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Parental Controls: How to Set Rules for Kids’ Online Activities

Parental Controls: How to Set Rules for Kids’ Online Activities

The internet is a great information resource for children. Kids can use the internet to communicate with their friends and teachers, research school work and even play interactive games. Basically, kids can access the world through the internet. However, with every good thing, there’s always something negative.

Predators use the internet as a tool to take advantage of children. With more homes and schools (95% in the US) connected to the internet, kids have an easier access to online content. According to SDCDA, 45 million American children, aged between 10 and 17, have access to the internet.

With about 20% of American parents not supervising their kids’ use of the internet, children are more vulnerable online. Chat rooms, cyber-molesters, pornography, child pornography, bomb making and drugs are the things children are exposed to online. These explain why parents need rules for online activities of their kids.

Rules help parents monitor the activities of their children online, encouraging them to use technology appropriately and responsibly. ‘Digital grounding’ helps parents to enforce family rules by taking away internet or cell phone privileges. Parents should also take a hands-on approach, deploy Google parental controls and talk to their children about acceptable and unacceptable behavior.

How to Set Rules

Adolescents and teenagers go through identity development crises as they seek to know who they are. They can be rebellious as they try to show that they’re independent, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Develop an open and healthy relationship with your kids to minimize chances of rebellion.

Talk to your children to influence their behavior, know where they are at all times and who they are with. You also need to set rules on what’s acceptable and what’s not. Deploy ‘reasoned deference’ strategy by talking to your child and letting them know your expectations of their behavior.

Explain clearly the rationale behind each rule you set and then let the child defer by saying what they need to do with regards to the same. Leave the rest up to them. As a result, your child will be a better decision-maker when it comes to participating in school, being with friends, pro-social behavior and matters related to substance abuse.

Examples of Rules for Kids and Teens

  1. I will always discuss anything I find uncomfortable with my parents.
  2. I will not share personal information such as home address and phone numbers with anyone without letting my parents know first.
  3. I won’t access online content without my parents’ permission and/or supervision.
  4. I won’t chat with strangers online.

You can use mSpy parental control app for Android the first several months after setting up rules to follow your kids’ online activities to ensure they follow them to the latter. The app gives you access to geo-fencing and GPS location features.  Also, it is a perfect parental control app for iPhone as well. It gives you the peace of mind, knowing your child is safe and enjoys browsing the internet.

Contact us to learn how to set up Google parental controls and rules for your kids’ online activities.

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