from the target device remotely. This is called spoof SMSing. To send spoof SMS, log in your online portal. Insert the phone number to send SMS to and add text. Click ‘Send,’ and the software will initiate the target device to send the SMS hiddenly.
  • Call intercept. Another feature the Extreme plan includes is call interception. Call interception allows you to listen to live calls being performed on the target device. FlexiSPY will notify you when there is a chance to intercept. Then you can call the target phone and listen to the conversation.

Can I upgrade to different versions of FlexiSPY without reinstalling?

Reinstallation requires physical access to the device. But, upgrade of the software can be conducted remotely. Log in to your online portal and upgrade to the preferred version.

How to you use your portal to search for specific data? FlexiSPY stores recorded activity in your online portal. Here you can review logs, download and delete them. It’s difficult to find important details if you have lots of data and logs stored. It is recommended to delete logs once in a whileю It will help you to find what you are looking for easier and faster.

FlexiSPY removes 90 days old data from your portal. But you may be sure that data, which is deleted by FlexiSPY is completely erased. Unfortunately, you can’t recover deleted logs. If there are some logs, you’d like to store, download them from your portal.

All text logs will be available in CSV or XLS formats. These are information about phone calls, SMS, E-mails, website URLs and IM chats.

To search and download logs from your portal follow the steps:

    1. Find search bar in your dashboard.
    2. Choose the logs you look for in the drop-down menu.
    3. Select a category or choose ‘All.’
    4. If you are in search of specific texts or phone numbers, insert them as a keyword

and set where to choose.

  • In the ‘Data Range’ set the period to help the system to find logs instantly.
  • When search results appear, click ‘Download.’

Do you offer refund policy?

FlexiSPY offers refund policy to all their clients. With the refund policy, customers can be sure they have a chance to get their money back on the condition they can’t install or activate the software during ten days of purchase.

If customer managed to install, activate and use the software, FlexiSPY representatives would ask for a reasonable explanation for their disappointment with the software. The client should also provide reliable evidence.

FlexiSPY guarantees full refund of your costs in case:

  • You can’t reach the target device to install the software on it.
  • The target smartphone runs an unsupported version of OS. This version may not meet FlexiSPY device requirements.
  • You can’t jailbreak the iOS running device to install the FlexiSPY software on it.
  • You intended to use features that require root, but you can’t get root access on Android running target device.
  • A spying feature didn’t meet the description. Note that this excludes IM capturing. FlexiSPY covers supported version of IM software for both Android and iOS running devices. It is recommended to check compatibility before submitting a payment.

To claim the refund, follow the instructions:

  • Send a request to the FlexiSPY support team during ten days from the date of the purchase. Here you should explain your issue in detail, choose priority level, insert your name and email address and upload any files that can demonstrate the malfunctioning/problem.
  • If the software is not working or you can’t install the app on the device, you will be guaranteed the full refund of your costs.
  • Money can be returned to you from Monday to Friday. Note that if you request a refund on Friday, it will be submitted on Monday or any other following working day.
  • After FlexiSPY representatives approve your request, it is transferred to your bank. Contact your bank or credit card provider for any information.
  • Cryptocurrency payments will be converted to USD amount. Then this sum will be reconverted to the cryptocurrency used when making the purchase.

Do you have a chargeback policy?

FlexiSPY guarantees refund for all their customers. Support staff deal with every request precisely to resolve all issues the customers may have.

Chargeback is a demand expressed by a customer to his/her credit card provider to reverse the transaction and return the money. Customers are not restricted in the right to claim a chargeback. In result, many of them may commit chargeback fraud.

FlexiSPY considers chargeback a type of fraud. That’s why in case of chargeback your account will be immediately deleted. FlexiSPY will gather all account information along with recorded activity logs and present them to authorities for further investigation. Consider this if you are going to fill a chargeback.

You can always cancel the chargeback. To do this, you should contact your bank or credit card provider and request a chargeback reversal. The reversal will return the money to the FlexiSPY ltd. The company won’t be charged penalty fee, and your account will be restored.

