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Is Your Kid Really Protected Online? Numbers Don’t Lie

Is Your Kid Really Protected Online? Numbers Don’t Lie

The overwhelming statistics shows the real picture of teens’ Internet use and dangers they are exposed to mostly because parents are unaware of their kids’ Internet activity.

mSpy blog provides not just statistics, but the way out of these problems. Please, have a look at Infographics below:

Child's protection nline

71% of teens hide what they do online from parents

How do kids hide their online activity?

  • Clear browser history
  • Delete inappropriate videos
  • Restrict a browser when being viewed
  • Lie about behavior and online activity

What are the results?


How can mSpy help?

  • Monitor the whole online activity
  • Monitor apps for socializing
  • View photo/video galleries
  • Access deleted items

18% of teens agree to meet in person after meeting online

How do kids proceed to meetings?

  • Make friends via social media or websites
  • Communicate for a while
  • Check their profile for attractiveness and common interests
  • Meet up in person (often NOT in public place)

What are the results?

  • Secret relationships which might be unhealthy (missing school, getting late home, lying)
  • Raping
  • Early pregnancy
  • Kidnapping
  • Kid’s trafficking

How can mSpy help?

  • Monitor any communication with suspicious people
  • Track locations
  • Identify the exact person via viewing an address book
  • Put places which are out of control into alert category to be informed in time
  • Use a Panic Button in case the kid is in danger

93 % of teens share their real names on Facebook

How do online predators identify real people?

  • Check out the user’s name with special search engines to identify the information associated with that username
  • Use a reverse username search which identifies user’s name in different video, photo sites
  • Check out user’s names with special sites which search this exact name in other mentions (blogs, forums, social networking sites) and, thus, look for real names linked to it

What are the results?

  • Home robbery
  • Personal data exposure
  • Racketeering
  • Raping
  • Financial issues

How can mSpy help?

  • Monitor FB messages
  • Monitor deleted information
  • Monitor videos/ photos in the phone’s gallery
  • Monitor new friends and new contacts from the phone’s list

21% of teens give their phone’s number on Facebook

How do predators use this?

  • Set up a meeting (often NOT in public place)
  • Sext offline via a phone
  • Call
  • Visit kids’ home
  • Rob
  • Rape

What are the results?

  • Chasing
  • Bullying
  • Racketeering
  • Raping
  • Kidnapping

How can mSpy help?

  • Monitor call logs
  • Identify new contacts put into an address book
  • Monitor FB messaging

28% sent sexts

How do teen sext?

  • Share any content (photo, video, SMS) with naked/half naked body parts
  • Send texts with open sex context or hinting

What are the results?

  • Risk of being registered as a sex offender
  • Risk of being unemployed for about 20 years
  • Cyberbullying
  • Raping
  • Worldwide exposing
  • Using media content for porn purposes

How can mSpy help?

  • Monitor messaging apps
  • Monitor SMS as well as deleted ones
  • Monitor FB messaging

71% say being concerned about cyberbullying and 33.8% confessed being a cyberbullying victim

How do people bully?

  • Post offensive comments in social media
  • Spread rumors in community groups
  • Bully via messaging apps

What are the results?

  • Suicide
  • Body damage
  • Mental damage
  • Bad reputation

How can mSpy help?

  • Monitor all online activity
  • Monitor all activity after getting in touch with a cyberbully (SMS, calls, shared content, meetings)

Nowadays, kids are more exposed to Internet dangers than ever before. The question is does your child protection system really work?

Protect your kid with mSpy parental control app and let it work for your child’s safety!

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