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HoverWatch app reviews 2019: How it works for iOS and Android

1. What is HoverWatch?

1. What is HoverWatch?

Hoverwatch is WhatsApp, Snapchat and Instagram spying software. It requires registering your account to install and start using the mobile app. Users are required to add their e-mail address to be appropriately identified.
Purchasing a Hoverwatch subscription user has to insert e-mail address. Sometimes users add wrong e-mails in the field.

Hoverwatch has predicted situations like that. Any user, who has purchased the plan for the wrong mail, can change the order specifications. To do that, one should log in the Hoverwatch account. Then it is required to denote order ID. You can also follow the brief instructions on their website. Try Now!

2. How can I change the device that is being monitored after I purchase this software?

Hoverwatch trial version and Family package enable users to track 5 different mobile phones. But if you purchase a Personal subscription plan, you will be able to monitor only one device.
If your I hoverwatch trial plan was customized to monitor 5 devices, after the end of trial period, the Hoverwatch will choose the target device automatically.
How to change the device monitored? Login your I hoverwatch account if the trial version is expired. Open your panel and find the device that is being monitored by the software now. Choose the Settings of the device.
Tap on “Delete the device” if you want to remove all the tracked activity and data. The device monitored will be deleted by the system. If you want to save the old information, select the “Stop Device Monitoring” option. Then the old logs will be saved for you to review.
If you want to monitor more than one device, the mSpy app has a Family Kit. You can monitor 3 devices simultaneously with 10% off.

3. Call recording doesn’t work, or it’s impossible to listen to the recording.

Sometimes the Hoverwatch users complain they can’t play their call recordings. In such case, users are offered several solutions.
The browser you are using may have problems with the updates. If you can’t play call audios, log in your account from another browser. Go to the dashboard and check whether the problem is solved.
If the mentioned above didn’t help to solve the problem, you could change the audio source. Go to your panel and select the device that is being monitored. Open the Settings of the device and choose the preferred audio source there. This solution should help you solve your problem with call recordings.
But if you still can’t play the recordings, you can turn to support representatives to help you. They will resolve the problem regarding your phone model and other specifications.

4. The logs are not on the dashboard after program installation or purchase.

After you installed the software, the logs will be displayed in your panel. What if they aren’t displayed there? There are the reasons why you can’t see logs in the dashboard:

  • The Hoverwatch app isn’t installed correctly on the target device.
  • The device is either switched off or disconnected from the Internet. When the device isn’t connected to the Internet, the logs can’t be sent to your dashboard. The same is when it is switched off.
  • The data isn’t synchronized. Sometimes the Hoverwatch requires time to update the information. Sync the data and wait 20 minutes for the logs to appear.
  • The software isn’t linked to the account. The app you install on the target device has to be linked to your personal account on Hoverwatch website. Without this step, the system won’t be able to understand which account should receive recorded logs.

5. Forgot PIN-code Required to Open the App

To open the app on the target device, one should enter the PIN-code. It is usually a 4-digits password you have to create when installing the app on the phone. What to do if you forget your Hoverwatch pin?
The PIN-code can be found in your Hoverwatch account. You need to log in and go to the “Settings.”
Hoverwatch allows the user to hide the app from the owner of the target device. To open the app, enter ***PIN### (PIN is your actual PIN-code). The mSpy app has limited access to the app even more. After the installation of the mSpy app, the icon can be either deleted or kept on the device. But the app cannot be reached by tapping the icon. If the user notices the icon and taps on it, the only thing that appears is the lite version of the mSpy, without settings and other features.
The mSpy app itself works in the background mode. The background mode doesn’t let the users know the tracker is working on their devices.

6. Solving Problems with Root Permission with Kingroot.

Almost every parental control app requires root to start working. Hoverwatch won’t track the activity of a user if the device is not rooted. In other words, Hoverwatch needs root access to start working.
What is rooting? Rooting is the process of getting the access to modify Android system. Root access turns the user into a SuperUser. With a root, the user can make the system-level modifications, install incompatible before apps and enhance the whole operational system.
Why parental control apps require a root? Such apps cannot easily gather the data and the activity of the user. Android devices are protected from spying software. Root allows the parental control apps delve into system and track user’s activity.
Rooting is the simple process. Though, sometimes users face problems with root permission. Hoverwatch representatives recommend using Kingroot to solve any rooting issue. They have step-by-step instruction on their website.

