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Parental decision: how to block restricted calls

Parental decision: how to block restricted calls

While we don’t want to disturb our children’s privacy we have to know whom are they talking to and what are they getting into. Restricting calls might sound harsh while this might be the best option to keep the “bad guys” out of your kid’s life.

The reasons for your kid’s receiving restricted calls might be different. Whatever they are, parents need to learn how to block restricted calls.

Reason #1: Bullying

Your kid had a huge fight at school and the bully keeps offending. Your kid may feel guilty and does not want to open up. They don’t even know how to block unknown callers.

Reason #2: Your kid is involved in some affair

Teens are likely to form secret groups like Blue Whale Challenge groups where participants practice dangerous activities. Many similar groups are unhealthy for the child’s education and health. However, leaders of those groups do not allow leaving them so easily.

Reason #3: Online abusers

In the UK, 11% of kids on Facebook do not follow privacy restrictions on their profile and publicly display their phone number or address. Besides, there are make fake profiles. People beyond them seek for meeting in person. No surprise, they can call and introduce themselves as Alex, 13 years old, a guy from the nearest school.

First of all, you need to talk to identify the reason. Or, perhaps, your child asked: “How do you block restricted calls on Android?” That is a sign for a concern. Also, you might have used Keywords alerts (a feature which helps identify concrete words typed in a web address).

Children might not open up and so it is your responsibility as a parent to take control of this situation.

So how do I block unknown callers on Android or iPhone?

Step 1:

Use a blocking feature on your mobile phone. Usually, there are blocking options on any cell phone. They are under “Security” or “Settings”. Some phone models allow to block or restrict particular types of incoming calls. If you’re not sure about blocking features, call the manufacturer support staff.  They will tell you for sure how to block restricted calls.

Step 2:

If somebody’s asking you “How do you block restricted calls on Android”, here’s another way to do it. Go to the site of your mobile phone provider. Find a support service and ask them if they are able to block unavailable or restricted calls. Perhaps, you’ll need to pay a fee.

Step 3:

There are call-blocking services. They allow blocking specific types of calls and offer additional features helpful for the communication. However, they are not free of charge. To block restricted calls you pick the package and pay a monthly fee.

Step 4:

In the USA, there is the National Do Not Call Registry. It’s free. It is supposed to protect people from annoying telemarketers or other sellers. However, they say you will still receive calls from charities, political groups, companies you deal with in business, etc. This might work for your child’s cell phone as well.

Step 5

Use mSpy parental control app to block unknown calls. However, the number needs to be visible. Go to your mSpy account, open “Calls” and find “Restrict Incoming Calls”. A piece of cake! You don’t have to pay extra money for this simple feature. You pay for the whole number of great features and, besides blocking calls, you can track messages, chatting via social media, view visited sites, track GPS location, put Internet filter and many more.

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How do I block a caller listed as restricted. Someone keeps calling and hanging up when I answer.

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