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Is your child phone-addicted?

Is your child phone-addicted?

How long can you go without checking messages on your phone? What about your child? You can easily notice that teens are so engrossed with a constant texting on their phones that they are missing a real world around them.

Without doubts, every parent wants to know what makes their child so absorbed in their phones and whom they are texting to. We will teach you how to do that.

How to track text messages on your kid`s phone? 

It is completely natural to have a desire to know what is going on in your kid`s life. If you want to build a wall of trust, you might let your child know that you are going to monitor their online activities. But not all kids can agree with it.

If you decide not to have a conversation with your child about their phone monitoring, you can choose old-fashioned way to track your kids` messages. If your child left a phone lying around the house, you may have a temptation to have a look at their messages. It is the easiest way to check your kid`s text messages, nevertheless it puts you in an awkward position of being cut red-handed. What`s more, you may face with a code verification to unlock your kid`s phone. We propose you to choose a modern way instead of old-fashioned one.

Use mSpy text messages tracker

With the help of mSpy text messages tracker you will be able to view all sent and received text messages on your kid`s phone remotely. What`s more, you will see the date and time of the message, the content of each text message, whether the text message was incoming or outgoing and the sender or recipient of the text message. You can get an access to your kid`s text messages anytime from your Control Panel.

Why you will find this feature helpful? 

Forewarned is forearmed. It is important to know what your kids are texting and who receives these messages. It can prevent real trouble and protect your kids from bitter consequences, such as sexting, sexual predators, cyberbullying and so on. As a plus, you will understand if your kid has signs of smartphone addiction.

 What is the smartphone addiction?

Scientifically, smartphone addiction is called nomophobia. Basically it is a fear of going without your smartphone for a significant period of time. Modern kids seem constantly tied to their smartphones.

The statistics on smartphone usage among teens is the following:

  • 78 percent of kids check their mobile devices every hour;
  • 72 percent of kids respond to the texts immediately;
  • 44 percent of kids use their cellphone during the meal;
  • 59 percent of parents notice their teens are addicted to their cellphones.
  • 67 percent of kids check their cellphones even if they don`t hear the phone ringing and vibrating.

What are the signs of smartphone addiction?

  1. Constant worries about a cellphone battery;
  2. Struggles to find an access to the electrical power to charge a cellphone;
  3. Lack of interest in other activities that doesn`t include cellphone usage;
  4. Anger and nervousness;
  5. Restlessness;
  6. Loss of sense of time while surfing online;
  7. Sleep deprivation;
  8. Interruption of face-to-face communication to answer calls or texts;
  9. Inability to focus on the home-assignment due to the phone and incoming messages;
  10. Phone usage in shower (it may sound ridiculous but still it happens).

Teens` smartphone addiction is a serious problem for the whole family. The problem is that many kids can`t find a proper balance between being connected and going unplugged. If you are concerned about your kid`s phone usage, have a conversation about it.

How to deal with a smartphone addiction?

The solution for the phone addiction is not a rocket science. It includes simple positive parental help.  But sometimes it can be difficult to prohibit a constant usage of the technologies for teens. Here are some rules to help you to reduce your kid`s smartphone usage:

  1. Become a friend of your child. Be ready to give your help hand in case your kids need it.
  2. Treat your child like an adult. Teach your kids to be responsible of their actions and always be in charge of their behavior.
  3. Show your authority. You are a parent and it is you who sets the rules.
  4. As a parent you need to be involved in your kid`s cyber world. Try to understand why your children spend a lot of time online. Have a conversation with your children to find out why they try to escape from a real world, what worries and fears they have.
  5. Have tech-free family time. Scientists recommend to set “tech-free” time for family activities. but parents need to remember that they need to log off too.
  6. Create no “phone zones”. You may allow phone usage in common areas, but prohibit them in the bathrooms, bedrooms and a kitchen.
  7. Ban phones while driving and crossing the road. For the purpose of safety.
  8. No phones during the meal. Encourage your kids not to use their smartphones on the dining table.
  9. Be a good example. Next time you will get a message or a call think twice on the amount of time you spend every day on your smartphone activity. Remember that your child duplicates your model of behavior. And it is impossible to set the restrictions for your child if you spend the whole day texting and talking on the phone.
  10. Monitor your kid`s online activity. To be completely sure that your kid is safe use the mSpy parental app. It will help you monitor your kid`s phone as easy as one, two, three. You will be able:
  • to manage your kid`s incoming and outgoing calls;
  • to track sent and received messages, all installed apps, if needed to block them;
  • to track GPS location;
  • to monitor the Internet usage (see cookies, search history, visited websites);
  • read instant messages (Skype, Viber, WhatsApp);
  • view all multimedia files;


Below is a quick quiz which will help you to find out if your child is phone-addicted.

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