How Developers Can Succeed in a Competitive App Market

Once, there was a time when the number of people that had cellphones was minute; now the number of smartphone owners has increased by startling numbers. Many people are turning to the convenience and multi-functionality of smartphones and numerous applications. Instead of sticking to tending to personal business from their home computers, or finding other means to get entertained, many smartphone users turn to the millions of apps available for these things.

Correct question at the beginning

With such a high interest in a broad range of applications, app developers have to find ways to create the apps that smartphone users need and want to use. The issue is, creating an app does not mean that it will be seen or used when there are millions of applications available via Apple and Google in the different app stores. The urgent question for the app developer then becomes, “How do I get my apps seen and used?”

Correct strategy in the middle

A few strategies help app developers get their apps downloaded and used by smartphone users. Here is a list of the different ways app developers can get the interest they seek:

–          Featured Apps – Although being featured by the likes of Google or Apple helps with the interest and the number of times an app is downloaded, it is not enough. First, not every app is going to be featured. Secondly, once the app is no longer featured, interest falls dramatically.

–          Retention – Founder of CB Insights stated, “The average shelf-life of a top 1000 app is only 23 days.” What this means is, even if a developer reaches the top, it is not easy to stay there.

Piece of advice for startup developers: decide on budget for retention and tuning acquisition prior to app launching. Launch in other English speaking markets where it is cheaper to advertise, for instance, in Canada. Do not be unrealistic, set goals of a 1-day retention of 40 percent, 7-day retention of 20 percent, and 30-day retention of 10 percent.

–          ASO – SEO for the app stores is ASO or App Store Optimization. Using ASO, app developers can increase their visibility, as well as gaining free organic traffic.

App developers should consider unique terms instead of overused terms, such as “photo” and “chat”, to help their apps find their own niche, which can help with visibility and popularity.

–          Learn from others – Competition is a great thing for app developers. It can teach you what to do from successful developers and things to avoid from unsuccessful apps.

–          Fighting freemiums is a losing battleFreemium apps exist thanks to the high cash flow and backing of the apps and developers. Frequently enough, these freemium apps overshadow independent app developers who cannot reach the same number of users because of the lack of marketing budget.

–          Expanding market in the East – smartphone usage and ownership is on the rise in countries in Africa and Asia. With increased usage come more users looking for apps. New app developers should consider targeting the markets in India, for instance, or Kenya.

Correct choice for consumers

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