iPhone 6 – News And Rumors

From 50 percent of the 1,016 smartphone customers in the U.S. last September after the launch of iPhone 5s, the number of people looking to buy an iPhone in the next few months has seen a major decrease to only 34 percent, according to Gene Munster, and analyst from Piper Jaffray.
Why is that? Why is there such a dramatic decline in the number of people wanting to buy an iPhone? The answer is quite simple: the iPhone 6.
The Screen:
The main reason for this is because the customers of Apple want a bigger screen phone. Most Android phones of today boast 5 inch screens and Apple’s iPhones are nowhere near to those big full HD displays. According to rumors there will be two iPhones releasing this year, one with a 4.7-inch screen and the other with either a 5.5 or 5.7-inch screen. While the users would love to have a full HD display at their hands, according to insiders Apple is testing a display with a resolution of 1704×960.
The Design:
One of the rumors that seem to be the most likely is that the new iPhone is going to be the thinnest model yet. Another rumor going on about the design comes from MacRumors, who state that Apple has been looking for patents of liquid-metal 3D printing, which suggests the iPhone 6 to have a liquid-metal body. But this seems unlikely as it would increase the cost dramatically for Apple. But even if it’s not liquid-metal, the new iPhone is definitely going to have a more premium metal body.
Many analysts believe that Apple might finally be using NFC in the iPhone 6. Apple has been quiet on this front up till now, unlike Android, but Apple’s partnership with China UnionPay suggests that it might finally be thinking of embracing this technology.
The ‘Health’ application that has already been unveiled by Apple at the WWDC 2014 suggests that the iPhone 6 may have added sensors that monitor the user’s health and environment. This makes sense as the Health app is going to give its users with one centralized view from all the health monitoring applications.
The Camera:
Apple’s purchase of Sony’s camera sensors suggests that the iPhone 6 might finally have a 13-megapixel sensor on board. This goes in tandem with the new photo editing options of iOS 8 as well.
But there are multiple rumors on this front again.
Apple has purchased a new material that is believed to enhance the quality of the light that enters the phone, so it might be possible that Apple uses a sensor more than 10 mega-pixels, but some analysts, and China Post, believe that Apple is going to stick with its current resolution of 8-megapixels.
Wireless Charging:
Another patent suggests the use of wireless charging to be employed by Apple, but it can’t be said whether Apple will use it in the iPhone 6 or wait till the technology gets more mainstream.
The iPhone has always been a strong contender in the smartphone world. While the common interest seems to be shifting towards Android devices, people looking for a premium experience still look towards the iPhone. There will always be rumors before the release of any new device, but Apple knows what it has in store for the customers who have decided not to buy an iPhone just yet, in wait for the release of the iPhone 6 somewhere in the September of this year.


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