How Cell Phone Spy Apps Are Helping Parents Protect Their Kids Online

Most parents have come up against the problem of their child being under pressure to have the latest in technological gadgets, and as a parent of a teenager, this is something that is going to crop up on a semi-regular basis. No sooner have you bought the latest cell phone or tablet computer, then there is usually a better on to take its place, and no sooner have you given your son or daughter their new gadget, they are coming home and telling you that their friends have just got a better one. It is like fighting a losing battle against the seemingly relentless march of technology.

With all these smart phones and tablet computers, come the add-ons, and these are typically in the form of apps that can be downloaded on to the phone. Most children will also want the latest in games and social networking apps to be installed on their phone, and because a lot of them are free to download, it is not always possible for the parents to know exactly what their children are downloading on to their phones.

Social media and messaging sites can be great fun, and they can help you and your children to stay in touch with old friends, or relatives that live long distances away, without the need to spend money on expensive long distance telephone calls. However, for all the good that social networking site’s offer, there is always a downside and the primary problem is that they are open to abuse by criminals.

As a parent you want to keep your children safe from harm, but how do you know that the person they are communicating with online is who they say they are? The problem facing parents in the 21st century is no longer the stranger standing on the street corner, or hiding in the bushes at the local park, but the stranger who is online and pretending to be a teenage child.

Thankfully there is now a way in which you can monitor the online activity of your child, when they use their smart phone or tablet. You know that if your child is using the family’s main computer that with parental controls you can keep them fairly safe from harm whilst online. However, when you give them a smart phone or tablet PC, you are providing them with the opportunity to surf the internet freely without you knowing exactly who they are communicating with. Now there are a number of companies, such as mSpy, that have developed an app that you can download onto your child’s smart phone or tablet, and it allows you to keep tabs on all of their activity whilst using the device.

Apart from phone conversations, emails and text messages, you can even monitor key logging, IMs and find out exactly who they are chatting to. You will have all the data you need with regards to the kind of websites they may be using as well as any photos and videos that may have been sent or received. If you do not like the look of something, then the app will allow you to block it, plus with the GPS function you can keep an eye on your child’s movements.

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