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iKeyMonitor App Review 2019: Features And Compatibility

iKeyMonitor App Review: Features And Compatibility

What is iKeyMonitor?

iKeyMonitor is a parental control software released by Awosoft Technology Company in 2012. The company develops monitoring software for both mobile phones and personal computers.

Awosoft Technology creates different products, which assist users in managing and controlling their device more. Now the company offers four products, and iKeyMonitor is one of them.

iKeyMonitor is an app designed especially for digital parents. It records keystrokes, monitors activity within mobile applications and transmits the collected data to the Cloud Panel.

While the concept of the application is clear, many parents don’t know what digital parenting means. Digital parent is the person that uses technology on an everyday basis. Digital parenting involves balancing the technology in a child’s life.

Not only digital parents are tech-savvy, but they also know how to monitor online activity of their kid. Some of them use parental controls like iKeyMonitor to stay updated on everything they children share online.

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Products: iKeyMonitor Phone Monitoring

iKeyMonitor is the parental control software from Awosoft Technology. The spy app is compatible with iOS and Android running devices. The product can work on both rooted and unrooted Android devices. Jailbreak also isn’t necessary for iPhones and iPads.

The iKeyMonitor application starts working right after the installation. Users can disable some of the features to minimize data usage. Visit your Cloud Panel to customize the settings of the app.

Is there a necessity for parents to use a spy app? It’s difficult for children to imagine the day without our smartphones. It may seem strange, but kids depend on their cell phones even more than adults. We have lived without these devices and know how to handle everyday tasks even when your phone is off.

Kids, on the other hand, can’t eat lunch without sharing it on Instagram. You may say it’s okay, as you can observe what your child is doing reading the posts on Facebook and watching Snapchat stories. But you can’t check their texts and contacts list without a special app. What if they share private information with a stranger? Or receive intrusive calls from someone?

That’s where parental control software such as iKeyMonitor comes in handy. With the help of such a simple tool, you can create a better online environment for your kid. Spy app is not even a necessity. It is a must-have app for modern parents.

Products: Easemon Employee Monitor for Windows/Mac

Easemon is another software developed by Awosoft Technology. Easemon is the helpful solution for modern employers and business owners. The software is created for Mac and Windows running computers.

Easemon keeps the employer up-to-date with the staff’s online activity. The software tracks the devices of employees and detect:

  • Keystrokes – Easemon copies every word and phrase the person types on the computer. You will see what your employees are googling at work.
  • Application usage – The software will examine the employee’s computer for the application most used. The report on the usage of the apps will be converted to PDF document.
  • Chat logs – Most of the people prefer using instant messaging systems for communication. Check chats of your co-worker to find out what things they share.
  • Browser history – Easemon also informs you about sites employee visits instead of doing work. The software records the history in Safari, Google Chrome, and FireFox browsers.

The Easemon software can help the business owners control the sensitive information exposure. One can also manage the work hours and increase productivity in the workplace.
Is it legal to monitor employee’s devices with Easemon? It is legal to use Easemon as soon as you inform the people they are monitored. Note that only company-owned devices can be tracked legally.

Products: Aobo Internet Filter for Mac

Aobo is the filtering software designed for Mac computers. The software works as a blocking tool: it restricts the access to specific websites and programs. Aobo creates safe environment on your computer by blocking all sources of inappropriate or dangerous content.
The software begins working as soon as Mac is started. Aobo limits the access to URL’s, which are added to the blacklist. You can customize the settings any time. The filtering software will synchronize the settings for all user account on the computer.
Aobo eliminates children’s exposure to dangerous content by blocking:

  • Porn sites – Add porn sites to the blacklist to prohibit your child from watching inappropriate materials. Aobo will restrict the browser from loading the blacklisted website.
  • Games – The Aobo filter limits computer gaming. Add file of the game to the blacklist and user won’t be able to launch it.
  • Gambling software – The filter will block the installed gambling software on the Mac. With Aobo you will prevent underage gambling addiction.

The good thing is Aobo works in a stealth mode. The user won’t be able to check the white or blacklist of websites and change the settings of the filtering software.

