At the dawn of computer era, Apple designed their phones to employ their and only their unique software, for the sake of security, control and, of course, exclusive profits. Third party software was an undesirable “bastard kid” in their system, minutely attuned to perform in a flawless way without any invaders. Moreover, they intend to keep things this way even now, after the appearance of so many applications from versatile developers outside Apple’s “Walls&Gates”. The most abhorring thing for Apple is that many of these apps are free.

Jailbreaking presupposes voluntarily choice of another working model: changing the OS with a simple software download.

Jailbreaking is completely free and totally legal; the only thing you’re to bear in mind is the compatibility with the phone’s current model and OS version. But due to the efforts of omnipresent and omnipotent hackers, we get the new jailbreaking version as soon as the new OS appears.

Jailbreaking is reversible, perfectly safe and not technically difficult at all. Contrary to the rumors, updates of the latest versions can be installed without problems.


Nowadays, it’s very convenient to customize your phone and include many add-on features and games. The problem is that you are allowed to download and install only the applications available from the Apple Store.

If you favor freedom and choice, you are welcome to break free. From the jail. Go Jailbreaking!


During jailbreaking process, a program will install an application called Cydia. Cydia is something like a store which gives you access to all the other third party apps available. You can install them as downloads through Cydia.

You have to jailbreak your iPhone at any cost, if you want to install any cell phone spy software programs onto it.


  •  Undertake full backup of your phone. Connect phone to your computer via USB cable.
  • Turn off the phone’s lock password. Beware! Do not use the phone or the PC for anything else during the process.
  •  Download the Jailbreak program to your computer. Mind correct OS version on your phone.
  •  Make sure you have no other programs open on your PC (as well as your phone) and click on the Jailbreak program (.exe file).
  •  Let jailbreaking app run. As soon as Cydia app is installed and updated, jailbreaking’s done.


Unfortunately, after being Jailbroken, the device leaves the Cydia application icon on the home screen. Thus, we cannot say jailbreaking’s totally invisible; and it’s vitally important for the installation of mobile spy software. But lucky as we are, there is a simple way to change the situation. God bless competition among programmers!


You have to open Cydia and find an application called “SBSettings”; then you have to download and install it for free. Its usefulness for our case lies in its ability to hide app icons from the main home screen. Then you have to open SBSettings and select the following string of actions: “settings” – “more” – “hide icons”. You can also hide the SBSettings app icon, if you want to hedge your bets (in case of having extremely tech-savvy kids at home).


The happy end for any detective presupposes the top-notch escape of the protagonist. Let’s hope our favorite iPhone will do it!


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