How Corporations Are Monitoring Employee Cell Phones

Data theft is an all too common practice these days, from people trying to steal personal information to businesses trying to outdo each other by stealing company secrets, there is no end to the techniques they will use in order to secure the information they need.

Some companies will even go to the lengths of approaching employees of a rival company and tempt them with financial rewards if they can pass on sensitive information about their employers. Such is the problem that is facing companies across the world, more and more employers are now keeping tabs on all of their employees and their communications.

Larger businesses now offer their employees cell phones for conducting company business, however, these company cell phones are just the sort of thing that a dishonest employee might be using in order to pass on confidential company details to rival companies. In the past, it would have been almost impossible to keep tabs on an employee’s cell phone usage other than having an itemized bill detailing calls and text messages. However, there would have been no evidence that the calls or messages contained any sensitive company information. Thankfully, there is now a solution to this problem, and there is now a number of different cell phone monitoring programs available that will allow an employer to monitor all of their company cell phones.

Cell phone tracking software, will allow the employer to have complete access to all the data traffic to and from all of the cell phones that they have allowed their staff to use. Not only will it allow them to see what SMS messages they have sent and received, but it will also allow them to actually read each individual message. This can have great advantages for the employer, who will be able to gather the information required in order to take the necessary disciplinary steps, should there be a breach of confidentiality.

Another advantage to having this kind of software installed onto the phones that you allow your employees to use, is that you can also keep an eye on whether they may be using the company phone for personal usage. This app will allow you to monitor the kinds of websites and apps that are being used as well as allowing you to access any photos and videos that may have been sent or received.

Even though the law is quite clear on the installation of cell phone monitoring software, and it is in itself not illegal, you may want to inform your staff that their company phone usage is being monitored. That way, not only have you covered yourself legally, but you are also making sure that there is now a deterrent to using the phones for nefarious purposes. In any case, one has to elicit informed consent for the usage of such an application.

Monitoring the cell phones that you give to your employee’s, means that you are safeguarding your companies best interests, as well as making sure that your employee’s are not using phones that your company is paying for, for personal usage.

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