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Products: iLostFinder iPhone/iPad Anti-theft

iLostFinder is the application created especially for iPhone and iPad owners. The app works as an anti-theft tool. It takes the photo of the thief once the passcode entered is wrong. The picture will be immediately sent to your e-mail.

iLostFinder turns the alarm sound on when the certain activity is performed on the stolen device. The alarm goes in such cases:

  • Power off – Instead of turning off the iPhone the iLostFinder app will enable loud alarm sound.
  • SIM card pulled off – When the thief tries to pull off the SIM card from your iPhone, the app will let the surroundings know it.
  • Airplane mode – The app will prevent the attempt to enable the airplane mode on the device.
  • Turn off the Internet – The stolen device won’t be disconnected from the Internet as the alarm goes on.
  • Wrong passcode – The iLostFinder will trigger the alarm if someone enters the wrong passcode.

The iLostFinder app prevents the thief or someone who finds your phone from accessing your private data. Install the app on your child’s iPhone to protect sensitive information the device may contain.

Features: SMS

SMS spy feature from iKeyMonitor is compatible with both Android and iOS running devices. iKeyMonitor reviews the messaging history to extract details of sent and received text messages. Although the iKeyMonitor app provides the full overview of texts exchanged between users, this feature is considered an invasion of privacy by many people.

Responsible monitoring – is it possible? The question whether the parents allowed to spy on texts of their children remains open. There plenty of answers and they all are different.

Supporters of privacy will tell you that there is no reason the parent should monitor kid’s messages. Others think monitoring is possible if it is based on consent and respect of both sides.

But parental controls didn’t appear for no reason. With the rise of the technology world, many children start preferring online communication over the real one. The development of the tech industry also promotes the use of smartphones and other modern devices. All the changes logically lead to release of parental control apps. Investing in parental controls became a regular thing. But unfortunately, the opinion that monitoring your child’s phone is rather a necessity than the invasion of privacy isn’t popular among users.

When kids are exposed to inappropriate material online, there should be no consideration. Parents are responsible for what their kids face on the Internet. So it’s better to check online activity with iKeyMonitor than being unaware of what your child deals with.

Features: WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the platform, which keeps people connected to each other featuring simple instant messaging system. Not surprisingly, WhatsApp is so popular among kids.

iKeyMonitor allows you to monitor any WhatsApp account and read the messages the person receives. The software examines your kid’s WhatsApp account to reveal:

  • Keystrokes – IKeyMonitor records all the words and phrases entered in WhatsApp by a particular user.
  • Screenshots – The software captures screenshots depicting WhatsApp activity.
  • Photos attached – Review pictures added to each message. They will be stored in your iKeyMonitor Cloud Panel.
  • Voice recordings – iKeyMonitor doesn’t only monitors text messages. When there is a voice message sent or received, the software will record it and store in Cloud Panel.

Note that you can monitor WhatsApp account only if your kid’s iPhone is jailbroken. You should also provide iCloud credentials. Root access is necessary for Android running device.

Features: WeChat

Who could predict that the WeChat app would grow to 1 billion active users? This app, developed by a Chinese conglomerate, is widely used now. WeChat is often called a “super app” because it covers a broad set of platforms and features.

iKeyMonitor doesn’t leave WeChat aside: the software provides users with an extensive overview of WeChat activity.

With all its popularity, WeChat can be a dangerous place for kids. Some children use WeChat not only to communicate but to bully and harass other kids. They send threatening messages, inappropriate materials and even can influence the behavior of your kid.

How to detect bullying in WeChat? Many researchers claim bullies decide to bully not because they feel insecure. They bully others because they think nobody notices it. It is truth: if there is no evidence, no one will suspect the kid is a bully.

The things are even more complicated with cyberbullying. It is easy to cover the tracks of bullying on social networks and in messengers.

Sometimes bullying covers more complex issues like fear or even hurt. Children concentrate on creating a fake positive image of themselves and hide their true feelings inside. And to prove their phony strength, they harass those who are weaker.

Cyberbullying isolates both the bully and the child who is bullied. They live in their own world avoiding close contact with other kids. Though, they may share their feelings in online chats.

You can’t stop cyberbullying once and forever. But prevention plays the significant role in creating the safe environment for growth and development of your child.
If you suspect your kid is bullied online here is what you can do:

  1. Build trust – You have to be your kid’s best friend. Discover their true personalities by finding out what your kid loves doing in free time and what kids they befriended in school. Look through their contacts list in WeChat with the help of iKeyMonitor.

    Arrange evening talks where both, you and your child, would share the news and tell how was today different than yesterday.

  2. Develop an anti-bullying approach – You should teach your kid how to deal with bullies. But not only bullies can make your child feel unsafe and depressed. Toxic people are around us, and you don’t know when your kid meets one. Try to develop a practical approach to help your kid deal with everyday stress and nasty behavior of other people.