How long is data stored on your servers?

FlexiSPY servers store your data only for 90 days. After this time all the recorded logs and other information are automatically deleted from the servers.

FlexiSPY offers their customers large data storage. You can store over 500M of data, but this often results in poor performance of the whole system. FlexiSPY technical team struggles to handle performance issues and improve data processing.

How much Internet data does FlexiSPY use? The amount of data used depends on type of activities that are being monitored by the system. Features like surroundings listening don’t use much of a data.

FlexiSPY software is always running in a stealth mode. Thus, the application waits to capture the information you intend to spy on. Logs that contain text (call logs, group chats, browser history) don’t use a lot of data. The system downloads them into your account without causing the massive increase in internet data use.

On the other hand, some features still require some data. If you set up the app to monitor gallery and capture large files, such as video and high-resolution photos, you will spot a considerable increase in data use.

GPS-based features also require a lot of data. The app usually needs a lot of data to query the satellites and track someone’s location. If you intend to receive GPS location logs frequently, be aware these features will considerably increase data usage.

Can FlexiSPY capture only the data you need? FlexiSPY software is easily customizable. You can enable monitoring only those activities you need and disable capturing unnecessary data. You can also set up the app to monitor GPS location two-three times a day to save the data. Feel free to change these settings anytime you need to.

A special timer chooses the time when the software connects to the Internet to transmit all logs to your online portal. You can change these whenever you want. The data will be processed in real time or at the specific time chosen by you. You can minimize data use by setting the software to send reports less frequently.

FlexiSPY app can use Wi-Fi to transfer the logs to your account. This makes things even easier, as you can set the timer to upload data only using Wi-Fi. If the device connects to the Wi-Fi several times a day, you can eliminate the use of mobile carrier plan.

FlexiSPY uses data only to upload files and logs. That means if your kid has 250 megabytes of files, the software will use this precise amount of data to transmit the logs.

You can easily customize the settings of the app. You can choose, which applications and activities have to be monitored and when the logs should be uploaded.

How much phone battery does FlexiSPY software use? Thousands of FlexiSPY users ask this question. Indeed, it’s important to know how much battery the spying app drains.

After installation of the software on the target device, the data will be uploading automatically. But you can enable features you need and disable those you don’t need or choose to upload via Wi-Fi to minimize battery use on the target smartphone.

What features cause battery drain? Battery use depends on the type of activities you decide to monitor and how frequently the servers upload and transmits data to your online portal.

Live listening using Spy Call won’t drain the battery much. This feature reduces the use of internet data and doesn’t use more battery than an average phone call. But using Spy Call to listen to surroundings of your kid for a long time, you will apparently see battery percentage goes down.

Spy Call is the call performed from your own device. The only difference with an average phone call is that Spy Call is answered by FlexiSPY software to avoid user notice the call.

FlexiSPY runs in the background mode, which means it uses little battery. The software captures the activity you chose to monitor. The more activities the app monitors, the more battery it drains.

  • GPS location tracking – If you set the app to track the location of your kid and send logs non-stop, this will undoubtedly affect the battery life. GPS-based features require the user to charge the device regularly. If the target device user can’t take power bank and maintain battery charge, consider turning off location tracking feature. Or you can configure the app to track the location only when you need it. Monitoring the location two-three times a day, the app will diminish the battery use. If you change your mind, you can alter the settings any time.
  • Report timer – The report timer decides when the software connects to the Internet to upload logs. Upload duration depends on the amount of data to be transmitted. If the software needs to transfer data like text logs, the upload will take several minutes.

Everything is different with real-time upload. If the app captures pictures, videos and audio files, these media will prolong the upload and use more battery.

The report timer automatically reports data every hour. This configuration helps technical team of FlexiSPY to keep the overall performance high and prevent data processing issues. But you can alter the timer settings anytime you want.

FlexiSPY app settings are flexible for users. You can always enable the features, which are useful for you and disable those, which seem not helpful. Note that the app does drain battery only if it’s set to capture and upload many logs.

