mSpy iPhone keylogger is a powerful monitoring application for all iOS devices to log keystrokes. It is a pretty decent keylogger for an iPhone. It is considered as the most professional keylogger app that is designed for iPhones, iPods and iPads. Many advanced features are included in this app which runs to monitor device activities, such as what keystrokes people type on their mobile phones, what kind of website they visit frequently and more.

No doubt, there are several keyloggers available in the market but the mSpy iPhone keylogger is the one that stands out among its competitors. There are multiple reasons which make it better than others; the main advantage is that mSpy iPhone keylogger turns a smartphone into a surveillance device. Employees’ suspicious activities could be easily monitored, as well as parents’ concerns about their children can be solved.

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If you are still hesitating to buy the best iPhone keylogger or a keylogger for your iPad, then you must focus on the features rather than the price, because that’s the only way you can get the best.

Most importantly, you need to know exactly what it is your tracking need and what you want to do with a software product such as mSpy. Typically, users employ keylogger app for iPhone or iPad to accomplish the following purposes:

  • Parents want to know about their children, where they go and with whom they communicate when they are at home.
  • Employers want to know about their employees’ usage of the company-issued iPhones, and where they go when they have to go away from the office for official purposes.

When you have an idea of what kind of monitoring demands you have and what you need to do using an iPhone keylogger, you can easily compare mSpy with the various spy software vendors and determine the product that will fit your purpose best.

Why mSpy iPhone Keylogger?

The reason which makes it better than its competitor is how mSpy adds value to its product. There are the following features which are supplied by mSpy along with iPhone keylogger:

  • Simple and perceptive features to install and use
  • The best quality that you get at a low price
  • Top-notch customer support
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Most advanced features as compared to any other spying product

Without any doubt, the reason that makes mSpy the best iPhone keylogger app is its outstanding features.

You will get the following powerful features of the product:

  1. You can monitor SMS, email and iMessage
  2. You can also collect the logs of social networking activities such as Facebook and Twitter
  3. You can get a complete report of all websites visited from the iPhone web browser or any other 3rd party browsers such as Chrome and Opera
  4. You can get GPS locations tracked by the iPhone keylogger
  5. You can monitor the contacts of the target phone
  6. You can monitor all photos and videos captured, received or sent via an iPhone
  7. It provides alerts to you when certain events of interest take place with regard to the user being monitored
  8. It provides and optional live control panel add-on

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The product has the optional LIVE Control Panel add-on that extends the basic capabilities of the mSpy iPhone keylogger and makes it more useful for the users by adding real-time tracking features.


Multiple Features of mSpy Application

With this application, you can:

  • See the screens of the target iPhone
  • You will get every moment GPS location of the monitored device
  • It will take snapshots from the target iPhone and user not even detect it
  • You will get certain administrative commands which give you powerful remote control capabilities

These administrator commands of mSpy app give you an advanced level of features in the situation when the monitored devices get missed or get stolen. Through these commands, you can lock the iPhone, remove data from the iPhone, uninstall the keylogger software, get SIM card information and even sound an audible alarm from the device. All these features will give you help in your recovery efforts regarding the iPhone that has gone missing in any case.

These features can tell you much about the iPhone keylogger but the point is when you know how they will help you, it confirms that mSpy is the best app around.

Some of the basic ways it can help you are:

  • mSpy iPhone keylogger app gives you the ability to spy on each activity your child, or employee is involved in
  • It makes you proactive by telling you about upcoming events
  • This app will help you to get the full text from a variety of text messaging apps, such as WhatsApp and Facebook, so that you can see all the words used in each message exchange
  • It gives you the complete picture with whom your child is meeting or having friendship
  • You can make a confirmation of your worries that your employer is wasting time on a company-issued smartphone or using it for non-official purposes
  • You can turn this app on/off remotely. When you don’t want to monitor the target user anymore, you can easily turn the app off.
  • You can access it from the web control panel.

Thus, mSpy application, as well as its advanced iPhone keylogger feature, is the best choice in the market of mobile spyware that can satisfy the most versatile requirements.

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