7. How to hide HoverWatch icon?

Once installing parental control app on the device, users want to hide the app from the actual owner of the device. Most free programs for android similar to Hoverwatch enable this option for their users. Hoverwatch also leaves icons hidden, but users can show them if they like.
To hide Hoverwatch icon, open the app on the device. Go to Setting of the tap. To remove the icon from the menu, tap on “Hide Hoverwatch icon.”
If you want the icon to be visible, tap on “Show Hoverwatch icon.” The mSpy app doesn’t step aside and also allows its users to hide the icon of the app. Installing the mSpy, you can enjoy the full set of features such as Geofencing, GPS location tracker, social networks checker and many more. You can choose between 3 packages regarding your spying preferences.
Keylogger is another thing that makes mSpy the right choice. Keylogging option is useful for parents who want to monitor everything their kid types. The keylogger will track all the words and phrases to send the “message” directly to your dashboard.

8. Solving a problem with Bitdefender antivirus

Bitdefender antivirus blocks all the threats that attack your computer. The antivirus considers parental control software a threat to the Windows system. Bitdefender blocks the parental control app to protect your computer.
To start using Hoverwatch latest version, you have to prevent the antivirus from blocking the parental control software. How to do that?
Open the Bitdefender antivirus and tap on “View Modules.” In the window that appears, select “Antivirus.” In the “Shield” tab find “On-access scanning” and “Active Threat Control” and turn them off.
Then install the Hoverwatch Windows version. In the “Exclusions” tab of Bitdefender list the Hoverwatch files, which will be excluded from scanning. If you have 32-bit Windows, type C:WindowsSystem32hwfld. For 64-bit version, make such file C:WindowsSysWOW64hwfld excluded.
Click on “View Modules” ones more. In the “Firewall” window, choose “Rules” and click on “Add Rule.” Choose the appropriate for your Windows version program path and allow the permission.
After the work is done, delete Hoverwatch installation file from your PC. For the changes to be applied, reboot the computer.

9. Solving a problem with Android 6.0 (If you don’t receive information).

Some users claim the Hoverwatch software sometimes stops functioning on the Android 6.0 devices. Hoverwatch representatives have elaborated the solution for such cases. If you have the same issue, follow the guide to relaunching the app.

  • In the “Settings” of the device go to “Apps.” Here choose the “Sync Service.”
  • Tap on “Permissions” of the SyncService app.
  • Allow all the permissions, which will appear in the list.
  • After you permitted the app to get access to all the data, the Hoverwatch crash won’t happen again.

Don’t forget, for the app to work perfectly; your device has to be rooted the right way. How to check if your device is rooted?

  • Go to the “Google Play” and download “Root Checker.”
  • Install the app and open it on the device.
  • With the help of Root Checker examine your phone for root access. At the end of the examination, the app will inform you whether the device is rooted.

10. Solving Problems with Root Permission Reset

If your device is rooted, you will see the SuperUser app installed. What is SuperSU app? It is an application, which helps the user control their root access. If you are a Hoverwatch user, with the help of SuperSU app you can solve problems with root permission reset.
Follow this step-by-step guide:

Open the SuperSU app and go to “Tabs.”

  • Find “SyncService” and tap on it.
  • In the “Access” choose “Grant,” disable the notifications and confirm the changes.
  • Then go to “Settings.”
  • Enable Superuser and disable re-authentication.
  • Scroll down and forbid to “Show the notifications.”
  • Allow “Trust system user.”

Your problems now have to be solved. But if you’re looking for the app, which doesn’t need any adjustment, you should try mSpy. To start monitoring someone’s devices with mSpy, you have to:

  • Decide on the package. Three packages with different spying options are available for mSpy clients.
  • Set up the application. Download the mSpy software from the link sent to your e-mail. Install the app and don’t forget to hide the icon.
  • Log in your Control Panel. All the logs recorded will be gathered in your Control Panel.

