HP in Smartphone Business: Myth or Reality?

  Computer giant Hewlett Packard (HP) have announced that they will be re-joining the world of mobile computing due to the fact that much of the world is turning towards mobile systems as one of the main sources of Information Technology. HP’s CEO Meg Whitman advised that there are users all over the world that will probably never own a desktop computer, laptop, or even a tablet, and as a result, it is important that HP becomes immersed in the mobile sector of the industry.

  Whitman noted that HP is looking to cover as many facets of computing as possible and getting back into mobile computing is going to be the next step. Nothing is currently set in stone and Whitman also said that HP does not currently have any dates set for the organisation to officially re-join mobile computing.

  When HP announced that they would no longer be building web OS devices, it seemed as if HP was going to be out of the mobile computing game indefinitely. However, after careful review by Whitman and upper management, it was evident that it was in HP’s best interest to pursue mobile development.

  Entering the world of mobile development and computing will be a steep hill for HP as they will have to compete with companies that have many years in the field, and it will be quite a task to persuade users to use HP devices after using other companies’ devices for so long. That being said, HP already has a large impact on technology users worldwide, so they will be able to utilise this to benefit their entry to mobile computing.

  HP has built a significant empire in the domain of desktop and laptop computers, but only time will tell in regards to how well they will compete with the current mobile computing giants, particularly Google, Apple, Microsoft, and RIM.

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