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How to keep your kids safe this Christmas?

How to keep your kids safe this Christmas?

Christmas season is here. It incredible time for having fun, baking ginger men, spending time with family and exchanging gifts. Every family plan their holidays in advance. Both big and small have huge hopes and expectations for Christmas time. But our young ones are waiting for Christmas miracle most of all. Nevertheless, apart from celebrating Christmas, there are the other things parents should remember about. Study child safety tips, which will help to keep your kids safe these holidays.

Choose the right gift

The first step is to start choosing the right gift, taking into the consideration the effect it may have on your kid`s security and privacy. Without doubts, a cell phone, Smartwatch or a tablet are the most desirable gifts for your children this Christmas. But at the same time parents are afraid of losing their kids online and getting involved in big troubles. So if you decided to give a phone as a gift for your kid this Christmas follow these simply rules:

Rule 1. Educate yourself

Familiarize yourself with recent social media apps, popular games and YouTube channels they watch. Don`t be scared of such words like vlog, prank and blogger. You need to keep up with the times to understand your child`s preferences and don`t have a wall of misunderstanding between you and your child.

Rule 2. Choose the safest provider

Modern service providers have a lot of safety features to protect your child. For example, if your child is trying to download or install any piece of software you will get a notification about it. Study this question in advance in order to be aware of all useful opportunities they offer.

Rule 3. Don’t forget about online privacy

Don`t press your child with restrictions and moral arguments. Instead sit together and bring up the rules for safe smartphone usage. For example: you can prohibit smartphone usage during bed and school time. The next thing which is worth to be mentioned is online privacy. Teach your child never reveal your real name, address or a phone number to strangers. What`s more it is important to mention that you don`t allow to take a photo and share it online.

Have a conversation

Have a conversation with your child. Start from simple questions. For example: How to react if somebody makes them uncomfortable online? What should they do if somebody asks to share a private photo or information they don`t want to reveal? Modulate all possible situations and teach them how to react.

  1. Use parental control app

Use mSpy parental control app in order to monitor your kid`s phone activity and view where your kid goes online. With the help of mSpy you can view:

  • all your kid`s call logs (incoming and outgoing);
  • all text messages (sent, received and even deleted ones);
  • Internet activity (browsing history, cookies);
  • all installed apps and block hazardous ones;
  • GPS location and set geo-fencing zones;
  • instant messengers (Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat and others).
  1. Make sure your kids don`t test while driving

Sending texts while driving can lead to the bitter consequences: from heavy traffic to the death precedents. Being out of school on the winter holidays, teens spend a lot of time driving whether to friends, home, granny or a mall.

The driving statistic is alarming:

  • Over 8 people are killed every day due to the car crashes involving a distracting driver;
  • Over 26% of car crashes involved drivers texting or talking on the phone.

Every parent should be responsible of their kids` safety while driving. It is an issue which should be taken very serious.

Remember whatever you choose a smartphone, tablet or the other gadget, all your gifts will have an effect on your kid`s online safety and privacy. Protect your kid this Christmas with mSpy parental control app. Remember that the online security of your child is a gift that keeps on giving. Take it seriously.

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