    Assure your child is not afraid to stand up for themself in any situation.

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Features: Facebook

If you have a Facebook account, you already can find some information about your kid’s online environment. You can see the photos your child is tagged in and read their posts. But sometimes it is not enough. You can’t have a full overview of Facebook activity just by checking your child’s account once in a while.

With a tool, like iKeyMonitor, you can discover more of your kid’s activity. What information does iKeyMonitor capture on Facebook?

  • Keystrokes – The app reflects the keystrokes entered by a user. You can find out login credentials and other details the user types when using Facebook.
  • Private messages – Keystrokes tracker from iKeyMonitor also works with private messages. Not only it stores all text messages the user sends, but also provide details on texts received.
  • Screenshots – The software is customized to take screenshots on Facebook chats. The iKeyMonitor app will make screenshots demonstrating the current activity of a Facebook user.
  • Other details – iKeyMonitor doesn’t overlook other essential details like time and date where the activity is made. You will know what time exactly the message was sent by the user.

Make sure the device you intend to monitor is jailbroken if it’s iPhone/iPad or rooted if it runs Android OS. Otherwise, the app won’t be able to track Facebook activity.

Features: Skype

iKeyMonitor also provides a summary of the Skype activity of the particular user. The app monitors all the Skype logs and takes screenshots regularly.

Although messengers continue conquering the market, the choice of application depends on the personal preferences of a user. Skype has many active users, though it is as popular as Snapchat among teens. What are the most widely used apps by children nowadays?

  • GroupMe – This application doesn’t have any limits when it comes to online communication. Although, GroupMe is not a very appropriate app for young children. It contains adult gifs, which are why it’s better to check your kid’s phone for GroupMe app.
  • Kik Messenger – Kik is a great app to communicate for free. The app makes it possible to reach any person you want to immediately. And this can be a bad thing for children, who are frequently contacted by strangers.
  • Snapchat – Snapchat is one of the best ways to share photos and videos with your friends. The app features snaps, which are automatically deleted within 10 seconds. The feature leaves no evidence of what the user sends or receives. This makes it difficult to detect cyberbullying in Snapchat.

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Features: Line

Line messenger is a convenient way to stay updated on your friends’ activity. Line smartly combines text messaging and voice and video calls.

iKeyMonitor provides access to Line messengers for all users. The tool tracks keystrokes to present you the comprehensive report on Line activity of your child.

Features: Kik

There is no kid who never heard about Kik. In fact, almost half of American teens have Kik accounts nowadays. Why is Kik messenger so popular? The reason may be that Kik doesn’t require phone verification to get started. It is easy in use and takes just a minute to register an account.

Monitoring Kik account is not only helpful for parents but also business owners. If you are worried about data leaks, consider checking your employees’ Kik with iKeyMonitor. You can read personal messages and see what photos and video are exchanged in chats.

Note that your company needs to own the devices used by employees. Monitoring someone’s Kik account on a private device is illegal.

Features: Viber

Viber is a convenient way to stay in touch with someone. With the introduction of instant voice and video messaging, Viber became the fastest way to share the highlights of your day with friends.

Viber doesn’t store your messages, or content exchanged in an app on servers. They employ encrypted code to ensure safe messaging for every user.

iKeyMonitor, though, does provide access to someone’s Viber account. The application copies all the Viber activity to your panel.

Is it possible to monitor employee’s Viber activity? Yes, iKeyMonitor meets the expectations of employers allowing access to Viber accounts of their employees. You can prevent data leaks and check whether your co-workers don’t procrastinate in Viber all the day.

Features: Hangouts

Hangouts monitoring provides you with extensive overview of texts your child receives. You can check the phone number of a person who sends messages and find out when the texts are received and sent.

Hangouts group conversations can also be reviewed with the help of iKeyMonitor.

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Features: QQ

QQ messenger is one of the most popular messaging services in China. QQ is directly connected to the QQ zone, where personal information, as well as photos and videos, is stored. iKeyMonitor examines QQ account of any person to reveal interesting data and compelling facts. The app will record voice messages and present them in your online panel.

Features: IMO

Initially, IMO was an app, which combined various social networks and chatting applications. But, since 2014, IMO became an independent instant messaging application. IMO covers the features of all standard messaging tools – it offers media sharing and voice/video calling.

