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How to access easily into an Android phone if I don’t know a password?

How to Hack a Phone Password on Samsung with mSpy App

How to hack a phone password on an Android device? It’s quite easy. You don’t have to be tech-savvy to do it. The Internet will provide multiple ways of how to unlock the Samsung phone’s lock password.

Why would somebody want to unlock my Android phone without password? Usually, people do this to extract some valuable information, such as financial data or some personal stuff like pictures, videos, texting. In the meantime, they have to watch out and to verify if it complies with the ethics and the law in the very place the hacking is being done.

Here are 9 ways of how to bypass an Android phone lock screen without reset:

Open “Find my mobile” on a Samsung phone

Among Samsung features there’s “Find my Mobile” one. So if you need to bypass Galaxy S5 lock screen without reset or even Galaxy S8, follow the next steps:

  • Create and then log into your Samsung account
  • Find “Lock my Screen” and click it
  • Put a new PIN in the first box
  • At the bottom click “Lock” button
  • Your lock screen password will be changed to the PIN that you indicated. From now on, you may unlock an Android device.

Remove a password on a Samsung device

There are lots of unlocking tools which can help easily provide an access to any mobile phones models. Here’s what they provide:

How to unlock a Samsung phone with these tools?

  1. Download them.
  2. Click “Unlock” feature.
  3. Connect your device to the PC and pick “Unlock”.
  4. Connect your Samsung device to the PC and click “Start”.
  5. Turn the phone into the Download Mode.
  6. Download a recovery package to your phone or tablet.
  7. The device gets unlocked without a password and a reset

Turn to Android Device Manager

Even if your goal is to hack the latest version of Android, it’s still possible with Android Device Manager. Enable it and do the following:

  • Go to on another device
  • Go to your Google account you used to go on your locked device
  • In ADM dashboard choose the device to unlock
  • Pick “Lock”
  • Put a password and click “Lock”
  • Get “Ring, Lock, and Erase” buttons
  • Get back to your phone and put your new password
  • Deactivate a temporary password in your lock screen settings

Turn to Android Device Manager

Also, you can learn how to unlock an Android phone without a password with the mSpy monitoring app. Before proceeding to the installation process, let’s find out how exactly mSpy can come in handy.

First, it’s the ultimate parental control app helping parents all over the world to protect their kids online.

If you have a teen in the house, you obviously know that teenagers spend tons of time online. But you’re probably unaware of what they are doing online. The Internet is the source the youth turns to for information. Even if they need some life-changing advice, they ask Google for it. Thus, this shapes the Generation Z’s world.

However, it is not always healthy for the teens’ development. Unlike adults, teens are not likely to check the information and do not apply critical and analytical reasoning to find the truth. Instead, they would rather believe and trust what they face on the Internet.
The study of the Northwestern University shows that the most popular topic teens look on the Internet is health. Parents remain the primary source of knowledge if it comes to health concerns. However, 84% of teens said they searched for health information on the Internet. The most frequent searches are:

  • Working out
  • Diets and eating habits
  • Depressions and stress
  • Sexually transmitted illnesses

The statistics are obvious since there is a growing Instagram tendency to run after popularity among peers. To fit in you have to be skinny, which involves diets, cleansing and stuff like that.
Of course, interests drive online searches. Movies, music, sports form the web’s bookmarks. In addition, teens are interested in self-grooming, clothes, looks, and relationships with people. They suffer from the misunderstanding with parents and ask the web for tips.

The relationships between the sexes bother teens as well. Besides asking different questions on how to behave on a first date or how to be a good kisser, teens use digital tools to look for potential and former romantic partners. According to Pew Research Center, the top method of it is flirting via social media.

Should parents be aware of what’s their child searching for

The American Psychological Association recent study found that most online predators do not hide their age and their intentions. Teens know who they are and share their sexual desires openly.

Should parents be aware of what’s their child searching for? Or should they know about this kind of communication? Actually, the keywords that a teen strikes in a search box translate the things they do not open up about. Therefore, they can literally provide useful insights to parents.
The internet became a substitute to family get-togethers when parents shared opinions with kids. This is nobody’s fault. It just happened as a shift in people’s behavior due to the information revolution. That’s why there’s a need for parental control. Primarily, it is about monitoring the child’s online activity to prevent online risks coming up with the Internet usage.
mSPy app parental control will give you much more info in an easier way. It allows to view the teen’s Internet activity and manage it remotely. mSpy helps parents understand better their teen and be aware of what is going on in that head. It is not a secret that teens do not tend to share some sensitive issues for fear of being judged or even worse.

Since sexting and hook-ups via social media, cyberbullying, and participation in secret death games like the Blue Whale Game are becoming a common practice among teens, the parental control app particularly comes in handy.

Sexting is not just sending text hints about sex. Now it is sharing photos with a half-naked body. Moreover, the recipient might be considered as an online abuser and pay for it with their reputation.

Cyberbullying is another form of cyber dangers among teens. There were death precedents when teens were bullied online and nobody stopped it.

Speaking of death groups, the Blue Whale Challenge took lives of 130 kids. It recruits children online and assigns 50 challenges with the final task – to commit suicide. The victims’ parents confess they had no clue that their child participated in this game.

With the mSpy parental app, parents can look through the sites, online platforms or social media. Compatible with iOS and Android, the app monitors your teen’s device remotely. Besides, it is possible to block adult sites, dating sites, porn sites or any other with inappropriate content.

In addition, there is the apps restricting feature. It means that parents can view and restrict applications leading to the web. For example, Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger or Instagram need the Internet access and are installed on your teen’s device. You can view chatting, identify people from a phone book and block the apps as well as these people. Thus, parents have all the odds to create a safe online environment for kids and turn the Internet into a great educational platform.

you have more reasons to bypass Android phones

Now as a parent, you have more reasons to bypass Android phones without a password.

The mSpy app is also used by business owners who want keep their corporate data secure from the third parties in the realities of a tough competition.

Of course, Android users can get worried if the newest Samsung phones can be hacked. So the mSpy app has the solution even to the question: how to hack a Galaxy S8 Plus lock screen without a reset. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Visit its website and pick the most convenient package
  2. Proceed with the payment.
  3. Open your email box and find the welcome letter.
  4. Go to the mSpy account whose credentials are provided in the welcome letter.
  5. Have the app downloaded by following the instructions in the letter.
  6. Once installed on both devices (yours and the target one), start monitoring.
  7. Turn to the support staff for troubleshooting, even if you faced a Samsung phone problem.

To sum up, this is the most reliable way to bypass this device’s lock screen without a reset.

Most people are also concerned if hacking means illegally accessing the device?
It depends on the purpose you use the tool or an Android app. Besides, it’s very important to inform the target person that they are being monitored.

mSpy monitoring tool encourages people to leave the icon visible on the device and inform people about the fact they are supervised. Its mission is an online safety which also supports people’s rights for privacy.

Why do you need to use mSpy App?

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