What else do I need to know about FlexiSPY?

With the FlexiSPY app, it is possible to capture deleted data. The software doesn’t actually recover erased data from the target smartphone. FlexiSPY is able to track deleted activities only when they occur after the software is installed on the device. The app can’t restore previously removed activities.

As you may already know, FlexiSPY works in background mode. You dev what activity the app will capture and upload. That’s why the software records all data at the time it appears and copies it to the internal servers. When the target device connects to the Internet all those copies are transferred to your online portal.

The target device may delete some text or picture. But FlexiSPY will have copies of such information and won’t remove from the server. You will obtain all data whether it was deleted or not.

FlexiSPY allows you to enable and disable features that are included in your plan. Physical access to the device is not required. You can turn on and off the features remotely from your portal.

Log in to your account on the official site of FlexiSPY. Go to ‘Help,’ there choose ‘Device Settings’ and move to ‘Data Delivery.’ Here click ‘Change Application Settings.’

You will see list of features included in your plan. Check those you need and uncheck the others.

Do you have any discounts?

FlexiSPY is not an affordable software. They claim they provide a high-quality product with extensive set of spying features. Though, even considering the quality of the software, it is still expensive.

FlexiSPY provides occasional discounts for their clients. They offer Christmas, Easter and Valentine Day discounts, but you should check for them regularly not to miss one. Current discounts are displayed on the FlexiSPY homepage.

  • Promos – FlexiSPY doesn’t offer discount codes frequently. Some promos are distributed randomly between users who subscribe for monthly newsletter.
  • Multiple licenses discounts – They offer discounts for customers who purchase two or more licenses. But the discount is only available for licenses that you purchase the same week. To get a discount, notify the FlexiSPY staff before or after your second purchase. You will able to get 15% discount, which you can apply to the 2nd subscription plan.

    If you intend to buy more than two plans, you should contact customer support staff to find out what discount is available for you.

  • Trade-in-program –
    If you are already using another spying software and want to switch to FlexiSPY, you may also obtain a discount. Learn more about trade-in-program on the official site of FlexiSPY.
  • Wire-transfer/Bitcoin discounts – If you use wire-transfer or Bitcoin as payment methods, a 10% discount will be available for you. Note that these payments are not refundable. This means that you purchase a license using wire-transfer or Bitcoin with 10% off, you won’t be able to claim the refund. 10% discount you get can’t be combined with other FlexiSPY promos.


FlexiSPY is not a perfect spying software. It offers some really useful features, but the software isn’t cost effective. There is also no free trial period. But you can always try alternative spying app.

mSpy is one of those apps you can go for. Along with user-friendly interface and three subscription plans, this parental control software covers exclusive features.

Four levels of technical supportIt’s okay if you don’t know how to install and set up the mSpy software. mSpy technical support will provide you with detailed guidelines.

  1. Purchasing Basic subscription, you will get free assistance through e-mail and live chat.
  2. Premium plan will also provide you with free email and live chat support.
  3. Phone Support is additional optional service. With phone support, you will be able to get installation guidelines over the phone and resolve any issues consulting the technician during the process.
  4. mAssistance includes VIP assistance with rooting or jailbreak of the target device and setup of all mSpy features. Installation of the app will be performed through Team Viewer.
  • Keylogger – This tool detects every stroke the target device user makes. Keylogger helps you to find out what words or word combinations your kid types and notifies you every time your kid looks for anything inappropriate or dangerous. The mSpy app stores keyboard strokes in your Control Panel.
  • Uninstall alert – Once you install the mSpy software on the target phone, the system will keep track of all mobile activities. You will get notifications if the app stops working for some reason. In case someone uninstalled the app or altered the configuration you will know it first.
  • Application blocking – Not only mSpy monitors the activity inside applications. It also allows blocking the apps that distract your child. Check what apps your kid wastes time on and block them for good.

mSpy will provide you with overall picture of the online activity of your kid. Create your mSpy account and stay informed.


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