iSpyoo review 2019: Why should users prefer the mSpy app to iSpyoo?

Daniel Black
iSpyoo review: Why should users prefer the mSpy app to iSpyoo?

“Forewarned is forearmed” is the correct description of apps that pretend to bring about benefits but, in very deed, function as spy ones. They make users compromise the law and the human right to privacy. One of these murky apps is iSpyoo.

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What is iSpyoo?

It is a spy software that promises its users to deliver the private information that belongs to another person straight to their hands. The target audience which might get interested in such product is overprotective parents, romantic partners, and suspicious employers.

The developer claims that the app is able to:

  • Protect your family: iSpyoo can help parents deal with dangers kids face online and offline. It suggests reading text messages, looking through media files (photos, videos), checking Instant Messages. In other words, the team openly offers to spy on kids.
  • Check your employees: Business owners and execs can monitor what their employees are doing at workplaces. However, spying is forbidden by the law. So, when turning to this gamble with the law and work ethics, employers should think of possible outcomes.
  • Check cheating partners: 22% of men say that they’ve cheated on their partner and 14% of women confess cheating on their significant other at least once. It looks like this kind of apps fuels infidelity and does not contribute to firm relationships.

Is iSpyoo use illegal?

It is absolutely illegal since spying is forbidden by the European and American legislation and violates human rights to privacy. In the USA, electronic monitoring by the Government is strictly limited by the Constitution and the Federal Law. There is the Fourth Amendment which says that Americans’ privacy may not be penetrated without a promise based on reasonable grounds.

If the country is not allowed to spy, what about other institutions? Obviously, any other institution, business or state, cannot get around this law.

How does it work?

The app runs on Android and iOS devices. To have it on your smartphone, you need to enable Unknown Sources in the Applications section. Then download the apk to a device from the app’s official site. To make it run smoothly, accept all the terms the app requires to be installed on the device.

You need to associate your device with the web account, which will be suggested right after the installation. So, tap the app and enter the credentials to log in to your new iSpyoo account.
The target device must be rooted. Set it up on the target device by accessing the Configuration section. Do not forget to hide the icon.

To make it work on iOS devices, jailbreaking is required. The installation is being held with Cydia application usually available on every iOS device. It is an alternative to Apple Store for jailbroken devices.

However, before proceeding to the iSpyoo use, make sure you’re ready to accept the outcomes of rooting and jailbreaking. Or, some dubious activities the app offers might not be worth the phone’s damage. Rooting and jailbreaking “hurt” devices’ administrative settings. That may attract malware, viruses and decrease protection and support from the devices’ manufacturers. That latter effect is very significant.

Why is mSpy better?

mSpy vs. iSpyoo is not a fair competition. mSpy will never ask its customers to compromise the law and societal ethics. It operates within common rules and practices of human interaction and provides the services that support people in their everyday life. Thus, it allows parents to protect their kids online and offline as well as prevent dangers that threaten their sanity and safety.

Besides granting about 30 monitoring features, it protects customers’ personal data, which speaks volume nowadays. In 2017, two spy apps died due to cyber attacks and their customers’ databases got into the hands of third parties. So, personal data security is the highest priority for mSpy. When using it, the customer receives a reliable assistant which combines both powerful functionality and trustworthiness.

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Guessing doesn’t work. mSpy does.
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