InterGuard review 2019: can it be replaced with the mSpy app?

Daniel Black
InterGuard review: can it be replaced with the mSpy app?

How can I protect my business online from data leak or loss? This question overwhelms big bosses due to recent huge cyber attacks which hit corporations worldwide. It reasonably makes them turn to technology as preventive measures. One of them is a monitoring app that allows controlling how data is used within the work community.

What is InterGuard?

It is a monitoring app that allows big bosses to check on employees remotely. It tracks and logs all computer activity, and delivers it to the supervising person. Moreover, it’s not just an online activity that is visible, but every single action on the target device. The developer claims that it rests on three pillars: Record, Report, and Alert.

InterGuard records everything ever performed on a computer. That way, a business owner can track emails, social media, iMessages, program and file use, browsing history, geolocation, and printed material.

Report allows setting customized reports or picking from 30 already existing patterns. They can run by default at a necessary time and be included into a distribution list. It allows ranking employees according to the frequency of their work routines: for example, who is used to sending emails the most or who’s searching on the Internet more than others.

An employer can get reports on a concrete person and see their activity for a certain span. Also, it’s possible to identify some unordinary activity, such as too much downloading, printing, or sending emails. The app provides a well-tailored alert system. It allows creating notifications for websites, keywords, and an odd behavior. A customer gets these alerts whenever they want. This is an Alert pillar.

How does it work?

There are three steps to follow to get started with InterGuard:

  • Step1: A customer may purchase a license or get a Free Trial to make sure it’s a good fit for them. After buying it, they get an account where they will view all monitored data.
  • Step 2: After accessing the account, download the monitoring agents. A distant deployment is accessible for ten and more licenses.
  • Step 3: From now on, all tracked data, logs, and reports are available on a user interface which displays any necessary information.

However, before purchasing the app, it’s desirable to figure out the pricing policy. There are five main services maintained by InterGuard. The cell phone monitoring pricing differs.
The latter depends on the type of data storing – cloud or on-premise.

To get others (computer monitoring, web filtering, data loss prevention, laptop data recovery), it’s necessary to buy licenses. In a nutshell, the payment system is unfathomable and needs the explanation with the staff.

The European and the US legislation green-light monitoring at workplaces. However, it is regulated. Employers have the legitimate right to monitor how the employees use desktops, laptops, servers, and the Internet. It is considered to be the property of the company. Since the company provides the Internet, it has the right to view online activities as well. Usually, employers give a written policy on the fact of monitoring and even suggest signing an agreement.

Furthermore, employers are empowered to check keystrokes, emails, and screens. They cannot check private emails. Other things to supervise are apps’ downloads, docs and files kept on PC, material on a computer screen, the time the device was idle, the number of keystrokes typed per hour.

To prevent the invasion to the privacy and further complaints, business owners should stick to the laws that protect employees’ data. So, an employer cannot monitor the employee’s personal devices and emails.

What makes employers choose InterGuard?

Business owners and execs might be attracted by the app’s promise to deliver all activity an employee ever had on a PC straight to their user account. They believe it will prevent the data loss. The developer asserts that it is different due to the following assets.

There is an opportunity to supervise employees even when they work remotely without the Internet connection. The thing is it’s impossible to deliver the recorded data to the account without an Internet connection for at least once a day. For that time, an employee can erase any misuse of the device.

They say no “network required”. Nowadays, businesses use their own networks among employees to distribute the information inside it. Besides, they incorporate extra features and usages that meet the needs of this particular business.

Lots of corporates enable their employees to access the Internet from inside the company’s network. Some set up Internet content filtering systems to restrict access to specific websites or domains. They lean on the database of Internet domain names, addresses, and content keywords that potentially can violate the company’s policies.

A remote access might be executed via a virtual private network (VPN). With it, an employee can log in to the corporate network easily.

As it’s clearly visible, inside business networks might have their own controlling tools. To insert InterGuard into these networks might be cumbersome since it requires extra work from a provider. The latter will be obliged to work out customized solutions for every single business, which is admittedly impossible.

InterGuard hosts fished data about work activity and different reports on a web-based interface. It actually suggests to store it on the customer’s cloud as well. To make it work with InterGuard Cloud, it’s necessary to download licenses distantly throughout the network and set them up on workstations. For that, a NetDeploy tool is provided. It contains its own infrastructure which is adaptable to corporate needs.

As it was previously stated, the process of the InterGuard’s integration into a particular business network might be complicated due to a large number of local area networks that are supposed to maintain one business. They usually grow into a wide area network if corporations are located in more than one city or country. The WAN is hardly possible to control.

Speaking of the own corporate cloud, InterGuard requires a SQL Server and a Windows one. InterGuard provides an installer to create a database instance specifically for it.
Corporate execs do know that it’s hard to manage and maintain very large databases, not to speak of their synchronizing, recording, and delivering to the third party’s account.
Also, when an employee makes changes to the database objects, the SQL Server itself has troubles to keep it automatically modified and stored for retrieval. The question is can InterGuard track those modifications and deliver them readable if the system itself fails to store them correctly?
Also, the SQL Server “suffers” from the lack of analytics and reporting tools. If it cannot consolidate its own data correctly, meanwhile can Intergard provide the most accurate information that can be helpful and insightful for the employer?

