How to Install Cell Phone Spy Software Programs

How to Install Cell Phone Spy Software Programs

Having personally installed numerous mobile phone spy programs, I am at liberty to share a number of important tips and advice on how to do so effectively. Most installations are quite simple. They only require perfect attention to detail in order to work correctly. If you get it right the first time, your overall experience will be much improved.

What are the differences in programs?

Most spy phone software applications have a similar installation process. There are only a few minor differences between them. The general process for installation is:

  • Pick the right package
  • Pay for it
  • Email with directions and link for download
  • Create an account – login name and password
  • Install and download the software
  • Initiate the software by entering a code found in the email
  • Restart the phone
  • Adjust settings accordingly

The process listed above is, more or less, how each spy software is installed and put into use. However, there are some slight differences in brands – with some an account is needed first, others don’t need to be restarted, and some have external control panels where settings are adjusted. No matter the slight differences, you must follow the directions prescribed. If you deviate from the instructions, your spy software may not work correctly.

How long is the process?

If you’re not a first time, the process typically takes around five minutes. However, since you’re reading this article, you are likely a first-time user. As such, allow at least forty minutes to download and install your new software. This may sound high, but remember, if you encounter any issues, they’ll likely occur within the installation period. Simple directions may appear complex if attempted under extreme stress and duress. Once installation is done, allow another 30 minutes for data to begin transferring to the Control Panel. If there’s a significant amount of data, it may take upwards of four hours to transfer entirely.

Tips for Success

  • Match up the package to ensure compatibility with both phone and operating system
  • Prepare yourself – read through the directions beforehand
  • Create notes with details and keep them by your side during installation
  • Allow plenty of time
  • Have your PC or MacBook available. You may need to make quick changes if anything
  • Follow directions exactly as prescribed

Common Mistakes

No activation code or download link: After you purchase spy software, click “return to merchant” to finish the process. Doing so will trigger the e-mail to your account. If you skip this step, contact their support team immediately.

Jailbreak Mobile Device/ Rooting –  If you wish to install spy software, the targeted device must be jailbroken/ rooted.

Click “Unknown Sources” for Android: Although covered in the installation directions, this step is often missed by users. Go to settings, security, check unknown sources. Doing so enables spy software to be downloaded on the Android platform.

Remember, take your time installing spy software. Like any new skill, the first time is often the most trying attempt. If you have any questions about any information above, please comment below.

P.S. Learn how a good cell phone spying program can be useful.

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