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How And When To Tell Your Kid About Sex

How And When To Tell Your Kid About Sex

Talking to children about sex is always a challenge for parents. It may seem awkward and funny to explain how it works to the little person, who isn’t supposed to know all that at a very young age. But even if you keep ignoring your kid’s questions and avoiding “the talk”, your kid will eventually find out the truth at school.

So, if you feel not ready talking to your tween or teen about sexuality, here are some practical advice to help you start a sex conversation with your child.

Pay attention to kid’s interest

Many parents avoid bringing up the topic, unless the child starts asking questions. Although, many children are embarrassed to show parents they are even thinking about it. They prefer the old good way to find something out – they google it.

To understand whether your child is interested, you can check their browsing history with mSpy. If they search for sexual content, it is a sign they are more than ready for the talk.

Debunk myths

Often, parents think their daughters already know everything about period from their girlfriends. Indeed, kids share what they know and make others believe their assumptions. But often, this information is not even close to being true. So, when their first period happens, many girls think they are dying or believe they have a serious illness.

Not only girls miscomprehend the puberty related things. Boys also go through tension and pressure developing their sexuality. The sooner you debunk myths your kids believe in, the healthier relationship they will have with their bodies.

If you want to find out more about peer pressure and its consequences, take a look at our next article. –

Use media sources to address the topic

Modern society strives for equality, self-acceptance and accessible sex education. Internet is full of informative articles, engaging videos and documentaries, which explain how our bodies work for the youngsters.

When you ask your child to watch a movie together, let it be not a typical comedy, but a film, that will help them understand their sexuality more. It can be new film about period or Men, Women and Children movie, which addresses sexting and other related phenomena.

Invest in some good books about sex and gender for kids. So, they would be able to find out more about sex from a credible source and satisfy their curiosity.

Face discomfort

Most of the parents feel uncomfortable when starting to discuss sexuality with kids. But it is only difficult at the beginning. You need to understand that this talk is important for both, you and your child.

By facing discomfort and awkwardness you will help your child overcome embarrassment. Don’t be ashamed calling a spade a spade. Your child needs to know the proper names of their organs and understand their functions.

Of course, it is not necessary to astonish your child with all the complexities of human reproductive system. Just let them comprehend the basics and find out more if they are interested in further learning.

Dispel stereotypes

Dispel stereotypes

When talking to your child about sex, it is important to be straightforward and honest. It is important to tell truth. And the truth is not all the youngsters are having sex. Not all the boys have to sleep with anyone to be popular in high-school. The truth is it is not shameful to be a virgin.

Stereotypes are the huge part of our self-acceptance. Kids are influenced by stereotypes even more than we think they are. That’s why you need to dispel popular misunderstandings regarding sexuality and puberty. Make sure your child doesn’t give in wrong ideas and beliefs.

Build trust

Being insecure and unconfident, kids often are embarrassed to discuss puberty with their parents. They turn to their peers for the advice, instead of sharing the news with a parent. They are afraid to do something wrong, ashamed for the lack of knowledge and experience.

The only way to help your kid overcome fear and anxiety is to build trust between you two. Be the one your child will come to when they have questions about their sexuality. Encourage your kid to share even the embarrassing details with you and accept their decisions, even if they are not the right or wise.

By being a trusted figure in your kid’s life, you will be able to influence their thoughts and beliefs and develop a healthy approach to understanding sex and relationship.

The earlier we tell them about sex, the healthier and more balanced their future relationship will be. Do you think parents should talk to kids about sex early? Or is it better to wait till their sexuality fully develops? Share your opinion in the comments below.

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