How to read deleted WhatsApp messages?

If by mistake you deleted or occasionally lost your important WhatsApp conversation it is possible to restore it. WhatsApp creates a backup of your recent conversations from the last seven days and store them in your phone. Here are two possible variants which will help to read deleted WhatsApp messages.

Variant 1. Restore your last backup

  1. Check your data
  • Open WhatsApp Settings;
  • Choose chats backup;
  • View the date of the last backup;
  1. Uninstall the app
  • Before you restore deleted messages it is needed to uninstall WhatsApp from your phone;
  • Go to the Google Play Market or iOS store and download it again;
  • Launch the app from the screen;
  • Agree with the terms and conditions;
  • Enter your phone number;
  • Restore your messages;
  • On your screen you will see a notification that a message backup is found. Select “Restore” and wait until the recovery process will come to the end.

On the screen you will see a notification that a message backup is found for your phone. Click on “Restore” and wait for the recovery process to finish.

WhatsApp creates a backup every night at 2 am and save all your data to your phone, by default. The latest saved backup will be the one which loads up.

Variant 2. Use tracking app

The other way to read deleted messages is to use monitoring app. In this case mSpy can help. Using mSpy you are able to see:

  • the content of each message;
  • if a message is incoming or outgoing;
  • sender/recipient of each message;
  • important details (date and time);
  • all existing and deleted messages;

Note! To have an access to all features Android device require rooting and iDevices require jailbreak.

We mentioned the best options to track deleted WhatsApp messages. First one is quite sophisticated and may seem difficult for not technical savvy people. The second one is more reliable and convenient in use and gives an opportunity to use additional features. Choose the right one.

mSpy- Know. Prevent. Protect.

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