IMO chat has more 100 million active users now. Maybe your kid is using IMO too? If you don’t know for sure, you can check it with iKeyMonitor.

Other Features Of iKeyMonitor

iKeyMonitor covers a wide range of spying options. The app can be perfect parental solution. But employers may also greatly benefit from iKeyMonitor features. What does other monitoring options the app provide?

  • Features: Instagram – Firstly, created a photo sharing service, now Instagram offers various other services like chatting in direct messages and broadcasting.

    Do you want to see what your kid likes on Instagram? iKeyMonitor will provide with such opportunity transmitting all the Instagram activity to your panel.

  • Features: Snapchat – Snapchat makes communication between people utmost private by deleting the snaps from messaging history. This makes it difficult to find out what your child texted to a friend the other day. How to monitor snaps if they are available only for a short time? iKeyMonitor works in real time. It stores the received snap before it is deleted. So you will get the full overview of someone’s Snapchat activity.
  • Features: Tinder – Known as a hookup app, Tinder may be not the best application for your kid. Every time the user swipes up the communication with the match begins. Do you want to protect your child from toxic relationship? Check their Tinder with iKeyMonitor.
  • Features: BBM – BBM chat is another way to stay updated on the world’s events. BBM features a control timer, which determines for how long a person can read your messages and view the exchanged media. iKeyMonitor can track all the data sent and received, even if it is no longer available in the BBM chat.
  • Features: Hike – Hike is a chatting service, which offers instant messaging and VoIP services. Privacy is ensured by Hike ID, which was introduced in January, this year. Can Hike ID prevent iKeyMonitor from recording activity? No, the iKeyMonitor app overcomes restrictions to transmits messages exchanged between users to your panel.

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Comprehensive Tracking Features

iKeyMonitor grasps user’s activity on almost all instant messaging apps available on the market. But someone’s phone may contain many more interesting details. Like phone calls.
Do you think you know who calls your kid? It’s not a secret that predators frequently contact young children over the phone. They seem friendly, and kids get tricked by their pleasant voice. And often, children cannot distinguish between good and evil people.

That’s why parents always have to be on the alert for strangers who call their kids. Comprehensive tracking features from iKeyMonitor will help you ensure the safety of your child.

    Parental control tool saves call duration and other relevant information. You can find out what phone numbers are most dialed on the device.
  • COMPREHENSIVE TRACKING FEATURES: Call Recording – The application records all calls regardless of their duration. You can listen to recordings online at any time.
  • COMPREHENSIVE TRACKING FEATURES:SMS Text Messages – iKeyMonitor collects all details about text messages exchanged on the device. Voice messages are also stored in your panel.
  • COMPREHENSIVE TRACKING FEATURES: Keystrokes – Built-in keylogger saves keystrokes entered on the device. Keylogger doesn’t omit pasted text, be it URL or e-mail address.
  • COMPREHENSIVE TRACKING FEATURES: Clipboard – The app will track copied and pasted information to inform you in case the kid deals with inappropriate content.

As you may already have guessed, the most effective tool featured by iKeyMonitor is the keylogger. It detects all keystrokes no matter in what application they are made. The following features are also helpful for full activity monitoring.

  • COMPREHENSIVE TRACKING FEATURES: Websites Visited – Browser history will be demonstrated in your iKeyMonitor panel as well. The bookmarks list will also be available.
  • COMPREHENSIVE TRACKING FEATURES: Take Screenshots – iKeyMonitor takes screenshots as proof when the alert phrases are typed. The app can take screenshots at an interval if you set it.
  • COMPREHENSIVE TRACKING FEATURES: GPS Tracking – The app saves GPS coordinates to inform you about your kid’s location. Set the update interval to get location details regularly.
  • COMPREHENSIVE TRACKING FEATURES: Geo-fencing – The application notifies you every time your kid or employee leaves the predefined zone. The alerts will be sent to your e-mail.

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Multimedia Monitoring Features

Smartphone is where all the notes, photos and other evidence of everyday life is stored.
Are parents responsible for the content of their kid’s phones? This question may be controversial. Of course, no parent can predict what picture their child downloads from the Internet. Though, it is every mother’s and father’s task to ensure their kid is not exposed to anything inappropriate.

Reviewing photo gallery on their device is not always a right thing to do. But what if your child stores inappropriate material? It’s better to check whether it’s true or not than allow your kid to make wrong choices.

iKeyMonitor features media monitoring options to help you get a broad understanding of your kid’s activity.