That’s all that is required to do to start using the mSpy app.

11. Restoration of root-access after the software has been updated

Hoverwatch app may have problems with the restoration of root access. After the update, the software may automatically deactivate the root access. But to continue the work of the app, you need to reactivate the root access.

To do that follow the instructions:

    1. Check the root. Go to your Hoverwatch panel and select “Settings” of the target device. If you see “Need permission” sign, that means the root access was lost.
    2. Restore the access. To do that you have to launch the Hoverwatch app on the target phone. Once the “Root Permission Request” appears, click on “Don’t ask again” and “Authorize.”


If you used SuperSU to root the phone, then remove the check from “Ask again” and select “Grant.”

  1. Recheck the root. Open the app on the device and check for the root. If the program gained the access, the “rooted” sing would appear.

Then it’s recommended to restart the computer to start using the software. All the logs will appear in 10 minutes.

12. How to update software on an Android phone?

To install the recent update, you have to launch the Hoverwatch application on the target device. The app will check for the update automatically. If there is a recent update you didn’t install yet, the “Update” button will appear.

You can also update the software through your panel. Go to the “Settings” of the device and turn on “Automatic App Update.”

When the update is successfully installed, check whether the root access wasn’t lost. The stealth mode may also be disabled after the update. If you want the app to continue working in background mode, you have to turn it on. To do that, open the Hoverwatch application on the device. Tap on “Hide Hoverwatch icon” and work in stealth mode will be continued.
Don’t forget to allow all the permissions once again. Once the installation is complete, open the app and log in to the account.

  • Go to “Usage data access” of the phone and tap on “Sync Service.” In the tab that appears click on “Allow usage tracking.”
  • Then optimize battery usage. Replace “Apps not optimized” with “All apps.” Then find Sync Service application and deactivate it.
  • The app will ask your permission to capture the screen. Select “Start now.”
  • If the message “Device administrator is disabled” pops up, you’ll need to activate it.

That’s all required to do if your device is not rooted. But if you have root access, check and restore it following the instructions placed above. (CHECKED)

13. How to turn on geolocation on Android?

Geolocating is a feature that allows monitoring someone’s location. Geolocating is very helpful for parents. With the help of GPS tracker, you can always know where your kid is and where is he/she heading to.
To start using geolocation, you have to turn on the GPS. Go to the “Settings” of the phone and find the “Personal” partition. Tap on the “Location” and turn it on in the tab that appears. There you can also set the “Mode” for the GPS. Choose between three modes: “High Accuracy,” “Battery saving” and “GPS only.”
Keep in mind that “Battery saving” mode turns off the geolocation. You won’t be able to track someone’s location with that mode turned on.
You should also enable the location requesting in your user panel. You can do that in the “Settings” of the target device.

14. How to open a hidden Hoverwatch program on Android phone?

Log in your account and go to “Settings” of the target device. Then get the target device. Open “Phone” application if the device allows performing calls. Here type your PIN-code such way: ***PIN###. Then select “call.” After that, the Hoverwatch program will open.
There is another way to open the app for the devices, which don’t support phone calls.

  • Go to “Apps” section of the device.
  • Select “Widgets.”
  • Tap “Sticker” and drag it to the main screen of the device.
  • The keyboard will appear after you tap “Sticker.” Then enter your PIN-code and select “Done.”

After that, the program has to be started.

15. Logs are not updated in Sony and Asus devices.

Some Hoverwatch users claim the logs are not updated on the target Sony and Asus devices. Hoverwatch representatives explain the problem may be caused by power saving modes.

Many Android devices automatically set power saving mode when the battery charge is not sufficient. This mode limits the activity of the device. It also disconnects the device from the Internet. So, parental control app won’t be able to record and update logs.
How to fix such problem?

Solution for Asus models

  • Go to “Settings.”
  • Find “Power Management” in the list and tap.
  • Tap “Auto-Start Manager”
  • Scroll down the list to find “Sync Service” app and allow the auto-start for this app.
  • Click “Ok” in the tab that appears.

To ensure the app won’t be switched off again, select “Power Saver” in the “Power Management” section. Power saving and Super saving modes may limit the work of the app. Set another mode to enable constant connection to the Internet.

