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The difference between spying and monitoring

The difference between spying and monitoring

If you type “how to spy on WhatsApp”, you’ll definitely find many ways to do it. But first make sure it won’t bring any damage because spying is illegal and unethical, whereas monitoring is allowable and even reasonable. Let’s find out the difference between both and understand why monitoring is far better than spying.

According to Google Analytics, for some personal reasons people are used to asking “how to spy on WhatsApp messages without target phone”. This is why we’re going to refer to WhatsApp messenger as an example.

Why might Whatsapp be attractive for spy purposes?

This messenger is widely used for chatting. It allows to view messages and shared media files. Obviously, it might be interesting to spy on somebody’s photos and videos shared with third parties. This translates a lot about relationships with that party. mSpy parental control app does not recommend this since this kind of info is private and is not provided with the prior consent of the target person.

We recommend parents to use a parental control app for monitoring purposes. Thus, we call for having a conversation with your child to set up a monitoring policy that will help them prevent the most common online dangers like sexting, cyberbullying, contacting online predators.

What is the difference between spying and monitoring?


  • Spying is held without the target person’s awareness. People don’t know they are being spied on. This violates the person’s rights to privacy. Thus, to spy on WhatsApp messages might be deemed as privacy violation if you didn’t get the relevant permission.
  • Spying is often used for negative purposes like reaching people who in the other circumstances would never meet them in real life, getting some financial information, etc.
  • Spying is illegal. It’s forbidden by the law in the USA and many European countries. Thus, to spy on somebody’s Android or iPhone WhatsApp is not permitted.
  • Spying ruins reputation and relationships. Once discovered that you spy WhatsApp on Android, it would be hard to restore trust. The spying person can lose respect once all people around get to know about the case.


The Law allows monitoring since it brings many benefits like accidents prevention, policies and regulations initiatives, etc.

mSpy parental control app serves as a monitoring tool to prevent online dangers and take measures if a child got into trouble. For example, if your kid shares photos with naked body parts via WhatsApp, it might be deemed as an explicit porn material and ruin your child’s reputation. mSpy can help you identify in time the arising problem.

    Monitoring is a sort of supervising with the prior consent of the monitored party. It’s limited and cannot be used to hunt personal information. Moreover, for its divulgation for own purposes.

First, since a parent is the owner of the device, they have the right to check its usage. Second, a child agreed that a parent could monitor some apps, social media or sites in order to prevent or to protect. The data shared on the Internet becomes a public one. That’s why there’s a strong urge to check the child’s online activity. It concerns the whole family.

  • Monitoring’s primary aim is to protect. Kids might contact online predators who hide beyond fake social media profiles and draw kids to meet in person. First, they contact via social media and then ask for the contact number and lead to chatting via messengers like WhatsApp and Viber.

Cyberbullying and participation in secret groups which spread dangerous activities are other problems which might be identified in time by monitoring the child’s chatting via WhatsApp or Facebook messengers.

  • Monitoring builds relationships of trust. Parents and kids agree to cooperate: a child sticks with the rules of the device and Internet usage and a parent monitors it.To spy on your wife or husband’s iPhone WhatsApp is not a good idea since it may ruin your relationships to the ground.

Why is monitoring far better than spying?

Monitoring is better than spying because it’s clear and legal. Thus, a monitoring person gets not just the prior permission but also a sort of legal right to do it.

Parents of children who died because of the participation in the Blue Whale Game would have recommended parental control app’s monitoring features. They allow to track the children’s active participation in it and the chats with the Game’s agents recruiting victims throughout the web.

Is mSpy parental control app designed to spy or monitor?

mSpy parental control software was tailored for monitoring purposes to meet the need of parents to protect their kid online. Its mission is to raise parents’ awareness about real Internet dangers and provide a tangible solution to them.  This makes mSpy a stronghold on the monitoring market.

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