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How to Track Android Device without Rooting Cell Phone?

Android devices are used majorly by the people worldwide and the major reason for this fact is that their OS is user friendly and multi-functional. Android devices need to be tracked for many reasons. It could be the case of monitoring your son/daughter or employees. The purpose behind monitoring is to get whole information about the Android device usage and know the activities of an individual without missing out anything.

How to Track Android Device?

Android devices can be tracked with ‘Android Tracking Software’ installed on it. This mobile tracking is legal and doesn’t involve any kind of lawful complications. You can even install it on the target device without letting the user know about it. The main aim behind tracking anyone is to know about their real time activities. You can search out for the best tracking software applications online to monitor anyone’s mobile in a hidden way. It will give you call logs, text message logs, IM logs, and internet browsing history. Plus, you may browse WhatsApp messages, view all Facebook data, see Snapchat information and other IM chats and calls, key logs, email tracking and much more.

What Is Rooting and What Function Does it Perform?

Rooting an Android device means getting ALL permissions and rights for the Android software. It can facilitate the user to download customized software mainly to perform hacking activities on the Android phone. If it is compared with iPhone, it is somewhat equivalent to jailbreaking process. The word ‘Root’ is taken from Unix/Linux OS and it can help in modification of software codes on the device.

The main purpose behind rooting the device is to install mobile tracking software on it. You can easily carry forward mobile solutions with rooting and get access to any device without letting the user know about it. It is indeed the best way to track anyone without even letting them know about it. The main reason for monitoring is that the user will carry forward their regular activities and there can be nothing hidden from you when you are tracking the device.

Android Tracking without Rooting is Possible with mSpy

mSpy is the only software available giving Android tracking without rooting and iPhone monitoring without jailbreaking. This is really an exclusive feature designed for smartphones to begin the tracking process without the need of any perquisites. You can get all the activities tracked without even giving a hint to the mobile owner. It is actually the best way to monitor your child, employee or anyone requiring your supervision.

How to Download & Use mSpy?

Step 1: Buy and Download mSpy

mSpy basic/premium package can be purchased from the website
There are different plans designed for various usages. You can easily buy any subscription plan with easy & secured payment methods and get an ID to be filled on the target device to begin tracking process. You can check out for the most suitable plan according to your requirements and begin monitoring without any delay.

Step 2: Insert ID

You will require authorized physical access to the target device for downloading the app. It is required only to insert the ID provided by mSpy and once it is done, mobile monitoring will begin. The user will be never prompted with any message regarding mSpy on their mobile.

Step 3: View Activities Remotely

You will get access to control panel with the details provided by mSpy and it will enable you to get track of all the activities at any remote location using your personal devices. You can get all the activities tracked without missing out anything. Remote tracking of call logs, text messages, IM conversations, GPS tracking and much more is available with remote access options. You can view control panel by logging from your own PC, laptop, mobile phone or iDevice.

Which Android Devices are Supported?

mSpy supports all the latest and popular Android handsets. It is required that the target device has Android 4+ running on it and it should be connected to Internet always. All the information will be transmitted to your control panel by mobile internet or Wi-Fi connection (whichever is running on the mobile). Installation of mSpy is simple and requires authorized physical access to the device for proper installation. These features work only for rooted Android devices.

Android version determination:

  • Open menu and click on System Settings
  • Scroll down and select About Phone option
  • Android version shows OS version of the device

Choose the Best for Mobile Tracking

Mobile monitoring with mSpy gives all the information about any Android handset or iDevice without any discrepancy. It is number 1 software for all the devices and keeps children safe from bullying or illegal activities and employees efficient to utilize their work time completely on doing work. 24/7 customer care support is provided by the company, which can be used in case of any discrepancy.

mSpy has millions of users globally and the number is increasing every day with enhanced popularity and satisfied user base. You need to be smart parents to keep track of your child’s activities for their safety. Being an employer, mSpy is helpful in keeping the company information safe and increasing workers’ productivity. mSpy can be installed on mobile devices or computers, as per the need of the user. You can view the demo online to see how the software works. The rates are competitive and the features provided are relevant to the given pricing of packages.

You can be a smart buyer and get basic or premium package according to your need. Prices are available for monthly, quarterly, half yearly and yearly modes and you can choose the most appropriate package for your monitoring needs. Choose mSpy and start tracking the device today for getting all information about the target user.

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February 20, 2016 6:57 am

can i able to track facebook messenger without rooting.

Nathan Davidson
Nathan Davidson
April 7, 2017 9:08 pm

I need to find my misses and i have no access to her phone at all what do i do

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