  • Multimedia: Pictures and Photos – The monitoring app will show you all pictures, including screenshots, stored in the gallery of your kid.
  • Multimedia: Video Profiles – iKeyMonitor keeps track of videos recorded on the device. You will also get access to videos downloaded and stored in the gallery.
  • Multimedia: Voice Messages – The app records voice messages sent and received. The recordings will be available in your panel.
  • Multimedia: Phone Surroundings -iKeyMonitor secretly records the surrounding noises. You can activate the feature remotely.

Phone Control

With the variety of mobile phone, application kids get distracted easily. Procrastination is a well-known problem for almost every child. The more free time they have, the most likely are they to waste it playing mobile games and chatting in messengers. What can parents do to help children manage their time wisely?

  • Create a priority list – Children have different priorities than adults. They would play video games right after the lessons are finished. But the task of every parent is to teach kid how to spend free time productively.

    Set priority list where the first ‘to-dos’ will be to learning that poem or cleaning the room. Only after essential tasks are done, allow your child to watch television or do anything else they prefer.

  • Break things into small tasks – Be concise and clear when you want your kid to do something. Don’t ask just to do the homework. Instead tell them they should complete the test, write an essay or read the abstract.

    By breaking large tasks into small actions, you will teach your kid how to deal with every problem and be productive for a long time.

  • Set deadlines – Many to-dos are often not done timely because there are no clear deadlines. Set deadlines for each task your child has to complete. And remember to praise the kid when the task is finished in time.

iKeyMonitor may also help your kid beat procrastination. With these features, you can control the device of your child.

  • PHONE CONTROL: App Blocker – With iKeyMonitor you can limit app usage on the device of your kid. Block specific games, and your child won’t be able to open these applications.
  • PHONE CONTROL: Screen Time Limit – Screen time limit helps you prevent your kid from spending too much time online. You can set daily maximum use time or block the access to the device during the specified period.

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DISCREET & SECURE: Discreet & Tamper Proof Monitoring

Can your kid uninstall iKeyMonitor? Thanks to the discreet system no one can uninstall the application without password and access code. Even if the user finds out the access code, you can change it immediately to prevent access to the iKeyMonitor application.

Easy Remote Control

Do one has to possess strong technical skills to use iKeyMonitor? iKeyMonitor is a very user-friendly application. It requires minimum effort to get started. The app is controlled remotely minimizing your physical access to the target device.

  • EASY REMOTE CONTROL: Multi-Language Support – iKeyMonitor customer support staff is multi-lingual. You don’t have to worry if English isn’t your native language.
  • EASY REMOTE CONTROL: Send Logs via Email – Set up the app to send you regular updates on someone’s activity. The logs will be sent to your e-mail.
  • EASY REMOTE CONTROL: Upload Logs to FTP – The application will upload recorded logs to FTP for you to check them quickly. Mind that this feature is only available for jailbroken devices.
  • EASY REMOTE CONTROL: View Logs Online – Check collected information in iKeyMonitor Online Server. Use advanced search to look for specific logs.
  • EASY REMOTE CONTROL: Remote Tracking – It is possible to monitor someone’s device distantly with iKeyMonitor. You can view all the logs in one place.
  • EASY REMOTE CONTROL: LAN (WiFi) access – View the collected information from your own phone using same Wi-Fi connection as the target device.

Phone Info

For extensive overview of your employee’s activity, you need to check all the phone information.

  • Do you want to ensure your colleague goes to that meeting? Examine their calendar.
  • Do you want to check what e-mails your employees receive? Check their inbox.
  • Do you want to ensure employees not wasting time online? Find out when they connect their phones to network at work. Some iKeyMonitor features may help you to resolve these issues.
  • Phone info: Notes/Memos/Reminders – iKeyMonitor provides the full reflection of someone’s notes, memos, and reminders. You can find out about plans your co-workers have made.
  • Phone info: Calendar – Access Calendar activities of a user with iKeyMonitor. You can view all the events planned remotely.
  • Phone info: Email Content Entered – The application takes screenshots when the person types an e-mail or receives one. Date and time stamps are also available.
  • Phone info: Contacts – iKeyMonitor saves contacts list and presents it in your online panel. Phone numbers and e-mail addresses are included.
  • Phone info: Wi-Fi History View – The tool also provides Wi-Fi history. Find out when the user connects to the particular network and view the history of connections.
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