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How the mSpy WhatsApp monitoring works

How the mSpy WhatsApp monitoring works

Most parents think WhatsApp monitoring cannot be done because of its end to end encryption. But the mSpy parental control app gives you that privilege. WhatsApp is a cross – platform instant messaging app that relies on an Internet connection for its operation. It is one of the leading messaging apps in the world with its current usage population of over 1.2 million users as at January 2017.

WhatsApp usage statistics

WhatsApp allows users to share photos, videos and text messages. In addition, WhatsApp users will be able to phone calls – audio and video calls, send files and leave voice notes. WhatsApp service handles more than 600 million photos and 64 million messages every single day. For instance in the United States only, 36 % daily usage of WhatsApp on Android devices is recorded.

This makes it an important app to monitor on your kid’s phone because it is a great avenue for child predators to groom your kid, and cyberbullies to send mean, demeaning and harassing messages to your kid – cyberbullying is the leading cause of anxiety, thoughts of suicide and depression in kids.

Also, it is a medium for sexting to take place. Do you know sexting could lead your kid to be charged and prosecuted for possession and dissemination of child pornography? Once convicted they could serve time in a juvenile facility and their name placed on the sex offenders list.

So how does the mSpy WhatsApp tracker works?

mSpy works on both tablets and smartphones with Android operating systems and iOS. With the Android OS, the device needs to be rooted. Rooting is the procedure of allowing smartphone, tablets and other devices users running the Android operating system to attain privileged control (known as root access) over various Android subsystems.

In the case of an iOS, you get to monitor WhatsApp on both the Jailbroken or Non-jailbreak versions.

whatsapp tracker

mSpy gives you all texts shared. You get to see the details of the sender –name, date and time. It does not matter if the messages are encrypted or not, mSpy WhatsApp tracker will capture it. You get to know your kid’s online friends. It keeps you abreast on who may be grooming your kid or which of them has huge influence on him/her

whatsapp spy

All media sent and received are also monitored. Photos, videos and media files sent or received are captured and you will have access to these files on your control panel. This will make you know if your kid is being bullied or is the one bullying and also get to put an end to sexting if you find out your kid is involved in it.

whatsapp spy

Documents attached to messages, locations shared and emojis inserted are all monitored by mSpy. You get to find out the exact files and documents your kid shares and if they are too personal you advise them against such.

With the mSpy parental control app, your WhatsApp monitoring is covered completely. Once installed on a rooted Android or an iOS (iPhone/iPad), all you need to do is log into your control panel and remotely monitor the WhatsApp logs there.

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In between the different type of monitoring applications, mspy is really one of another one to monitor the WhatsApp activities that is properly working or not, and the time of updating the WhatsApp, it goes through with it.

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