How and Why to Monitor Teens Online Activity

Teens and parents, there are always things that they keep from each other. In this modern age of technology, teenagers have learned countless ways to hide things from their parents when using various devices like computers, smartphones, tablets, or technology in general. Teenagers can hide things from their parents on these devices for one reason; most teens are far more technologically savvy then their parents.

For their protection, and to have a better understanding on what is going on in the lives of their teenagers, parents need to become more aware of what they are doing online. Studies have shown that there is a very large disconnect between what parents are aware their teens are doing on their digital devices and what they are actually doing. A study done recently of over 2000 parents and teenagers, showed that an alarming 70% of teenagers hide their online behavior and activities from their parents. Adding to the study is the realization that roughly 50% of parents have no idea what things their teenagers are doing online.

There are a handful of alarming facts about this disconnect between teenagers activity in the digital world and what parents know. One of the first is that the number of parents that know what their teens are doing online has declined over the years. Additionally there are many parents that admit since they are not technologically savvy enough in their own right, they have to simply take on the mentality whereby they “hope for the best.” This fact could prove dangerous for their teens on a number of levels.

What things teens hide from their parents?

The truth of the matter is teenagers are hiding a wide array of things from their parents. They are hiding whom they have met online, cheating on tests and other school assignments to hiding the fact they are looking at or sharing violent and/or pornographic materials. How do they hide this behavior? There are basics that include cleaning out and deleting messages, clearing browser history, leaving no trace of where they have been, and creating accounts their parents are unaware of where the inappropriate activity can take place.

The possible way out

How can parents, without a lot of technological knowledge, return to, or start monitoring their teenagers’ online behavior? One of the most obvious ways is the manually check each device the teens use. Since teenagers know how to delete their tracks or know how to create accounts their parents are not aware of, that is not a very effective way to monitor them. What is a great way to monitor your teens’ online behavior is through parental control software.

This type of cell phone spy can be used to monitor a teenager’s activity without having to go through the effort of watching over their shoulders. Where many parents would rather just trust their teens and kids when on digital devices, having knowledge of their online activity can help prevent inappropriate behavior and activities or discover issues that have come up. If you are a parent with kids who live on their digital devices, parental control software will provide much needed peace of mind.

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