Ideal Platform for Long-Term Growth

iOS has long been the leading platform for apps developers, with excellent advances such as the iTunes app store. However, recently there have been many changes, and Google’s Android is becoming a leading contender. Worldwide, Android has overtaken iOS and is now considered the best for long-term growth.

There are two main factors when considering the best platform to use for apps. These are which is easier to work on and which platform will bring the biggest benefits. Although some people have found the Android to be challenging to work on, others have noted that it can be easier to navigate.

As more people are refusing to purchase apps, the Android continues to be the leading platform to develop further. This is why it is seen as the better option for long term investments and applications, especially as the Android begins to dominate the market.

With smartphones beginning to reach their peak and penetration reaching an all time high the battle for the mobile platform domination is heating up in the Middle East. Over one million Android devices are activated every day, and the developments of the 3G and 4G networks are exciting. However, there are also plenty of cheap Android phones on the market.

As developments continue the market is being built to create a bigger and better platform for everyone to use on a daily basis. Both Facebook and Whatsapp used this philosophy to build their brands, and both are incredibly successful. They focused on Android users that were paying high fees for their messages, and soon became a prominent player in the social media circus.

Another app that was launched first on Android was Life360, which has grown and developed steadily. This app is used to track family members and friends through their phones, and alerts and messages can be sent when a child reaches their destination. As more parents have to leave their children to be independent at a younger age this app is beneficial and allows children to have freedom.

Although you can get this app on the iOS, if it had not been launched on the Android, and became such a massive success, it may never have reached those consumers. Apple remains a decent option when looking for a platform for specific apps; however, as an all-rounder the Android wins hands down every time.

Android remains the ideal platform for focusing on generating revenue, and working on the bigger picture, which has to be an issue. You may want to try both systems, however, the Android has slowly taken over the market place, and you will want to be part of this future. So, Apple and Android: “Who’s the King?”

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