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How to spy on iPhone 7, 7 plus without jailbreak

How to spy on iPhone 7, 7 plus without jailbreak

Giving a teen the iPhone 7 or 7 plus, many parents worry that it can be simply misused, due to the variety of existing features and inability to monitor them. A lot of parents worry that they cannot spy on their kids without jailbreak. For this reason, they are looking for reliable spy app to track their kid`s iPhone 7 or 7 plus activities without jailbreak.

What is jailbreak?

It is a method that breaks the original settings and allows to install apps not only from the App Store, but from the other sources too. But not all parents have an access to their kid`s phone. So what should they do? There is a solution – mSpy no-jailbreak solution.

How to spy on iPhone 7 and 7 plus without jailbreak?

The only one spy app that currently available for iPhone 7, iPhone 8 and iPhone X spy is mSpy. mSpy parental control app provides an impressive number of features for further monitoring, including photos, videos, phone calls, GPS location, and instant messengers (Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Kik, etc.), text messages and much more.

mSpy spy app for iPhone 7 is so powerful that it allows to keep track on kid`s online activities and check them remotely. But one of the most impressive benefits is that an iPhone 7 spy app without jailbreak.

It can be installed without any access to the target phone. Only what you need is to have Apple credentials (login and password) of the target iPhone 7. With great number of features that mSpy no-jailbreak solution provides their users, you can forget about worries and always be aware what a kid is up to online. For this reason, all features are useful and helpful.

What mSpy features are available for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus spy?

With mSpy no-jailbreak solution you will get access to such features:

  • Contacts: allows easily monitor phone contacts and keep track of the new ones.
  • SMS: allows reading sent, received and deleted text messages.
  • iMessages: provides access to all sent and received iMessages;
  • Call Registration: allows to monitor call logs including incoming and outgoing calls, durability and timestamps.
  • Browser History (Safari): allows monitoring Browser history as well as the URLs that have been visited to prevent unwanted activities or adult sites visiting.
  • Calendar: allows tracking all target phone events.
  • Installed apps: allows to monitor all installed apps on the target iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 plus and block unwanted ones if needed.
  • Wi-Fi networks: allows discovering your kid`s location by tracking the Wi-Fi hotspots their phone is connected with.
  • WhatsApp (texts): Provides access to all sent and received WhatsApp conversations.

Note! WhatsApp tracker is available only in a Premium package.

How does it work?

Step 1. Get Credentials – You need to get the iCloud login and password of the target device to spy iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus without jailbreak. Make sure the iCloud backup is activated on the device as well. On the contrary, physical access will be needed.

Step 2. Choose features – Choose the number of features you want to have access while spying the target iOS device.

Step 3. Start Monitoring – Once the setting up process is completed, you may start monitoring the target device. You just need to log into your Control Panel.

mSpy no-jailbreak is a reliable solution for those parents who want to stay on the top of their kids’ phone activities and don`t have access to their kids’ device or don’t want to be caught red-handed.

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