What opportunities do employers have with InterGuard?

Monitoring work operations

The app is designed to monitor computer and cell phone activities. That way, a recruiter can verify what exactly an employee types and views on a target device.

Visited websites are also visible to superiors. They can create a list of allowed sites and get notified when a particular site does not correspond to it.

The same procedure is possible with activities. A monitoring person creates an indicator of an acceptable behavior and gets informed once another person does something odd or indecent.

Emails are the most common way to communicate with colleagues and third parties. So, the app allows monitoring them as well.

Nowadays, companies use instant messages to make the communication with users more customized and friendly. That’s why checking iMessages might be insightful as well. For example, Facebook Messenger is used for the customer support and answers questions on the go. Moreover, the platform allows accepting payments right from the messenger.

File tracking and program using features might be very interesting for business owners. In other words, officially an employee cannot upload or download any nonwork-related file and use the program which doesn’t contribute to achieving corporate goals.

Employees are used to communicating with third parties by mobile. Thus, cell phone monitoring is an integral part of the whole controlling process. The employer can view apps, websites and web searches, call logs, text messages, chatting via WhatsApp and Facebook.
No rooting or jailbreaking is required, if a device runs Android 2.1+ or iOS 8.0+. If it has an earlier Android or iOS version, rooting and jailbreaking is a must. In due turn, it may cause a serious damage to a phone. After rooting or jailbreaking, a phone won’t get updates from Google and Apple as well as other tangible assistance.

Web filtering

However trivial it might sound, but the Internet is everything. Knowing processes is knowing who you’re working with. Thus, checking website history and searches and the frequency of going online can provide so much valuable information.

If a superior disapproves of some activities, they can always block them by categories, by keyword, or by URL.

Data loss prevention

The last decade was paradigm shifting in terms of data safety. How so? Due to multiple notorious cases of the data breach, no business can guarantee a 100% data security to its customers.

So, as to back up this affirmation with supporting evidence, let’s remember the biggest data breaches businesses ever faced. These are Yahoo (3 billion user accounts), eBay (145 million users’ data hacked), Uber (personal information of 57 million users), RSA Security (40 million employee records stolen), etc. At present, business owners, execs pay attention to the way the data is circulating and distributed throughout the network of employees. This is where the monitoring tools come in handy.

InterGuard reports if sensitive data was shared by email or any other way. Data kept on local drives is also available to a monitoring person. Whatever the form of work is – remote or at the office – the app claims to make it visible to a director. Besides getting reports, it’s possible to block those channels of information distribution.

The next feature aka opportunity functions within data loss prevention but needs a separate description.

Laptop data recovery

InterGuard allows pinpointing a lost device thanks to a geolocation feature and accessing remotely a lost laptop. It deletes or copies files and folders. Meanwhile, it’s possible also to record activities on the lost laptop. For example, the app’s user can view emails, keystrokes, iMessages, and screenshots of every operation on PC.

To sum up the features, it’s noteworthy that this kind of control is murky and questions the productivity. Pressure has never been a way to move things forward, especially when it’s about a human factor.

How do I know InterGuard protects my personal data?

At present, the Privacy Policy is not enough to assure a customer that everything will be fine. Is InterGuard better than Facebook regarding the data security system? Meanwhile, InterGuard has no mentions of the GDPR in its legal docs.

The General Data Protection Regulation is a framework of guidelines that define how personal data must be processed, stored, and shared within the European Union. It made lots of businesses realign its data operations with the Regulation.

Since the data protection is king in the light of data monitoring, it would be reasonable to find an app that combines both monitoring features and robust data safety system. This is where the mSpy app stands out.

Why mSpy is better?

The app was created in 2010 as a monitoring software to meet the needs of businesses and parents. It can be used as a parental control app as well as a tracking app. It proved to be trustworthy since it survived multiple cyber attacks and came out as a winner. In 2017, two giant monitoring apps died due to these attacks. It is obvious that providers simply did not take care of security. Meanwhile, mSpy fortified its data security system and joined the list of apps that comply with the GDPR guidelines.

Here are some other reasons to pick mSpy:

  • Its installation and maintenance are easy and doesn’t take too much time;
  • It delivers the most accurate data after their recent modifications;
  • its pricing policy is clear and flexible and customized to 9 payment options;
  • It contains about 30 monitoring features, which delivers the information to a control panel;
  • It doesn’t require rooting and jailbreaking and, thus, doesn’t make users compromise Google and Apple guidelines;
  • Customer support is available 24/7 in 6 languages with mAssistance option.

In overall, the app is a decent alternative to other monitoring apps mostly due to its approach to keeping the customers’ data safe and identifiable thanks to an encryption. It is a reliable assistant to business owners in their endeavors to face data-related challenges.

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