Solution for Sony devices

  • Go to “Settings” and choose “Power Management.”
  • Change the settings of each of power saving modes. Click on the mode and select “Add applications.”
  • In the tab that appears find “Sync Service” and select.
  • Tap “Done.”

16. How it works?

Here what you need to do to start using Hoverwatch full version apk.

  1. Register the account. Enter the official site and select “Start watching.” Add your e-mail and create password. Purchase the Hoverwatch subscription. Check your inbox for an activation letter.
  2. Install the app. Download the parental control software and install it on the device.
  3. Monitor logs. Enter your dashboard with the e-mail and password. Your dashboard will include all the gathered data.

Don’t forget that app requires root to start working. Make sure your device is rooted before installing the Hoverwatch.

The mSpy app also requires little actions for you to start monitoring. Having purchased the package, you will be provided with detailed instructions on how to install and use the app. Besides, the mSpy support representative is always ready to consult you.

17. I do not see SMS from short numbers.

Average mobile phone numbers consist of more than 9 digits. There are also short phone numbers. These are used by banks, mobile services, charity donations and various organizations.
Hoverwatch doesn’t display messages from short numbers. The reason for that is they may contain passwords, details of transactions and other legal information. Parental control software can’t disobey the law. That’s why these messages are hidden.

18. How to root the Android phone?

As it was already mentioned before, all the parental control apps need root access. Rooting requires technical skills to be performed correctly. Before rooting you need to make sure:

  1. The device is sufficiently charged.
    Rooting exhausts your battery. It should be sufficiently charged to allow your phone undergo the rooting.
  2. The data is backed up.
    All the data is erased during the rooting. If you want to save your photos and videos, back up all your files.

Then you can root. The Hoverwatch representatives don’t recommend rooting on your own. If you have no previous rooting experience or don’t know what rooting software to choose, it’s better to turn to specialists. Otherwise, you may face such risks:

  1. Battery life issues.
  2. Loss of your data.
  3. Malware attack.

If you think rooting is not a challenge for you, you can look for the guide online. Choosing the mSpy app, you don’t need to worry about rooting. mSpy expert technicians will perform the root for you remotely and set up all the spying features.

19. How do I change my e-mail?

You can change your e-mail on the Hoverwatch official website. Log in your account and follow the link “Change E-mail address.”
But you can’t change the e-mail if:

    • You want to change your e-mail to another that is already registered in the Hoverwatch system. Merging the accounts is impossible.
    • You submit the payment using wrong e-mail. In this situation, you need to contact technical support and explain your problem.

To avoid any problems, it’s better to check your e-mail before entering it.

20. Are there versions for iOS or Windows Phone?

Hoverwatch spying software supports:

  • 4.x – 7.x Android-based devices
  • 7, 8, 8.1, 10 Windows or Windows Vista-based computers
  • Mac devices running OS X 10.9 Mavericks to 10.11 Yosemite

Hoverwatch is not available on iOS devices. They don’t have the app version designed for those operational systems.

On the other hand, the mSpy app has a version for iOS devices. iPhones also require a jailbreak for the mSpy to start working. But there is also the mSpy app package for iOS devices, which needs no jailbreak.

To monitor someone’s iPhone using mSpy without jailbreak you need to get iCloud credentials and back up. 2-factor/2-step verification has to be disabled. Otherwise, you’ll need the physical access to the device.

With no-jailbreak version, you will be able to browse through contacts list, review call logs and text messages. You can also monitor browser history and WhatsApp messenger on an iPhone of your kid.

If you want to track Snapchat, Instagram, use Geofencing and other features, you will need to jailbreak your iOS device.

21. Problem with payment

Few users complain about problems with payment. Hoverwatch representative explains their system doesn’t accept cards, which are issued in some countries. To solve this problem they recommend:

  • Change the country when submitting payment.
  • Apply another payment system. Follow the link placed on their official website.
  • Consult the technical support.

At mSpy following payment methods are available: Visa, MasterCard, Eurocard, American Express, Check, PayPal, WebMoney, CashU, Bank transfer, Qiwi Wallet and many others. You can review the list of payment options on the website and choose the one preferred for you.

