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Hundreds Of Teens All Over The World Are Forced To Commit Suicide In The New Online Game!

There’s a chilling new trend on social media that’s leaving hundreds of teens dead, and their parents desperate for answers…and it’s spreading like wildfire. Online death groups — the most popular one is known as “Blue Whales” — are springing up in new parts of the world every day. There are currently over 1,500 of these suicide groups active online. Authorities are aware of the groups and work vigorously to shut them down, but they continue to find new ones every day — each time a group is banned, a new one springs up in its place. Blue Whale challenge has been recently featured on TV as well: Here’s how death groups work: attractive, young-adult “mentors” seek out vulnerable teenagers on social media and invite them to an exclusive, “invite-only” group, promising lifelong membership. Teenagers — easily influenced and eager to be accepted — happily join these groups. Once their in, they quickly become targets for the mentors. These so-called “mentors” are cruel. They psychologically torture the teen members, calling them fat, ugly, worthless, a waste of life — but also promise that the teens will be accepted and glorified in another life.

They challenge the members to complete various self-injurious tasks until they are finally pushed to commit suicide.

It’s sickening…but it gets worse. The teens take photos of themselves committing these acts — suicide included — and the photos are glorified, traded, and purchased within the groups. The one thing these tragic stories have in common? Clueless parents are left to retrace their steps and pick up the pieces, wondering what was happening behind the screen that led their child to take their own life.   These teens were in deep — way beyond the point of asking for help from their parents. Don’t leave it up to your child to come to you with a problem like this.

Let mSpy help you keep them safe.

mSpy is state-of-the-art online tracking software that secretly monitors activity on any device where it’s installed. mSpy can track: ● Social media activity — group invites, private messages, group messages, friend requests, and search history ● Incoming/outgoing text messages and emails ● Call history ● GPS location ● Internet search history ● Photos taken with or downloaded to the device Don’t wait until it’s too late to ask your teen how they’re doing or what they’re up to. Stay on top of their activity with mSpy — so you can ask the right questions at the right time.

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