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How to See Your Kid’s Instagram DMs: 3 Proven Ways

Agnes W Linn
how to see someone else's direct messages on instagram how to see someone else's direct messages on instagram

Instagram is a popular social media app that 1 billion people use every month. Every second, another post or story is added. Every day the app gets thousands of new users.

Young people especially love Instagram as it allows them to stay connected and share the events of their life. Youngsters use the app to make new friends and get entertained. And, of course, they don’t care about the potential dangers that the app may impose on them.

In this article, we’ll share three methods of how you can do it. Or you can watch a video to decide which of these methods is best for you.

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Has Instagram Become More Dangerous with the Release of Its New Feature?

Instant messengers and social media apps, such as Instagram, have always been a favourable environments for cyberbullying and predator harassment. As young people are opened to communication, it’s absolutely not a problem for a predator to befriend them.

And, with the release of Instagram disappearing mode, the danger has enhanced. Not only can predators abuse their victims online, but they can also benefit from leaving no trace, as messages now vanish right after being read.

The only way to identify an abuser on Instagram is to see the Instagram DMs of a potential victim.

Check their social media messages for signs of bullying.
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How to See Someone Else’s Direct Messages on Instagram: 3 Methods

1. How to See Someone Else’s DMs on Instagram With mSpy?

It’s no secret that the best way to protect your loved ones from the dangers of the Internet is to prevent them from getting into trouble. That’s why it’s good to know how to see someone’s dm on Instagram without disturbing them.

A proven way to do it is by installing a parental control app, such as mSpy, on another person’s phone.

how to get into someones instagram without a password

Follow these steps to set up mSpy:

  1. Sign up with and choose a package that suits your needs.
  2. Check your email and find a letter from mSpy. It contains the installation guide.
  3. Access a target person’s phone.
  4. Follow the installation instructions received via email.
  5. Log in to your Control Panel and link a target person’s device to your account.
  6. Wait a few minutes for mSpy to collect the data from the needed Instagram account.
  7. Start monitoring someone else’s Instagram DMs remotely.

Can mSpy Help Me With Anything Else?

As mSpy is a parental control app with advanced functionality, it also allows you to view another person’s photos and videos and see their contacts.

What’s more, you can monitor other social media apps, such as Kik, Facebook, Tinder, and Line, with mSpy. You can also see another person’s SMS, call logs, visited websites, real-time locations, calendar events, and other online activities.

In other words, mSpy gives you full control over your target person’s digital life so that no predators or cyberbullies could intrude there.

2. How to Read Someone’s Instagram Messages From Their Account?

If you and the person you need to monitor have a relationship built on trust, you might already know their Instagram credentials, including their password. In this case, you can access their account right from your device and check out their direct messages.

If you don’t have the Instagram app installed on your phone, download it from the App Store or Google Play. The installation will take a few seconds. Then, just sign in using your target person’s credentials.

All that’s left is to tap the Direct Message button in your target person’s profile.

view Instagram messages

You can view direct messages on Instagram that were sent and received by a target person by tapping the conversation you want to view.

3. How to See Deleted Direct Messages on Instagram Without Them Knowing

When someone gets into trouble, they often hide it from their close people. And in the world of Instagram messages, hiding means deleting messages that contain evidence of abuse or harassment. Good news, though. You can restore those messages.

Although Instagram doesn’t have an option to back up deleted direct messages, they remain available on the server. You need to do the following to restore them:

1) Open the Instagram app on your phone.
2) Log in using your kid’s Instagram account credentials.
3) Go to the Profile page by tapping the Profile icon. You can find it at the bottom right corner of the screen.
4) When you are redirected to the Profile page, tap the Settings icon:

how to see someone else's direct messages on instagram

5) Go to Privacy and Security.

6)  Tap Request Download in the Data Download section.

ow to see someone else's direct messages on instagram

7) To get a copy of your kid’s Instagram account data, you need to enter your email and click Next. Then, you will be asked for a password. Use your kid’s.

8) Instagram will need up to 48 hours to create the data file for your account and email it to you.

Note that you may need to download a third-party app to open the received files.

What Is the Best Way to Monitor Instagram?

Now you know how to see someone’s Instagram DMs. It’s up to you which method to choose. However, we recommend that you give mSpy a try.

Since the app can monitor other people’s online activity, you can gain peace of mind when your loved ones browse the web or communicate on social media. mSpy allows you to see their private conversations, images, and videos. And, of course, you can check out their deleted messages.

Consider using a monitoring app if you want to get a clearer picture of what your close people and friends are up to online. And keep your loved ones safe.

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Agnes Linn was born into the family of an eloquent preacher (parish priest), with the inevitable passion for writing. She received classic education in Philosophy, as well as Modern Mass Media Management; married, mother of one kid.
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