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How to locate a phone?

How to locate a phone?

Your kid is late from school or they are on a school trip and the phone is off? You’re worried and want to locate a phone? It is a piece of cake. The mSpy team will help you figure out how to track your kid’s cell phone easily and will provide a few ways. You’ll definitely find the one that is convenient for you.

The idea of tracking embodied in multiple apps is a strong solution to parents’ needs, particularly when your kid is “special”.  A mother of two kids with autism from Nassau County was living in a constant anxiety until she found the GPS tracking device. Both have the tendency to run away. Parents are happy that they are immediately informed about their current whereabouts. The mom keeps calm because she receives alerts like “Douglas left home”, “Douglas in transit”, etc.

In Texas, a mother of a girl suffering from the Asperger’s syndrome could track her kidnapped daughter. She crossed the fences set by her mom and the latter got the alert message “location unknown”.  She enabled the GPS device (with an in-built microphone) and heard weird sounds. It showed her exact location. The mom had to constantly update the data while heading to the marked place. Finally, she found her daughter running away near some house.

If your kid is using iPhone or Android, there are in-built location tracking features there. Make sure the phone’s location service is always enabled.

So how do I find someone’s location? For Android, go to Google’s Android Device Manager and find there “Find my Device” page. Log in to your Google account and give the service permission to gather the whereabouts information.  In a few minutes, you’ll see the exact GPS location of the phone – a green icon on Google Maps.

Also, to the left of the map, you’ll find 3 options to use:

  • Play a sound

This one will ring even if the silent mode is set. Therefore, if your kid turned off the sound, they will hear the noise for sure to respond.

  • Lock

When locking the phone, you can send the message and your phone number to people who might find it. So if somebody found it, they may call from their own cell phone and inform you. It might be helpful if your kid got lost and asked somebody for help.

  • Erase

You can delete all the content from the device so that the personal information will not be delivered to third parties.

Under your Google account, you can see Find My Phone page. It provides the list of all devices you used to log in to your Google account. All you need is to pick the phone to pin down from this list. Then it will show the map and where to go to take your phone back.

How do I find someone’s location if they use iPhone?

  1. Go to You can locate a phone if Find my iPhone is set up and it is online.
  2. Click All Devices and pick the device you want to trace. If iPhone is online, its location is marked on the map.
  3. If Find my iPhone can’t track the phone, it provides its last known position and informs you when the device is online if you pick “Notify me when found”. Use zooms to identify the exact address.

In addition, there are web services like Free Cell Phone Lookups which helps users locate a phone by its number. If you become a member of the service, you get the more detailed information about the phone’s exact position.

Can I track an Android phone from my iPhone?

Of course, there are specific needs. For example, how can I track an Android phone from my iPhone? You can use mSpy parental control to track an Android phone from your iPhone.  With mSpy both versions are compatible not just for GPS location tracking but for monitoring online activity, keywords typed on a monitored device and setting virtual fences (Geo-fences) to supervise your kid’s movements. If you use iPhone and your kid’s device is Android, you can set up the app easily. Thus, by using mSpy Locator, you’ll find your kid’s phone quickly.

So what is mSpy Locator?

It is in-built feature allowing to track your kid’s real-time current location and set virtual fences on a digital map. Even if the traditional GPS locator is unavailable, it still identifies the exact place easily. Also, It is possible to view the route history with date and time stamps.

Virtual fences or Geo-fences mean a parent can set safe or dangerous zones and be informed immediately when a kid crosses them. Moreover, they can know how often and how much time a particular place is visited.

Use mSpy parental control app to find your kid’s location and keep calm when facing unpredictable situations.

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