22. Why passwords are not recorded on OS X El Capitan?

Sometimes passwords are not recorded on OS X El Capitan. The reason for that is new security features the Mac version has introduced. You can solve the problem changing the system configuration manually. To do that:

  • Reboot your Mac. Then press Command and R keys together when the software starts up.
  • Stop holding the keys when Apple logo appears on the screen. When the startup is completed, you will see an OS X menu bar and OS X Utilities tab.
  • Select “Utilities” and click on “Terminal.”
  • Type “csrutil disable” in terminal.

If you see the text “Successfully disabled System Integrity Protection,” it means the Hoverwatch now can record passwords. Don’t forget to restart the computer for changes to take effect.

If you don’t need the app to record passwords anymore, you can restore the original configuration on the Mac. Open “Terminal” and type another command: “csrutil enable.”
The protection will then be enabled.

23. How do I cancel my subscription?

Many users ask how to cancel Hoverwatch subscription. If you don’t want to use Hoverwatch anymore, you need to contact the technical support. They will cancel your subscription the next day.
With the mSpy app, you will never want to cancel. In times, when Snapchat becomes not only the place to chat but to bully and frighten others, the mSpy app comes with the solution for problems of all parents.
Now you can monitor Snapchat private messages, group chats, content shared and many more with mSpy. By understanding your kid’s problems, you will be able to help resolve them.
Many parents don’t know what their child goes through. Being unable to delve into child’s logic, adults often underestimate problems of modern kids. Snapchat is the place where they may share their struggles and everyday issues with others. And now you can find out what is going on and what exactly your kid hides.
With the mSpy app monitoring your kid’s social networks are possible. Choose Premium subscription to be aware what your kid posts on social media and send in private chats. You have to stay updated.

24. How to remove the device or account completely?

To remove the device, you need to:

  • Go to your user panel and click on the device.
  • Go to “Settings” of the device.
  • Scroll down and find two buttons “Stop Device Monitoring” and “Delete Device.” Clicking the first button, you will disable the app on your device. It means logs won’t recorder anymore, but the old ones will be saved.

If you click on “Delete the device,” all data gathered by the app on the device will be erased. You won’t be able to restore this data. The app will also be removed from the target device.

You can’t delete your account manually. If you want to remove your Hoverwatch account forever, contact technical support.

25. Found a typo or a problem on the website?

Hoverwatch staff encourages users to cooperate with them. They suggest to inform the technical support about every typo or problem noticed on Hoverwatch site.

Your Hoverwatch subscription will be prolonged for a week if you find the mistake on the website and tell technical support about it.

To do that go to their FAQ section on the official website. Here click on the question “Found a typo?” and then click on the hyperlink that appears.

Then you will see a form.

  • Firstly, enter your e-mail address. Make sure to add valid e-mail address you can use.
  • Enter the subject of your request. Explain the issue briefly.
  • Provide a description. To prove technical support the mistake you noticed is real, you have to provide detailed description.
  • In the “Problem” field, select the section your issue comes under from the drop-down list.
  • Type the device model. This information will help the experts to identify the problem and handle it.
  • Choose operational system the target phone is running.
  • Add attachments. If you have any screenshots or other files, which explains the problem, attach them to your request.
  • Submit the request.

26. How to install Hoverwatch for Windows if your system has antivirus?

Many antiviruses interfere the work of spying software. To let Hoverwatch record the logs, you need to include it in the “Exceptions list” of your antivirus.

All the antiviruses are different, but most of them working similarly when it comes to protection of the device. So, to exclude the Hoverwatch from the scanning list, you need to follow this guide:

  1. Stop the work of antivirus software.
  2. Install Hoverwatch for Windows.
  3. Add the app in the Exceptions list. To do this, you need to type file location. Enter C:WindowsSystem32hwfld for 32 bit Windows and C:WindowsSysWOW64hwfld for 64-bit version.
  4. Then resume the antivirus software protection.

If the Firewall is built in your antivirus, you should enable the Hoverwatch file to gain access to the Internet.

27. How to Install HoverWatch for Android?

To install Hoverwatch for Android, you need to get physical access to the target device.

  1. Open Settings and enable the installation from the unknown sources.
  2. Enable “Play Protect” option in the Google Play Store. Also, disable scanning for security threats and remove the checkmarks from “Improve harmful app detection.”
  3. Visit Hoverwatch official website from your mobile browser. Create your account and download the software.
  4. Click on Setup.apk to launch the installation assistant.
  5. Open the file with File Manager.
  6. Log in your account and find the PIN-code in the tab that appears. Remember this PIN.
  7. Set up the app following the instruction on the official Hoverwatch website.

28. How to Install HoverWatch for Windows?

To install Hoverwatch for Windows go to their official website.

  1. Create an account or log in.
  2. In the tab “Add Device” click on “Windows PC” and download the archive.
  3. Unzip the file and open it.
  4. The setup tool will then open. Log in your account and select which computer you are going to monitor.
  5. Click on “Finish.”

The software will be hidden to record the logs secretly. You can start monitoring the data after 5 or 6 minutes. Log in to your account to get access to your panel and see the user’s activity.

29. How to Install HoverWatch for Mac?

The process is similar to installation of Hoverwatch for Windows. But still, there are some differences. If you want to spy on someone’s Mac follow such steps to install the program:

  1. Download the Mac version of Hoverwatch from the official site.
  2. Open the file and log in your Hoverwatch account. Select “Install.”
  3. If it is required, add your admin password.
  4. When the process is completed, click on “Finish.”

The program will be closed but start working in the background mode. The software will need couple of minutes to record the logs and display them in your panel. Check your dashboard for activity recorded after 5 minutes.

30. How to Uninstall Hoverwatch for Android?

If you want to stop using Hoverwatch and uninstall the app, here is an instruction for you.

  1. Log in your account and select the target device in your panel.
  2. Go to “Settings” of the device.
  3. Then get the physical access to the device. If it supports phone calls, type ***PIN### in the “Phone” app. Select “Call.”
  4. The application will open.

If the device doesn’t support phone calls, you can uninstall Hoverwatch using other method.

  1. Go to “Apps” section of the device and choose “Widgets.”<?li>
  2. Tap “Sticker” and drag it to the main screen. Open it and insert the PIN.
  3. The app will open.

After that, you should go to “Settings” of the app and tap “Uninstall.”

31. How to Uninstall HoverWatch for Windows?

To uninstall the program from the Windows computer, open the installer.

  1. Click on “Reinstall” or “Uninstall” buttons.
  2. When new tab appears, select “Yes.”
  3. The program will then be deleted.
  4. Restart your PC to remove all components of Hoverwatch.

32. How to Uninstall HoverWatch for Mac?

If you want to remove the program from your Mac, you should firstly download and open the application.

When the Hoverwatch is installed on the device, the “Uninstall” button will appear.
In the tab that appears, insert your admin password. The program will be uninstalled, and you can delete the files from your computer.

33. Why is mSpy better?

The mSpy app is the solution to all your worries. Why is it better than other apps? It can offer you a lot of exclusive features.

  • Compatibility with many devices. The mSpy app can be installed on any iOS or Android device your kids own. To check whether the app supports specific model of the phone, go to mSpy official site.
  • Blocking unwanted numbers. With mSpy you can’t protect your child from certain individuals. Insert the phone number you want to block, and this person will never be able to call your child.
  • Device locking. Smartphones often get stolen. No parent wants personal information of their kid to fall into hands of strangers. mSpy allows locking the phone remotely to protect the data in case the device was lost or stolen. You can also track the location of locked phone.
  • Keyword notifications. Keyword tracker from mSpy will notify you every time your child types specified keyword. You will be able to find out what content your child looks for on the Internet.
  • Social networks tracker. This is the most useful feature for parents. You will be able to reveal what content kids exchange and who their friends are. Discover what problems your kid hides from you in Snapchat private chats. You can track Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp and many other messengers your kid uses.

And that is not all. mSpy has a lot more features to offer you. With the mSpy app you can ensure the safety of your kid online and prevent dangerous situations they may face.


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